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My impression of adrien dater asking Nathan Mackinnon a question after a season ending loss @Avalanche

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Fitz ()

Adrian Dater’s question to Nathan MacKinnon in written form

Dater Photo,Dater Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Clara Boudette
Clara Boudette ()

It’s honestly sad seeing guys like Dater have such little respect for journalism. It’s a privilege to interview athletes post game and if you’re not going to take it seriously there’s plenty of others who would gladly take that opportunity

big heatdaddy
Big heatdaddy ()

My impression of adrien dater asking Nathan Mackinnon a question after a season ending loss @Avalanche

Current #1 Vegas Superfan ⚔️
Current #1 Vegas Superfan ⚔️ ()

Dater blocked me for this because he name-searched and it was still well worth missing his meltdown

Brobidas ()

if dater blocks everybody smarter than him on twitter its just gonna turn into a dm with spec

y - ryan 🛸
Y - ryan 🛸 ()

Adrian Dater Vegas twitter acct 🤝 managing to take bigger Ls than the Avs

Dan the #1 Montreal Canadiens Fan
Dan the #1 Montreal Canadiens Fan ()

never forget the time I interviewed Adrian Dater and it sounded like he just woke up from a three day coke binge

Current #1 Vegas Superfan ⚔️
Current #1 Vegas Superfan ⚔️ ()

Adrian Dater puts more thought into what he says in womens’ DMs than he does with his questions

Greg Boysen
Greg Boysen ()

My two biggest questions after the Avs series is how does Dater keep getting work and who actually reads him?

ETD51 ()

Folks I call him Adrian Dater cause you have to check a calendar to see when the question begins and when it ends.

loui eriksson’s #1 fan
Loui eriksson’s #1 fan ()

i feel really bad for nathan mackinnon, not because his team got eliminated, but because whenever he goes to play fortnite now that adrian dater question is gonna play in his head

Jashvina Shah
Jashvina Shah ()

It’s cool for you to joke about Dater? I guess? But think about all the non- cis men who don’t get credentialed or who aren’t covering the NHL because of people like Dater and because it’s not safe

Ian McLaren
Ian McLaren ()

I thought media referring to players and coaches by their nicknames was a bit much but that Dater question was next level crazy lmao.

Jashvina Shah
Jashvina Shah ()

Dater harassed women and also he’s a bad reporter and interviewer get he still gets credentialed and like

Ryan ()

That Dater interview question is seriously one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen/heard in sports.

Giles Ferrell
Giles Ferrell ()

Good to see that through the pandemic Adrian Dater remains a giant knob.

Ryan Stimson
Ryan Stimson ()

Dater is still all sorts of fucked up, eh? Just incoherent nonsense.

barry trotzky
Barry trotzky ()

apparently dater not only sexually harassed a woman, but said he wouldn’t talk to her abt hockey because she’s a women then blamed all of it on his bipolar disorder

Scott McLaughlin
Scott McLaughlin ()

The thread below this was an interesting way to find out that Dater blocked me lol

‎ً ()

remus is a serial dater who cuts things off before it gets too serious and sirius hooks up with people once and becomes infatuated with them for months

Piithagore - Info Fortnite 🛸
Piithagore - Info Fortnite 🛸 ()

@Nanxss Elles étaient encore disponible jusqu’à hier en labo de combat mais le bug a été patch dans la journée. Je pense que le screen doit dater un tout petit

❦ ()

omg i remember when i would make fun of people for e dating and saying i would never do that and now look at me i’m not an e dater!!!

Catherine Silverman
Catherine Silverman ()

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that people are dunking on Adrian Dater, who blocked me a few years ago for quite literally quote tweeting his own tweet disseminating a false rumor about a team he did not cover.

Qing James Dynasty
Qing James Dynasty ()

I mean Dater was pretty much asking a cliche question if they were too tight/cute etc but he completely smooth brained it and swore and now he’s gonna be on every sports rundown all day tmmr 😂

Nikki ()

Seriously though, idiots like Dater having media access and having a voice when there are more qualified women out there is just something.

Jen Ramos (they/dude) 🇵🇭♿
Jen Ramos (they/dude) 🇵🇭♿ ()

i wanted to actually log off twitter earlier than average tonight but everyone taking shots at dater is popcorn dot gif

Local Man
Local Man ()

Adrian dater sounds like a 50 year old man with a cold trying to do a Cartman impression

Oilers Elks on the Golf Course Alert
Oilers Elks on the Golf Course Alert ()

My Gord, you write it down and I think we can clearly understand why Dater is mad at his critics. This is gripping stuff. Thrilling even. This is the kind of question that could get you elected President of the PHWA. Pulitzer Prize material without a doubt.

chef angy
Chef angy ()

If adrian dater told me that im a gamer right after i suffer a series elimination i would simply hunt him down for sport

L - God™
L - God™ ()

@quinnsedgework if I were adrian dater I would just walk off the side of the flat earth

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