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Deaths in Pearl Harbor: 2,403 Deaths on September 11th: 2,977 Covid-19 deaths yesterday in the US: 2,885

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Masa da Oldskooler
Masa da Oldskooler ()


David ()

@catturd2 That and of course it is a personal test you designed to ensure Covid-19 did not steal your taste buds! Good thinking!

Dr Kafeel Khan
Dr Kafeel Khan ()

Covid-19 and its negative impact on mental health-Shadow pandemic #corona @drharshvardhan

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【注意】 Googleの感染予測、12月後半に1日2万人の感染爆発に! 12月20日頃から数値が激増! COVID-19 感染予測 (日本版)

Well, that’s interesting tech
Well, that’s interesting tech ()

How Nanotechnology Helped Create mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines #Nanotechnology via

Bloomberg Australia
Bloomberg Australia ()

Singapore Airlines will prioritize freight capacity to ship Covid-19 vaccines and will conduct test flights soon to trial the process

ナマコ_浅井 ()

あくまでも各個人が精一杯の努力をしている、今の日本の状況ならですね この意見に賛同して多くの人がいつもの冬と同じ行動をとれば、最前線の医療が崩壊するのは目に見えています 自分の所にCOVID-19は来ないからと、口だけならなんとでも言えますよ

Ajuntament de La Jonquera
Ajuntament de La Jonquera ()

📣 Fins al dilluns, pots sol·licitar les ajudes econòmiques per a professionals i microempreses de la #LaJonquera afectats per la Covid-19! Aquest cop, la convocatòria compta amb una partida de euros. ℹ️ Més informació a

#Covid_19 Photo,#Covid_19 Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
David ()

Scientists say Covid-19 test seriously flawed Ten Fatal Errors: Scientists Attack Paper That Established Global PCR Driven Lockdown via @tracybeanz

Donald the peacemaker
Donald the peacemaker ()

@AJBalkans U naletU egzaltacije drUgi val smronosniji nego prvi A nitko nije riknuo od PLANdemije COVID-19 Sve su to Potemkinova sela za natprosječno glupe (idiote). Dakako; da umiru i umirat će, samo zbog, od čega⁉️❓ @AJBalkans, i vi sudjelujete u zločinu. Pakao je vaš siguran put.

#Covid_19 Photo,#Covid_19 Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Brian Klaas
Brian Klaas ()

Deaths in Pearl Harbor: 2,403 Deaths on September 11th: 2,977 Covid-19 deaths yesterday in the US: 2,885

teresa arbulu
Teresa arbulu ()

Sala Situacional COVID-19: cifras de infectados y fallecidos hasta el 2 de diciembre a través de @larepublica_pe

Kanton Thurgau
Kanton Thurgau ()

Der Regierungsrat des Kantons Thurgau hat die Thurgauer Spitalliste Akutsomatik (; Covid-19-Panedmie) ergänzt und befristet vom 15. November 2020 bis 31. Dezember 2021 in Kraft gesetzt.

Dr Raghib Ali FRCP(UK)
Dr Raghib Ali FRCP(UK) ()

V. pleased to see this - loneliness and lack of social contact are killers too. But this was an issue before COVID with millions of people (esp. elderly) having no contact with anyone for months - I hope we will do better as a society after COVID.

Dr Tom Jones
Dr Tom Jones ()

passes million COVID-19 cases in children. Remember that child = up to 18 years old, & that VERY, VERY few kids die & few transmit the disease to adults (more likely to happen the otherhand way around. Tom


Россия накануне масштабной вакцинации от COVID-19 — все новости

#Covid_19 Photo,#Covid_19 Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Telemundo 48
Telemundo 48 ()

Sigue el aumento de casos, y mientras las autoridades buscan medidas alternas para proteger a la comunidad de la propagación, familias ya empiezan a hacer cambios.

Москва-ТуТ ()

В Москве выявили 7750 новых случаев заражения коронавирусом за сутки: Наибольшее число новых случаев COVID-19 выявлено в Москве - 7750,...

KTN News
KTN News ()

The government has said a Covid-19 vaccine will be available in Kenya by February next year.

AliFlax67 ()

@TheRustler83 What I would like to know is what % of those with these conditions had Covid and actually survived. We know age is a factor but dementia is widespread in the elderly #COVID-19

Tony Delgado 🇵🇷
Tony Delgado 🇵🇷 ()

Folabi Clement Solanke on the Forgotten COVID-19 Crisis ⚡️

Nikki Godden-Rasul
Nikki Godden-Rasul ()

Excellent issue of FLS out with work on compensation as justice for sexual violence survivors, child surname disputes, rape trials, and COVID-19 healthcare inequalities

Prensa Objetiva
Prensa Objetiva ()

Profesionales de México, entre los más presionados durante la pandemia de COVID-19 - Retweet

#Covid_19 Photo,#Covid_19 Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Darrel Johnson
Darrel Johnson ()

Wisconsin plans to distribute COVID-19 vaccines by mid-December, but lacks funds for long-term

Serafeim Stasinos
Serafeim Stasinos ()

US braces for post-Thanksgiving Covid surge as 100,000 are hospitalized

Beritabanten.com ()

Cegah Pandemi Covid – 19 Ditlantas Polda Banten Intens KKYD

Серебряный Дождь
Серебряный Дождь ()

Первая страна ЕС смягчила ограничения по COVID-19 к Рождеству

Miloda AFS
Miloda AFS ()

Watch the webinar and find a better way of evaluating your failures in response to COVID-19” Link -

Fande ()

Pemerintah saat ini tengah membuat sistem informasi satu data vaksin COVID-19 yang dikerjakan oleh dua BUMN, Telkom dan Bio Farma. Keduanya akan menjadi agregator dan bertanggung jawab memastikan penyediaan vaksin hingga pendistribusian ke masyarakat #VaksinMandiri


COVID-19 приближает старость: профессор сделала шокирующее предупреждение о последствиях заболевания ...

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