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Justin Trudeau singing Bohemian Rhapsody in a bar was not offensive. Dale Smith’s tweet was not offensive. Could we please all grow up?.

With each day it becomes clearer that Conservatives want Government of the Ignorant, by the Ignorant and for the Ignorant. If this boorish & barren MP is the new moral compass of Cdn Conservatism, Canada is in danger of becoming a Paradise - for Thugs..

This is a pathetic, cowardly statement from the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Dale Smith called a lame MP lame. Nobody honestly took his comment as a threat, nobody felt threatened, nobody made a threat. CDN journalists, just playing themselves out of.

Conservatives are calling on the Parliamentary Press Gallery to take action and reprimand journalist Dale Smith after tweeting that Conservative MP Garnett Genuis should be shot like a “lame horse.” #cdnpoli.

WATCH: Conservative MP @GarnettGenuis rises in the House to address Dale Smith’s threatening Tweet today. “I’d like to see the (press) Gallery take swift action to revoke Mr. Smith’s privileges…at the very least Mr. Smith’s privileges should be suspended pending further review”.

@PierrePoilievre Conservative MPs are rightly pushing back - @GarnettGenuis didn’t deserve this and Dale Smith’s press privileges should be revoked..

@IsisWise Dale Smith is a highly and widely respected press gallery journalist renowned for the insightful, unbiased and even-handed manner in which he reports on parliamentary business. He is not one of the American-owned media flacks that the Cons prefer and they hate him for it..

Jesse Brown expressing view of all journalists with a pulse, aware that the CPC is pursuing a Media is the Enemy of the People strategy. At the same time there is frustration with journalist Dale Smith who fed the #CPC an all day bone & now refuses to leave the Zoo..

If the cowardly members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery think they can ignore the way the Cons are trying to smear Dale Smith, they are dead wrong. For they are damaging our democracy, and if Poilievre ever forms a government their turn will come.#cdnpoli.

Dale Smith Photo,Dale Smith Photo by 🇨🇦 Simon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🌈🌻,🇨🇦 Simon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🌈🌻 on twitter tweets Dale Smith Photo

According to liberals like Dale Smith: Justin Trudeau is allowed to have fun and sing at a solemn event, but if a Conservative like Garnett Genius does the same to mock the PM he deserves to be shot. Got it..

Here’s yet another *journalist* who gets his jollies by throwing rubber darts at the CPC. Just like his pal Dale Smith, he’s nothing but a vile smear merchant, and a disgrace to journalism..

Not that it needs saying, Mr. Smith, but this horse business is the mother of all nothing burgers 🤷🏼😉🤷🏼 Courage 😏 @journo_dale #cdnpoli.

@2closetocall It is well known Dale Smith is a liberal partisan. His talking points and opinions are way too similar to think otherwise..

Dale Smith’s tweet was in poor taste, but I’m struggling to take the CPC’s claim of feeling threatened seriously when their front bench pals around with the “F*ck Trudeau” bumper sticker parade that had every intent to overthrow an entire democratically elected government..

This bald headed dude on Power & Politics gonna just lump all the online nastiness on Dale Smith This is hilarious..

Pay attention to the journalists who Skippy the bigot has sicced his mob on, before declaring he has pivoted. #cdnpoli Evan Solomon ✡️ Rachel Gilmore ♀️ Erica Ifill 👩🏿 Dale Smith 🏳️‍🌈 He went after David Akin too but not with as much vitriol. And Akin groveled after the fact..

I don’t think the Dale Smith guy meant to insight violent threats upon Garnett Genuis; that being said, it was inappropriate for a member of the PPG to say, and it should be taken seriously..

@hollyanndoan @VBofPerth Holly, to be honest the fact that the PPG provides accreditation to a partisan flack like Dale Smith undermines the credibility of the institution..

Dale Smith is an independent journalist? He is a member of the Press Gallery? I thought he was in communications with the @liberal_party. 🤔.

@JohnIbbitson Justin Trudeau singing bohemian rhapsody was offensive given the situation. Dale smith tweet was offensive, given that he’s a “journalist” and should be neutral. It was not threatening in anyway..

@mattgurney @the_lineca Like how the CPC started yelling at David Akin - oops no that was the other way around. Like how the CPC tweeted about shooting Dale Smith - oops no that was the other way around. Like how the CPC defamed a veteran to smear Rachel Gilmore - oops no that was the other way around.

At the very least, Dale Smith should have his privileges and access revoked!.

@amys_here @atRachelGilmore Omg. Dale Smith made a great critique of Garnett Genuis trying to use lines from Bohemian Rhapsody to have at Pm yesterday. So bad. Dale Smith made a comment bout how lame it was , they shout lame horses, don’t they, referring to the joke. Of course Cons are crying about it. Ugh.

And of course, just as @PierrePoilievre and @GarnettGenuis knew would happen, the raging monkeys have been launched against Dale Smith across all his platforms. Vile bigoted comments and real harassment. Rachel Gilmore, David Akin and now Dale Smith..

@Paulatics @PatriciaTreble Dale Smith is one of the most partisan Liberal shills in the press corps..

@mattgurney @the_lineca Dale Smith is inciting violence. It needs to be addressed and swiftly. MP Genius can’t rely on MSM to call out their colleagues behaviour. That leaves it to his colleagues to take action. It’s gaslighting to frame it as Pierre attacking media..

@WaytowichNeil Totally. Maybe because Dale Smith is an Independent journo, not tied to some huge media corp. no wonder Post is cutting down on urban print newspapers, like Van Sun and Province..

Replace Dale Smith with Rebel News and a CPC MP with a Liberal MP. What would be your reaction, Gerald? For once in your life, try to be honest..

Dale Smith another loser Journalist from Ottawa, hope he gets charged..

@dipbrat70 @David_Moscrop Dale Smith tweeted exactly that, just went to his time line. And saw it and left a comment on it..

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