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Corey Crawford turns in a 48-save shutout performance in his hometown and the #Blackhawks pick up 2 points over Montreal! #HAWKSWIN.

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Four takeaways: Corey Crawford’s 48-save shutout steals the spotlight in hometown of Montreal as #Blackhawks⁠⁠ win fifth straight..

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Corey Crawford shuts out Canadiens ....

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“Unbelievable” was a common adjective used to describe Corey Crawford’s performance in the Blackhawks’ win Saturday, writes @ByScottPowers from Montreal:.

Corey Crawford made 48 saves for his 25th NHL shutout, and the Blackhawks won their fifth straight game, 2-0 against the Canadiens, who trail the Blue Jackets by three points for the second Eastern Conference wild card..

Le gardien Corey Crawford a connu une autre performance étincelante au Centre Bell, repoussant 48 rondelles pour aider les @NHLBlackhawks à blanchir les Canadiens 2-0..

@Antichambre dommage pour une superbe performamce hier. #Habs deserved better result vs. #Blackhawks - seldom saw so much lack of luck reg. scoring chances & a stellar performance of corey crawford. encore un quebecois qui fait mal aux canadien.

48 svs, čisté konto, 5. výhra v řadě, Corey Crawford opět táhne Chicago do play-off! 11 zápasů do konce ZČ, utkání k dobru, 5 bodů ztráta, chicagský expres s jistotou dohání arizonský courák na cestě do stejné cílové stanice, srážka je nevyhnutelná..kdo tohle odnese? 🙈 #onegoal.

Corey Crawford makes 48 saves in Blackhawks 2-0 win over Canadiens.

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Corey Crawford égale une marque des Blackhawks et fait à nouveau le malheur du Canadien.

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Corey Crawford can be the ultimate equalizer for the Blackhawks. My column from Montreal:.

Corey Crawford’s 48-save shutout carries #Blackhawks to fifth straight victory, by @MarkPotash -.

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Per the Blackhawks, Corey Crawford became just the 18th NHL goalie with a shutout of 48 saves or more since shots on goal became an official statistic in 1955-56..

@NHLBlackhawks Corey Crawford is getting the attention he deserves on Twitter tonight!.

That Corey Crawford guy looks like a good goalie. What assets are necessary to acquire him this offseason? Surely he’s the solution.

Four takeaways: Corey Crawford steals the show in hometown of Montreal as Blackhawks win fifth straight | NBC Sports Chicago.

Les Canadiens de Montréal se butent à Corey Crawford.

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La vie en Crow. Corey Crawford, a Montreal native, improved to 9-2-2 with a .954 save percentage in 13 appearances against his hometown club. #crOwMG.

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lmao @ all the people who were talking mad shit about how corey crawford sucks now that he’s back but after today’s game y’all are praising him OKAY..

It’s awesome that Corey Crawford made 48 saves, but the story is that he had to face 48 shots..

Le Canadien frustré par Corey Crawford et les Blackhawks.

Corey Crawford joined Tony Esposito as just the second netminder in @NHLBlackhawks franchise history to record multiple road shutouts against the Canadiens. #NHLStats #CHIvsMTL.

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Corey Crawford turns in a 48-save shutout performance in his hometown and the #Blackhawks pick up 2 points over Montreal! #HAWKSWIN.

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The only thing worse than having to face Carey Price is having to face Corey Crawford at the Bell Centre. #GoHabsGo.

Corey Crawford looking solid for that SHUTOUT tonight @NHLBlackhawks @DrDangles87.

I have always liked Corey Crawford. Reminds me of those old time goalies. #gohabsgo.

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