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@TravisDhanraj: You are excellent! Keep up the tough questions! #CutsHurtKids #WeWontBackDown Education minister responds to Ontario-wide teachers strike

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Elizabeth Mitchell ()

When even Darth Vader says, “You can’t sit with us.” ... sorry, Doug. #cutshurtkids ⁦@IAMETFOHalton⁩ ⁦@ETFOeducators⁩

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Jo-Ann Davis 🐾 ()

Education is supposed to be the great equalizer. This just isn’t the case in Ontario with @Sflecce cuts and long-standing opportunity gaps across our schools. It’s students, especially the most vulnerable, who will pay the price. #cutshurtkids

Ramzi Abdi ()

@ONT_Dad @melly19861 “I heard from this person when I was in school that teachers I knew wanted the government to stop trying to improve the education, because they heard from this guy that the best way to make progress is to move backwards” Progress is improvements, not cuts. #cutshurtkids #onpoli

T_p2007 ()

We are ready to scream loud and clear @ETFOeducators #cutshurtkids for our students and our right @tdece1

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Kerry Everitt ()

@ONT_Dad Teachers make a difference!!! I know @orr_lindsay makes a difference in the lives of students because I have the priviledge of working with her and 72 other teachers every day. I am a very grateful principal who stands with teachers - today and every day! #cutshurtkids

Deanna H ()

#cutshurtkids #stopthecuts @fordnation @Sflecce GET BACK TO THE BARGAINING TABLE & BARGAIN IN GOOD FAITH!!! Do the job you were elected to do!!!

Megan Shuker, PM ()

Sometimes supporting public education is protesting or calling your MPP. Sometimes it is handing out pizza or counting treat day money. Sometimes it is dressing as a French snowman suit to make kids happy. All are valid. All are important. #bomhomme #cutshurtkids

Mathilda Granger 🌿📚 ()

@mikeeco68 @Sflecce Because one is lies and one is truths. Lecce’s lies have been disproven time and time. The government shouldn’t be allowed to blatantly lie when studies disprove elearning, when real life stories of students having classes canceled and their choices limited, when #cutshurtkids

Gundi Barbour ()

Good morning Niagara Falls! We are ready to let @fordnation know what the people think of #CutsHurtKids!

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Ms Shankar ()

From 2016 but still hits home. @fordnation @Sflecce are you listening? #NoCutsToEducation #cutshurtkids

Shelley Yearley ()

To be clear - increasing class sizes by nearly 30% and cutting special education supports DO NO improve equity and opportunity for any students. Stop the lies and put funds into quality education - which does improve equity and opportunity for all. #cutshurtkids

Anas Ahmed ()

To those who say cuts don’t matter. To those who say teachers are in it for the money. Watch this! ⬇️ #cutshurtkids #StrikesHurtKids

Sydney ()

I was at the gym today and there was a little boy with his dad due to the province wide strike. We asked him how he got a day off, which he replied with “the teachers are fighting for our education!” kids understand the strike more than @fordnation does. #onpoli #cutshurtkids

Roberta Lamb ()

@TravisDhanraj: You are excellent! Keep up the tough questions! #CutsHurtKids #WeWontBackDown Education minister responds to Ontario-wide teachers strike

Lee Fryer-Davis ()

I joined thousands across the province today as we fight for our students’ future education. This was the view at Kitchener city hall. #cutshurtkids #osstf

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Lee Fryer-Davis ()

@Travisdhanraj @Sflecce Great job Travis in trying to get him to actually answer a question! You have asked very direct yes/no questions, and yet he couldn’t actually answer. “Return on investment” and “I’ve been very clear”. Yikes. He couldn’t even admit he’d not been in a classroom. #cutshurtkids

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