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This presidency, summed up: While the country hit 154,000 COVID-19 deaths, the jobless rate soared, and an eviction crisis loomed, Trump went golfing this weekend at a course he still owns.

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Otongterkulailemas ()

Ada ngga sih peraturan protokol kesehatan dalam berpelukan saat pandemi covid 19 seperti ini ? Aku sange soalnya.

ABS-CBN News ()

BREAKING: COVID-19 CASES IN PH BREACH 126,000-MARK JUST IN: DOH reports 4,226 confirmed cases of #COVID19. As of 4 , Aug. 8, 2020, the country now has a total of 126,885 cases. Active cases reach 57,559. New recoveries: 287 ; total: 66,117. New deaths: 41; total: 2,209

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Dr. David Samadi, MD
Dr. David Samadi, MD ()

I would like to call on Twitter to very clearly release to the public exactly what information can be posted & cannot be posted regarding COVID-19 & possible treatments. I also call on them to release the governing bodies that decided which content is approved and not approved.

All India Radio News
All India Radio News ()

#Karnataka records 6,805 new #COVID__19 cases in last 24 hours, taking total cases to 1,58,254 and 5,602 people recovered.

Víctor Trujillo
Víctor Trujillo ()

50,517 muertes por #COVID__19 “Juntos haremos historia”

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Kapolrestabes Makassar Kombes Pol Yudhiawan Wibisono menghadiri Kegiatan Apel Gelar Operasi Penanganan Covid-19 dan Pendisiplinan Protokol Kesehatan di Wilayah Kodam XIV Hasanuddin. K3giatan berlangsung di lapangan Karebosi Makassar Jalan Ahmad Yani, Jumat (7/8/2020).

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Verpanama ()

Los efectos del COVID-19 en el comercio internacional y la logística a través de @YouTube

Myghanalinks ()

The COVID-19 virus has undoubtedly caused irreparable effects worldwide. In Ghana, the fear of catching the virus has ...

Office of the State Treasurer
Office of the State Treasurer ()

Remdesivir manufacturer, Gilead, just set the price for the COVID-19 treatment: between $2,300 and $3,100 per patient. @icer_review estimates the treatment costs approx. $1 per vital to produce. $1.

colleen tishlias
Colleen tishlias ()

High school football player loses both parents to Covid-19 within one week

Chelsia 🎈
Chelsia 🎈 ()

the Andretti’s up the street from my house be packed every time they open their doors like covid-19 is nonexistent around this mf

Dorene🇱🇨 🇻🇨
Dorene🇱🇨 🇻🇨 ()

Break the System - There is a sense of urgency, a sense of uproar which has seemingly given priority over the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many thought what else, if not COVID-19 could overhaul the economy, the markets, and daily

George Adams
George Adams ()

@GovStitt Wow! You elitist prick! You strut around not wearing a mask, and the minute you run a fever, mom and dad get to the front of the line. People are dying because of your inability to lead. Stitt-stain!

Mariana Urazan
Mariana Urazan ()

@MargaritaRepo @PalomaValenciaL Eso apoyen,la desobediencia de una cuarentena y para que hayan más víctimas por COVID 19, definitivamente dan pena 🤦🏽‍♀️

Gianfranco Marchi
Gianfranco Marchi ()

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Putin is MUCH BETTER fighting COVID-19 than the FIRST American President accused of Child Molesting! What an epitaph! Her lies DONALD tRUMP, the first president accused of Pedophilia!

Tim Elombah
Tim Elombah ()

COVID-19 is awful; Climate change could be worse ~ By Bill Gates

25NewsKXXV ()

JUST IN: A Clifton ISD band member has tested positive for COVID-19.

David Custer
David Custer ()

Matthew Stafford has been removed from the COVID-IR list and is back on the active roster. The Detroit Lions said Stafford had a false-positive test result.

A24compy ()

Informe Covid-19 | 4 de agosto 🦠 128 positivos, 64 por contacto y 64 si nexo. 😔 Cuatro nuevos fallecidos. #A24Py

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Zenon ()

Man is brutally beaten with baseball bats by a gang of four men after asking them to wear masks when they entered a French laundrette via




La Ssa reportó 857 nuevas muertes por Covid-19, con lo que suman 48 mil 869; hay 449 mil 961 casos confirmados, 6 mil 148 más que ayer.

Diario La Nación
Diario La Nación ()

El Ministerio de Salud dio a conocer las cifras actualizadas de casos de COVID-19, informaron que por primera vez Paraguay registra cuatro fallecidos en un solo día. Con 128 nuevos casos la cifra de contagios asciende a a nivel país. #CoronavirusPy.

Patricio Arrau Pons
Patricio Arrau Pons ()

@jschaulsohn Para todos ellos debiera organizarse el voto por correo. Correos de Chile tiene perfecta capacidad para distribuir el voto el día anterior para enfermos Covid 19 activos y mayores de edad, y retirar el voto el día de la elección.

Marney ()

Unmasked police chief tells the mostly unmasked council that cases of COVID-19 in town are on the rise, now at 28 cases in 17 locations.


A general manager at the Olive Garden in South Portland confirms that an employee there has tested positive for COVID-19: (📷: Getty Images)

SirCharles ()

@karimnas_ @efenerr Come on Diperkirakan Covid-19 bisa punah di Australia. Satu benua cuma maksimal ada 5 kasus baru per hari.

Stephanie Nolen
Stephanie Nolen ()

Black and Latinx people are hardest hit by Covid-19, infected and dying at disproportionately high numbers - but the people enrolled in trials for vaccines and treatments are overwhelmingly white.

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren ()

Kodak (yes, the film company) got a big government contract to make generic COVID-19 drugs. Surprise: @Kodak’s trading volume spiked before the announcement. Even Kodak’s chairman bought stock. I want the SEC to investigate for possible insider trading.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton ()

This presidency, summed up: While the country hit 154,000 COVID-19 deaths, the jobless rate soared, and an eviction crisis loomed, Trump went golfing this weekend at a course he still owns.

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