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I love the added touch that we’re ending the series with a look into Reid’s mind: smarts, wisdom, guilt, compassion, love. No fear. Ever. He’s rock solid. #CriminalMinds #CriminalMindsfinale

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αυ∂яєу ()

So instead of a toast, I want to make a promise. Can we please promise that no matter where we go after this that we keep this feeling in our hearts? 😭😭😭 #CriminalMinds #FarewellCriminalMinds

Wheels Up ✈ Cat ()

Binge watching season 7 cause they were the good days #CriminalMinds @CrimMinds_CBS

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Mr. Sensitive ()

#CriminalMinds гидеон, хоть и молоденький и воображаемый... видимо росси в конце на пенсию отправят книжки писать

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BB ()

She asked Reid for a date and he said the only date he’ll be there for, is the one where they stick the needle in her arm💀🤣💀 This is the one serial killer that’s gotten to him. #criminalminds

Alysha ()

Fine I cave. If this new sleep schedule is going to work with my roommate, I need to at least try to be in bed by midnight. So I’m in bed, but with #CriminalMinds on my laptop. Baby steps count right? Haha

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la mia vita nell’ultimo mese si può riassumere in 4 parole: voglio vedere criminal minds #CriminalMinds

CBS ()

After the momentous series finale, the #CriminalMinds cast has one last message for you, the fans.

Tohru Gurei ()

I love you all, too, especially the great Gube @GUBLERNATION Thank you for the 15 exciting years of crime fighting and suspense seeking. ❤️❤️❤️ #CriminalMinds #CriminalMindsfinale <photo grabbed from gublergram IG story>

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Sher ()

Non sono in pari, ma sto già piangendo come una disperata. Una delle serie migliori #CriminalMinds

Jennifer Ballester ()

I had to stay up and watch alone this show has seen a few relationships in my life but it has been a constant #CriminalMinds thanks for always keeping me vigilant it has been a ride.

Alice1966 ()

#criminalminds FOREVER ❤️ PERIOD !!! A wise women ones said “Every ending is also a new beginning”

-`ˏ bubbs ˎ´- ()

aw crap is Spence gonna suffer some kind of irreversible brain damage if he wakes up from this coma??? #CriminalMinds

Jhrn11 ()

Thank you to the cast and crew of @CrimMinds_CBS #CriminalMinds for the past 15years. So sad yet very grateful you gave the show a proper ending. Best of luck in your next adventures. You will always be family.

𝐢𝐳𝐚⚡️ ()

i grew up watching criminal minds. it’s what got me into criminology and psychology as a kid. ive seen the series at least 10 times over. these characters mean so much to so many people, and to see this show go out so amazingly is just that. love ya #criminalminds <3

Za7o7 ()

Remember when they would actually show us them having a conversation in the bullpen 😔#CriminalMinds

Kim Ulmanis ()

Sad that #CriminalMinds is now over but pissed that Reid’s love interest, Max, was not in the finale. Reid deserved to finally have love that wasn’t work related.

Aries ()

When Morgan drove that ambulance with the bombs in the back into a open field with the help of Garcia telling him where to drive over the phone then jumping out before it detonated then telling her she’s his god given solace will forever be etched in my brain #CriminalMinds

Valerie ()

CBS could’ve at least gave us a commercial free series finale since they only gave us 10 episodes. #CriminalMinds


Series finally of Criminal Minds im already teary eyed seeing Morgan, Hotch & Giddeon #CriminalMinds

Kitty ()

At least they tried to bring Gideon back with Ben Savage #CriminalMinds . I APPRECIATE DIS

Ryan Santourian ()


Alicia ()

I knew they would build this @CrimMinds_CBS series finale around the one and only agent who has there since the beginning. It’s only fitting. #CriminalMinds #CriminalMindsfinale

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Oh b*tch! This is gonna be one hell of a final episode! They are SICK! #CriminalMinds

Mix Loud ()

@CrimMinds_CBS That is an insane opening segment to the final episode! Thank you for honouring past cast members. #CriminalMinds

Jillian K H 🌻🌞 ()

I love the added touch that we’re ending the series with a look into Reid’s mind: smarts, wisdom, guilt, compassion, love. No fear. Ever. He’s rock solid. #CriminalMinds #CriminalMindsfinale

Kathleen Cashman ()

Brilliant throwback to style of @CrimMinds_CBS season 1 when Gideon walked thru the crime scene and how the killers saw them👏 #criminalminds

Mackenzie Murawski ()

i will miss the show #CriminalMinds so much i watched older episodes and i loved them so much

Shelly Godefrin 🦖 ()

So it all comes down to daddy issues. @CrimMinds_CBS #CriminalMinds #CriminalMindsFinale

Val☃️ ()

I know people have their own opinions about him, but I kinda miss Gideon 😢 #CriminalMinds

Asiaa 👑 ()

Season Finale of #CriminalMinds ...Can we get Aaron Hotchner this LAST time ? 😩😩

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