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every person with an income below $300,000 needs to realize they need CPP and EI a lot more than they need a break in paying premiums. You are closer to financial ruin than financial security. Don’t listen to Pierre. You need to cover your downside risk..

FACT: Without CPP and EI (not taxes - contributions to the vulnerable) millions more Canadians would be living in parks.

Good grief: The ... federal ... government ... says ... EI ... and ... CPP ... are ... taxes..

1st week back to Parliament and Conservatives are repeating ad infinitum that CPP and EI contributions are taxes.😳🤯 It’s ludicrous that anyone would believe this complete nonsense, but what is more laughable is that this is their big strategy under new leadership! 🤣#cdnpoli.

And to be clear, neither EI premiums nor CPP contributions are tax increases, although they do also reduce net income after payroll deductions..

@kim_siever This is a long held conservative talking point. For example when the Fraser Inst. created their Tax Freedom Day, they include CPP and EI. It’s an absurd position. CPP is a retirement savings plan which has contributions from employee and employer..

Hey, ⁦@PierrePoilievre⁩! Canada Pension Plan (CPP) deductions are NOT taxes — they’re contributions to only pension most Canadians will ever get (no, not everyone gets a huge MP’s pension). And EI is insurance against unemployment. Again, NOT a tax..

CPC Convoy Party demanding the end to CPP and EI reminds of the idiot MAGATs who demand the cancelation of Obamacare while simultaneously demanding the protection of Medicare. #cdnpoli.

For those saying CPP and EI not taxes, they are called Payroll taxes. Not saying hikes are bad or good, strong arguments both ways and tax hikes are not necessarily bad thing, but saying not tax is a cop out when it is a tax..

@CdnResistance The way I look at @PierrePoilievre he apparently doesn’t realize inflation is a worldwide issue and because in today’s world all countries affect what happens in others, and he doesn’t understand that CPP and EI are not taxes , shows he is unqualified to run any country.

Payroll taxes EI & CPP are also being raised. Also if you think the tax on banks won’t get passed on to the rest of us, you just don’t know how things work. And the phoney “luxury” tax which is pure virtue-signalling? The “Clean Fuel Standard” 2nd carbon tax awaits. 😳.

Conservatives are apparently never laid off and never retire so wont need EI or CPP. roflmao. fkn idiots.

@Tori_TLCR Harper his last year in office: See, I balance budgets Us: where did all our CPP and EI contributions go, mutha fucka??? #NeverVoteConservative.

@TheBlueGem3 I’d like you to show me where the CPC has said they’re going to remove CPP and EI. You’re slandering and flat out lying. Typical liberal. Disgusting..

@CheriDiNovo This CPP and EI are not taxes thing is the Canadian Antifa is just an idea.

@redsnoopy69 Kinda like EI? When citizens got fired for not taking vax and couldn’t collect what they paid into for 20 years? We don’t own CPP, the govt does and there is nothing.

@BSwirlsi I think I will have KD for dinner tonight to see how the peasants live. Nah. Wait till they lose their EI and CPP. Oh the fun!!.


@gilmcgowan @PierrePoilievre PeePee is trying to sneak in a reduction - in the employers contributions to CPP and EI which match the employee withholding. To further boost corporate profits. Certainly not help young working CDNs US similar agenda - end Medicare and Social Security for profits.

@GriffinBlakely It is theft. It is stolen from us not with our consent, but at the point of a gun. I paid the same EI and CPP, but was DENIED the right to claim it when fired for not complying with Vax mandates. Your money is stolen daily via inflation and tax. #davidgriffinislyingtoyou.

@Oriana999 100% stays in province. 90% for rebates, 10% for green projects. It’s not a tax, it goes to someone less carbon sinful and encourages a smaller carbon footprint. EI & CPP are not taxed, but benefits. CPP is you paying your future self..

@yorked01 If CPP and EI premiums were taxes, there would not be maximum contributions. If Pierre Poilievre wanted to get rid of the maximum contribution then we could have a conversation. However, it sounds like Pierre wants to cut CPP and EI benefits to pay for tax cuts for rich people..

@Swift01_2000 @PierrePoilievre Where did he say that cpp and ei were taxes? Did I miss something in that clip?.

i don’t understand how people don’t think cpp and ei are taxes, they are taken off your paycheque without choice the same way money our supposed “free” health care funding is divided out of your income tax.

Jesus Christ here we go again. CPP and EI, when deducted from your pay ARE in fact called payroll taxes. Ask any accountant or ur HR. They ALWAYS have been. BUT the Conservatives are purposely misleading u by grouping them in with income tax..

@journo_dale I find it weird that people like you spew out stuff like this with no data to back it up. And the cpp and ei is a tax. They take your money, and when you go to take it out they tax you on it. And shut up, we all know the carbon tax is, a tax. What is wrong with you?.

Other expenses. On top of me paying taxes. I also pay CPP (Canadian pension plan) EI (employment insurance) and union dues. Because my job is unionized. And so by the time as my pay stub reach I break!.

this moron cannot distinguish between taxes and CPP/EI Canada 🇨🇦 #ConservativeParty #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou.

@TheBlueGem3 That’s not even true. And the last 2 years have nothing to do with either CPP or EI given the federal government started a whole new program for Covid instead of just tweaking EI. Another failed tweet on your behalf..


@kim_siever The proper framing is that @PierrePoilievre & crew are opposed to CPP (they don’t want seniors to have an income) and EI (people who lose their jobs should get nothing).

@gilmcgowan @PierrePoilievre Hey Gil. Bottom line right now. My take home pay is less due to EI and CPP increases. No matter how you spin it. Period..

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