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Updated: November 26th, 2021 07:37 PM IST

you are costing me a fortune,

Davina Twitter

Every time Davina appears on Selling Sunset it’s like an SNL character has popped into the scene. Those outfits 💀

Christine is so crazy man. How can she be angry at Davina for not allowing her to use her name in her lies 🤣 so tapped #SellingSunset

LOL christine getting upset cuz davina won’t lie on her behalf is psychotic #SellingSunset

selling sunset finally did the impossible and made me hate christine even more than I hate davina

If you like Christine and davina from selling sunset… ur a cunt just like them I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

if you’re a witch, i ask of you to join me. those who dare defy me will face the cruelty of marcel, davina, my sister, and my daughter.

Davina McCall showing off her arse wearing a sexy thong under her slutty see-thru dress… 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Christine: Davina knows about the engagement Davina finding out about the engagement on camera* Like Rihanna said- you look so dumb rn 😂 #SellingSunset

Davina’s pink outfit with the bow looks creepy. Like creepy nurse from an abandoned hospital/asylum. And the way she smile adds to the creepy vibe #SellingSunset

If I had a dollar for every time they mentioned Christine’s name on this season of #SellingSunset , I could buy Davina’s $75,000,000 listing 🙄😒.

Not Christine gaslighting the shit out of Davina. I almost feel sorry for her 😭 #SellingSunset

@RepBecki davina learned the hard way in season three that deals don’t close themselves

@ks_moore4 I think it’s cause she always pregnant. They just leave her alone lol. She always sticking up for Davina too

Christine being so entitled around her own commitment to a lie that I pity Davina, incredible dedication; I’m emotionally confused rn

Im watching season 4 of #SellingSunset and; 1. I don’t miss Davina 2. Christine is a pathological liar 3. Amanza lost some of my respect when she bfriended Christine 4. I now like Heather 5. Maya and Vanessa are very interesting people to analyze and watch


just broke a filling while biting my nail while watching Davina trying to make amends with Chrishell 😔

Christine lies, gets caught in her lie, and instead of apologising and owning up to it, she blames Davina for not sticking up for her? Zero accountability. #SellingSunset

Watched #SellingSunset season 4 and I’ve got to admit I like Davina now. Christine ehhh, Heather I enjoy, Mary and Christell are idk, And Vanessa is really overstepping

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I really understand why Romaine hates ’s such bad vibes. How can you say that to someone going through a divorce? #SellingSunset

@hotgirlsummir I’ve seen so many comments like this it’s funny how people see things differently. Christine is stunning but the other girls have had enough. All I seen this season was Christine being brought up to the other girls by Vanessa and Davina and Maya nearly every time

Ugh, Christine Quinn is so iconic but that bitch can LIE… She even expected Davina to lie about this non-existent engagement to the other girls, like what? 🤨 #SellingSunset

Davina just screams bad vibes & negative energy. I still want to fight her for the way she came at Crishell last season #SellingSunsetS4

Davina ang her fashion choices. Still not working. She needs to get fired. #SellingSunset

After auditioning for selling sunset season 4 as Davina’s replacement, my agent told me if I want to get taken seriously as an actress, I need to stop with the modeling and get ugly for the role.

Not Davina trying to get into Jason’s good books I thought were done with her 😂 #SellingSunset

I don’t even like Davina but I feel like even she was distancing herself from Christine and was starting to see where Christine wraps people up in her web of constant drama #SellingSunset

The whole conversation with Davina and Christine just shows the kind of person Christine is. She doesn’t want loyalty she wants minions #SellingSunset

🤣 Christine made up that lie of being engaged, on the spot! She dragged Davina into the story thinking they were on some Bonnie and Clyde ish. #SellingSunset

Just finished season 4 of #SellingSunset and idk how they’ve done it but Davina is acc decent now but I’m acc concerned about Christine cuz she was flat-out lying, but who’re we to know


you are costing me a fortune,

Davina Photo,Davina Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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