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Dante gets put in Smash and you can no longer hear the stage themes over SWORDGUNSWORDTRICKGUNROYALGUNTRICKSWORDGUNSWORDTRICK.

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@cheriwisa บบบบบบบู๊ รอเวลาเมื่อไหร่จะมี5555.

@Heretic_Deb Haha yes he is kinda small by today’s standards. Ooh, I’ll keep an eye out for NMM Dante!.

@TheFleshTearer Dante I got as an unlooked for bonus in a box of second hand stuff, his condition is fine. He is now stood on a rock because I need him to be taller than new Mephiston. It also makes him not look like he needs the toilet - the pose is a odd. I want to do NMM on him..

“Dante, we don’t talk about that one time I straighted away from the gay path” “Did you just-?”.

Я тот человек, которому нравится персонаж Джа-Джа Бинкс. Никогда не понимал хейта.

You know what I want now, speaking as a Fire Emblem fan? Dante making it in on Fighter Pass 2 and smacking Byleth in whatever fun, stylish, silly flair DMC is known for. Make it as memorable as the memes. I believe that Sakurai has that much heart..

@Kali_Dante Пхпхп, да. Кроме факультета иностранной филологии.

Man, if ONLY there was a fighting game where I could play as not just Dante, but Vergil and Trish too! At the same time! And other cool Capcom characters are there and fuck it throw in Marvel characters too! If.

@mind_rhino @ClayTravis Lol Dante was up on a platform off the stage. That man is a great guy in person. Genuine care about the fans. You could tell he really appreciates the fans. Was really nice to see. He went out of his way to please everyone there that day..

Como muchos se quedaron con ganas de ver a Dante, utilizaré ese pretexto para jugar al Devil May Cry 5 xD no tuve oportunidad el año pasado pero ya está en Game pass..

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Lo máximo que me ha pasado hoy es que me he echado una siesta muy larga así que el vídeo de hoy vuelve a ser Dante.

Fuck it no sleep i must see Dante in smash with my own fucking EYES.

2 hours until the fifth fighter reveal. Gonna mention my final predictions here! Sora Dante Sol Badguy Travis Touchdown 2B KOS-MOS Not getting my hopes too high but whoever we get I won’t be mad at all cause Season 2.

if dante isn’t the fighter revealed today then im obligated to go an entire day using one eye while the other is taped shut.

@zenkty @bringthen0ize Sim, sim skksksms Mas eu ainda acho que eles lançam alguém de RE pro Smash! Spirit não desconfirma, só pegar o render do Smash Ultimate do Leon (exemplo, apenas) e nomear de Leon (Fighter) Dante vem sim, mas uma hora o REp também!.

İnsanların peşinde koştukları talihin dağıttığı ödüllerin, aldatıcı olduğunu görmektesin. Kökeninizi düşünün: Hayvanlar gibi yaşamak için dünyaya gelmediniz, erdem ve bilgi peşinde koşmak gö Dante.

A lot of young talent on display in tonight’s Sierra Canyon-Viewpoint basketball game. Bronny James had a career high 17 points for the Trailblazers. Guards Giovanni Goree (22pts, 6rebs), Osiris Nalls (17), and Dante Ogbu are ones to watch for Viewpoint. All freshmen..

@black1cherry1 그쵸 캡콤꺼라고 단테 돌려먹는거 넘 보여요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ마블쪽이랑도 있어서 이곳저곳에서 단테 많이봐서 너무 좋은데......너무너무 좋은데.....(눈물팡.

@SonOfSparda69 @DTekuth I am well aware of that. V replied, before looking back to where they came. you were to be allowed to misbehave for a will you do for me in return? He was making a deal with yet another devil, he lamented bitterly..

@dante_boogie 아주 같은 캡콤꺼라고 신나게 돌려먹습니다 단테를...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Who in the world has actually said Dante is just another anime swordsman. I have heard 0 people say that, can someone at least show an example?..

summoning circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Dante 🕯 in 🕯 Smash 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯️.

El Doppelgänger es malvado y destructivo. How They Met Themselves. [Dante Gabriel Rossetti].

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Dante gets put in Smash and you can no longer hear the stage themes over SWORDGUNSWORDTRICKGUNROYALGUNTRICKSWORDGUNSWORDTRICK.

Traditional manunubli from Bauan, Batangas gather at the Alitagtag Church to perform the Subli, a ritual they believe can calm the #TaalEruption2020, on Wednesday, January 15. Photos by Dante Diosina Jr/Rappler.

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