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That was the best episode of Dateline I’ve ever seen hosted by a Lester Holt. Elizabeth Warren murdered three people on live television. #DemDebate

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Dateline Dawgs ()

G’night, #Dateline friends! See you next Friday. Have a great weekend. ❤️

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Rex the TV terrier ()

As usual, good job @JoshMankiewicz @DatelineNBC #Dateline. Justice

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Steve Walters ()

They should have talked about the dairy farmer more. They really could have milked that angle #Dateline

Rayford ()

Stay safe y’all. Hug someone you love, remind them you love them. Until next time. #Dateline

Anne LaBarbera ()

It’s the fault of THE COPS that they went down a rabbit hole. They should have known that none of that was suspicious enough to focus on just him. Cut me a break. #Dateline

Anne LaBarbera ()

NO NO NO! Not giving your DNA is NOT suspicious and not obstructionist. STOP! IT! #Dateline

Girl Interrupted ()

“After the results of the bedding cane ” Things you hear only on #Dateline

Keith Morrison ()

Lori wants a hearing on her extradition to Idaho. Scheduled March 2. 5 million bail still holds. And the long strange story gets longer.

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Dana Goldberg ()

That was the best episode of Dateline I’ve ever seen hosted by a Lester Holt. Elizabeth Warren murdered three people on live television. #DemDebate

Welsh G. ()

Why were those bins so heavy? Moving them in and out, in and out. #Dateline How easy would it be to show everyone your kids to get police and family members off your back? Here are my kids they are fine .... Those kids are gone.

Tim miller ()

Amazon should suspend Chad Daybell’s books until Laurie’s kids are located #Dateline; and a deprogrammer is needed

Cari Johnson-S. ()

This #Dateline episode is the most convoluted, evil, and saddest thing I’ve ever heard of!

Mario ()

The fuck #Dateline???? Before this fucking show started they said there was going to be something new and breaking by the end of the episode!!!! And THEN NOTHING!!!!! What the fuck! You promise me news, you better fucking deliver.

Texana ()

#Dateline So the crazy lady with two missing children says the world will end on 07-22-20, well that is not happening on my birthday. #NotONmyDAY

Dateline Producer ()

Hello! Michelle here checking in! Who is ready to tweet with me? #Dateline

Dottie ()

Time to pull in Chad and Tammy’s kids Garth Daybell, Emma (Joseph) Murray, Seth (Makayla) Daybell, Leah (Adam) Murphy, and Mark Daybell. Where are JJ and Tylee? #Dateline

MJ 🌻 ()

I’m dealing w/Family court, for the past 6 years. If I disappeared w/my daughter & failed to produce her w/in 5 days to the court, Seal Team Six would be deployed to find us & put me in jail. Who the hell is this lady banging in the judicial system? #Dateline

Snowy Cat ()

#Dateline I’m not one to advocate violence but would someone please go sucker punch Lori and Chad?

RobE🌟🌟🌟 ()

#Dateline They should take a cadaver dog to the storage units to see if a scent can be picked up.

LaSonya ()

Both of their spouses are dead. That is not a coincidence. Now her kids are missing. #Dateline

Kimberly ()

I can’t help but think that IF the police department HAD done that welfare check when it was reported and not 2 weeks later it may have changed the course of events? #Dateline

DoneWithGreys ()

@dateline_keith, @DatelineNBCProd Wow. Superb work Keith from you and your team. I’ve been watching you forever, and this may well be your best (and most heart-wrenching) work ever. #Dateline

Billie Dupree ()

@DatelineNBC Two minor kids missing, parent stays mum and you tell me the police can not do anything? That’s a bunch of malarkey. #Dateline

Heather ()

This isn’t going to end well, how sad. #Dateline you need to keep us updated. These 2 better see their day, unbelievable how charges fit any of this hasn’t happened yet.

Jaie Avila ()

Evidence sure points to that Tim Robbins-looking weirdo being a mind controlling cult leader #Dateline

Macey modro ()

lori failed to show to the courts. if tylee and jj were alive, she would have went. #Dateline

CheckPlus ()

If this doesn’t tell you white privilege is real, I don’t know what can #Dateline

Marcus Smith ()

Soooo we got two dead and everyone is remarrying, the kids are gone without a trace and nobody arrested. Only in Idaho #Dateline

CJ ()

HOW IS SHE NOT IN JAIL????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????#Dateline

Keith Morrison ()

When humans try to be gods it’s never good. The story that’s gripped the nation #Dateline Friday 9/8c

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