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I’ve seen a confidential document from Lynton Crosby’s lobbying firm which advises Boris Johnson to ride roughshod over every convention and standard of propriety to pack the House of Lords. [Thread].

As one former Tory chair said: “Once you pay your £3m, you get your peerage”. Johnson and Crosby have handed the next Labour Goverrmment the strongest possible case for this long overdue Lords reform. #peergate.

#tbt to last week when we got to spend a day at the rink with Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon 😁.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY brother Robbin “King” Crosby, never forgotten. We’ve been there, done that many times over and blessed. We set our sights high and reached for the sky, now my brother you can fly even higher. It was the end of the @theRATTpack without you, there is no RATT.❤️🐀🎸.

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On this day in 1959, Robbin Crosby of Ratt is born in La Jolla, California..

One new non-participant in Family Night: OLB Randy Ramsey   Still out: Crosby (knee), Watson (knee), Nixon (groin), Taylor (groin), Hill (knee), Schneider (ankle), Bakhtiari (knee), Jenkins (knee), Mitchell (quad), Tonyan (knee), Taylor (shoulder)..

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📇 #AToZNamesInSongs 📛 👉 @Pia_Lemonade, @sotachetan 📆 August 7 – G 🎶 Guinnevere – Crosby, Stills & Nash.

35. narozeniny dnes slaví Sidney Crosby Not the kid anymore #LetsGoPens.

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@BethMooreLPM This helps me. Can’t say I wanted my story either but I’m confident one day I will be thankful for it. That helps me to keep trusting while still in the middle of it!.

Alles Gute, Sidney Crosby! 🎉🎉🎉 Der Kapitän der Pittsburgh @Penguins wird heute 35 Jahre jung! 🥳 #LetsGoPens | #Crosby.

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every now and again i love to get a few drinks in me and pretend like judy blue eyes by crosby stills and nash goes hard as fuck.

Ingrid Bergman, Barry Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby having fun at the 1946 Academy Awards ceremony..

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#AToZNamesInSongs Day 7: G Guinnevere (alternate CSN 26/06/1968) – David Crosby, Voyage box, 2006 On this alternate track, you can hear Jack Casady’s tremendous bass – “A towering monster of a musician”, Croz once said – and Ciryus Faryar’s bouzouki..


Sidney Crosby is signing with the San Jose Sharks for 7 years/$12M AAV after rejecting a 5 year deal with the Dallas Stars.

The LNP had Crosby-Textor as Media & strategy consultants as used by Boris and Trump. They were arguably the most effective How to get Elected consultants globally. They delivered. Here in 2019. No details are available as to what happened, who paid and their tenure in Aus >.

scourge is the text chat version of Crosby, I feel bad for anyone that comes across her in ranked.

#KIRINJI🎧2022/08/07 #NNキョウト ネンネコ🐾 Emptiness Follows Aoife Nessa Frances Rodriguez For A Night David Crosby プラシーボ・セシボン feat.高橋 幸宏+大貫妙子 冨田ラボ Last Trip YONLAPA Snowblind Asgeir Hana炎 (feat.鎮座DOPENESS) Maika Loubte & LISACHRIS Rainy Runway🐾.

Sidney Crosby: played in the CHL, under 6ft, drafted 1st overall..

Mark it down… Terrell Crosby (20) is a different breed. Covering a man 7 inches taller than him. No problem..

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Wishing Pittsburgh Penguins Center Sidney Crosby a Very Happy 35th Birthday on August 7 🎉🎈🎁🎂🏒🐧 #LetsGoPens.


Congrats to Crosby Revell, finishing t-42 at the US Kids WorldChampionships this week in Pinehurst!.

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@Sportsnet Matthews Crosby Mackinnon Drai Kuch Reasoning the Top 3 are great two-way Centerman & are always in the Top for PPG, GAR & Takeaways as well as usually facing Top Comp, Drai is elite offensively but his D needs work, Kuch is just not on the same level as the other 4(this is imo).

New addition to #Packers injury list for Family Night is LB Randy Ramsey. Still out: Crosby, Watson, Nixon, P. Taylor, Hill, Schneider, Bakhtiari, Jenkins, Mitchell, Tonyan, M. Taylor..

It’s volleyball time!! Our ladies are looking good on the court. We’re ready! @crosby_volley.

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“Nature is the purest portal to inner-peace.” Angie Weiland Crosby - ~ #NewRiverNature #ButterflyMoments ~.

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Happy birthday to the Goat and to Crosby the pug. We sure love this clueless little fella. Gonna be a big year for #87. #LetsGoPens🐧.

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Hope all you Crosby people enjoyed my rendition of Gloria blasting through your quaint little village at 8.

Dorries ideal committee dorries Goldsmith Hoey Hannan fox lynton Crosby cruddas.

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