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Been a while since the Habs had a center who could move through the neutral zone like Dach..

Kirby Dach est chassé pour avoir fait trébucher. Kirby Dach heads to the box for tripping. #GoHabsGo.

Outre le gardien Jake Allen, le CH comptait dans sa formation seulement quatre joueurs de plus de 23 ans (Hoffman, Pezzetta, Pitlick et Matheson) et neuf joueurs de 21 ans ou moins. Ses quatre centres avaient 21 ans (Dach), 18 ans (Beck), 18 ans (Mesar) et 20 ans (Mysak)..

Le #CH après 2 périodes: •St-Louis continue de beaucoup utiliser Pitlick, lui qui mène les attaquants à égalité avec Dach (12:12). •Beck a 3 tirs au but et excelle au cercle des mises en jeu. •Les défenseurs ont seulement 1 tir (Matheson). •18 arrêts sur 18 tirs pour Allen..

@CaufieldHabs2 Dach looks fine good flashes, calm with the puck. will only get better with his confidence going up.


And on Kirby Dach: “I thought he looked pretty soft… can’t win a puck battle to save his life… and has some pretty serious deficiencies” “if you’re 6’4 you better be winning board battles.” 😬 harsh words from a generational hater. Lmk your thoughts below ⬇️.

Dach continues to move his feet, and draws a tripping penalty. This is their chance… #GoHabsGo @HabsUnfiltered.

@CaufieldHabs2 @high_sebastian I think you have convinced yourself the trade was bad and are not giving Dach a fair chance. Because he has looked way better than what you’re suggesting..

@CaufieldHabs2 Hard disagree, Dach is so noticeable lmao. Youre 100% projecting your hatred of the trade on him.

@HabsEOTP Mesar was sneaky good. Beck has many intangibles. Matheson was great. Harris/Barron/ghule solid. Slaf needs to adjust. Dach has many tools can he put them all together. #22 is awesome.

and people are saying Dach is playing bad lol he’s had a good game so far no flashy or anything but he’s been playing a solid game.

🚨EP. 09/26/22 @LO_Blackhawks🚨 ⚫️Lines & pairings forming with preseason looming ⚫️Athanasiou gets look on top line with Kane & Domi ⚫️Injury updates on McCabe, Dach, & Ludwinski ⚫️Luke Richardson’s early impact as #Blackhawks HC ⚫️Mailbag Monday 🔗:.

Dach Photo,Dach Photo by Talkin’ Hawkey,Talkin’ Hawkey on twitter tweets Dach Photo



EXCLUSIVE 🚨🚨🚨: @GenoManager on Kirby Dach “I thought he was pretty good” and on Slafkovsky “ He looked like Armia”. What are your thoughts on the comments from this generational cope merchant?.

@fnveenie I was impressed with Dach. Needs to work still on his defensive game. But there is time for that..

@anthonymarcotte Beck wow ! Barron outch ! Mais ce n’est qu’un match !! Guhle et Harris font la Slafkovsky, de beaux atouts à peaufiner ! Dach, sans opinion pour ce soir.

Kirby Dach might work out, he’s got some skills and size. Gonna be interesting to see who cracks the bottom 6 and defence this coming season. Lots of competition between youth and that’s exciting..

Jesper Boqvist wins the opening faceoff of the 3rd period against Kirby Dach! #NJDvsMTL.

@Kevenle91 @Dom086 Caufield-Suzuki-Hoffman Dadonov-Dvorak-Gallagher Pitlick-Dach-Anderson Drouin-Evans-Armia Caufield va faire 40 buts mais va finir -50😅.

Boa jogada do RHP, Dach quase amplia. Na sequência Mysak perde sua chance também 🥲.

Overreacting to a single preseason classic. People need to give this shit a rest. Slaf and Dach have been good and should be seen as such. #GoHabsGo.

hi… again god of hockey, i would really really really like a pitlick goal or a dach goal if possible. A cole goal would be fine too… thank you xx.

@HabsGreaseGame @fnveenie Yeah Dach and slaf havent played together all camp they will developpe chemistry.

Udah grasak grusuk nyari kunci dari subuh, anak rewel, ditambah bekel maksi ketinggalan. Dach lach..

I keep thinking Dach is Kulak, and Slafkovsky is Wideman. I can remember 62 is Beck because there is still a Lehky shaped hole in my heart. #gohabsgo.

@CutSarina5 @Dennysiregar7 Mana bisa nangkep Harun Masiku itu saksi kunci suap besar terhadap penyelenggara Pemilu. Keadilan dan Persamaan di mata hukum sudah hancur berantakan. Yang nyinyir selamat, yang kritik gawat.


@33_Habs Still voting for Dach even with minimal sampling. Ask me again in 3 months 😏.

@HadiK_Scouting Hey Hadi, when the trade happened I was like maybe Habs should have waited to see how the draft would fall, anyways would you prefer Nazar or Dach for the Habs? When Nazar fell on the spot I said to myself I would have kept both picks and chosen Nazar, what about you?.

Excellent rush by Dach. Draws a penalty. I’ve liked his 3rd period much more than his first two.

@RosenthalKarl I like Slaf’s two-way game. He struggles a bit hanging on to the puck and turns it over, but unlike a lot of young players, he’s very good at the backcheck IMO. Beck hit the post tonight, good shot. I didn’t notice Dach very much tonight other than taking penalties.

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