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What a time to be an @Arsenal fan. Oh my I love this game . #coyg #ARSBOU.

Training done… the boys are ready! The aim is to reach the quarter-finals of the Europa League tomorrow night as Arsenal take on Sporting in the second-leg at the Emirates Stadium… We’re ready! COYG!💪🏼 #afc.

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What a game! Fulham 0-Arsenal 3! Hatrick of assists from the brilliant Trossard,who by the way I’d say is the best January signing so 100 wins for Arteta in just Let’s win this #COYG.

It’s Matchday! And Arsenal take on Sporting in the second-leg of their Europa League round-of-16 tie at the Emirates Stadium this evening in a must win game for the Gunners… ⚽️ Arsenal v Sporting 🏟 Emirates Stadium ⏰ 20:00 GMT kick-off 🏆 UEFA Europa League COYG!💪🏼 #afc.

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Arsenal with a fantastic performance against Fulham! Another win in the bag! #COYG.

Congrats are in order for 7 and a half year old Kenyan Nelson Otolo; who joins the @Arsenal academy for development on a 6 month trial. Georgie my pal! Good stuff with the little one. #COYG #ForTheLoveofTheGame.

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Great game @Arsenal - Let’s keep the Gunz blazing ….. 11 games to go .. we take it one game at a time #COYG.

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You people and pressure. Nobody be important pass anybody. Teamwork! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #coyg.

怪我人二人出して交代枠が限られた中でみんな良く頑張ってくれました。 この敗退がまたチームを、選手を強く成長させてくれると信じています。 勝つぞ!パレス戦! COYG!.

Missed the first half due to some personal commitments but WOW 🔥 What a first half that is 💪 How have we been gooners? (Probably good if we are 3-0 up) 😂 COYG 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️.

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Ya kl buat gw sih ya, kalo di PL udh aman di zona UCL gosah buang2 energi di UEL gapapa juga sih. Sok lah @Arsenal yakin gw mah kita juara PL tahun ini. #VCC #COYG.

たしかに俺たちは場違いだった よくよく考えてみれば俺たちにふさわしい舞台はチャンピオンズリーグ 今回の試合で敗北したのではなくチャンピオンズリーグに昇格したのである 来季こそはさらなる高みへCOYG.

Another 3 points 😍😊.Nice seeing my baby play today🖤🖤 Unto the next #COYG #FULARS.

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هافبکی که ۱- مالکیت توپ بالا ۲- شم گلزنی بالا داشته باشه، معلومه که تو تیم آرتتا/ونگر/پپ/کلوپ میدرخشه. نوع بازی تیمهای این نوع مربیا، نوع بازی قرارگرفتن همچین هافبکی، در مرکز خط حمله‌ست..

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Arsenal become the first team in Premier League history to win 5 London derbies away from home with clean sheets. This record is not talked about that much 🔥🔥 #COYG 🔴⚪.

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もちろん前向きに次頑張れ!リーグ戦集中!って言うのは大切だと思うけどターンオーバーで勝てないの続くとキツくないか?? 誰が出ても同じサッカーできないと今のリヴァプールみたいに主力の疲労とか怪我重なって終わるよ。.

ホワイトイケメンすぎるだろ この顔になりたい....

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I don’t normally tweet during a match but some you plastic morons need reminding that supporting your team is not conditional it’s unconditional #COYG.

Chelsea were celebrating Mudryk 1 assist after 7 games, Trossard just show them 3 assists is possible in just 45 minutes 😂 😂 😂 Edu & Arteta masterpiece at work, Up The Arsenal ❤️💯 #FULARS #COYG.

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who needs mudryk when we’ve got Leandro Trossard who can provided a hat-trick of assists for in 45 minutes. Coyg..

3 Assists in 45min for Leandro Trossard is wild. I said it before, if Arteta wants Trossard I want him too. I think people are underrating Arsenal team depth. Just imagine Jesus on this team as well COYG We are the Arsenal Odegaard Martinelli 🔥.

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🏟 بـدايـة الـشـوط الـثـانـي | ارســنال 3-0 فولهام #COYG | #FULARS.

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We go again on Sunday. I’m not even angry about the result only with some players. We move forward together COYG.

To be honest Arsenal deserved better results against sporting today, it is what it is though and more promising victories lie ahead Wishing them all the best with the league contest. #COYG.


@IDGoonerscom Dari awal, bukan target juara. Apabila itu juara adalah Bonus ! Saya harap Arsenal mendapatkan apa yg layak di dapatkan. #COYG #Fansgarislucu.

マルコシウバはオリンピアコスの監督だったのか。 EL オリンピアコス 鬱.

Honestly, HUGE credit should go to Mikel F^cking Arteta. He’s the magic behind all these mind blowing football Arsenal is playing. My God. Football so crips like crystals. Many coaches can’t do what Arteta is doing with this Arsenal squad/players. Top top class. COYG!.

#COYG Photo,#COYG Photo by Gooner Bells,Gooner Bells on twitter tweets #COYG Photo

Esta foto es la que muestra realmente todo lo que es y fue el proceso de don Mikel Arteta 🔴⚪️ #COYG.

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