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E il metodo “#SalonedelLibro” colpisce anche Alain Delon e il ballerino russo Sergei 🎥✍️⤵️.

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Matthieu Delormeau : Très en colère contre Alain Delon ! 👉(link: ) @Mdelormeau #AlainDelon #TpmpPeople.

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@Rudycarranzaa 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Delon Wright & JV woulda been huge factors in the philla v raps series, raps wouldnt be tired in this series and history would be different, Marc Gasol has been alright but 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ i mean its whatever right cant do anything about it now.

That Gasol trade lookin real bad right now. Bringing JV Delon Powell and Fred off the bench was our x factor. Now we got Gasol goin 3-20 Fg in two games and no bench not over tho Raps in 7 🖐🏿 #WeTheNorth.

@DanPorinsky @JADubin5 It’s more Delon and the freedom to play Siakam at 5. JV would get destroyed.

Evidence that we needed a better bench. Delon & jv would have made a difference.

@Raptors people JV and delon will not get us to nba finals, we need an all star centre or all star shooter. those two took us nowhere before.

Trading Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, and CJ Miles to Memphis for Marc Gasol seems to be hurting Toronto right now. Gasol is missing in action and they really don’t have the bench to match Milwaukee..

but i have to laugh at people seriously tweeting they miss delon and cj.

@Neskovic5 @LukaRS_94 Just to clarify - when I’m talking about Gasol being trash I’m talking about his play NOW. Not how good he was 7 years ago LMFAO prime Gasol > JV, but we don’t have prime Gasol. We’d be better off with JV and Delon instead of him. That’s all I was ever saying..

@NickCharlesYYZ @Raptors We traded CJ and he started hitting 3’s after the trade. We traded JV and he goes to have a 30 point game. We traded Delon and he has a 30 point game. Everyone said we have one of the deepest bench, but Nurse has yet to utilize it..

@NickCharlesYYZ @Raptors Same Gasol sucks and it was great to have delon and cj to hit big shots, fucking Massi took a Big L.

@HayesTSN Took that long to figure it Marc Gasol cost us in the 4th quarter of Game 1 & cost us in the 1st quarter of Game 2. He is atrocious. I never liked that trade. JV & Delon >>>.

Fans force Cannes to drop award honouring French star Alain Delon accused of violence towards women - Economic Times #AlAin #AlAinNews.

As vezes me surpreendo da minha capacidade de fazer merda, eu sou incrível nisto 😞.

@iamlaurenmiles Can’t believe Raptors traded CJ, Delon and JV for Gasol to sit on the bench because of his lack of production..

@joshuadwomoh_ @yeboah_collins it’s a different role here for Gasol. Just this season in Gasol averaged over 16 its a different but stop bringing up JV and Delon like they will change anything lolll.

名前の日本語表記ってむずかしいよね。特に日本語の音にない発音は。中東とかのkhとか、仏語の rとか。いくらか大人になってから、アランドロンの表記がAlain Delonと知ったとき、映画業界のカタカナ表記ってどうよ?wって思ったなぁw.

@jamespippar @Raptors Delon was never good on the road in the playoffs and CJ was hit and miss. But okay.

Gasol has been bad yes, but if you seriously think that trade was bad then you need to never watch ball again lol. We would’ve lost to Philly in 5 if JV was guarding Embiid. Only loss in that trade was potentially Delon and he trash too.

@SergioNovelli tu cuento cómo tu y tu.

Every game we lose we gonna talk about the trade Masai made. Lollll. Where was JV and Delon last year in the playoffs? If we kept them and lost this who would we blame? series ain’t over let’s relax.

@RawVintageW He’d help but he’s been mostly bad this season. Delon would’ve been useful.

E il metodo “#SalonedelLibro” colpisce anche Alain Delon e il ballerino russo Sergei 🎥✍️⤵️.

Les confidences d’Alain Delon : «J’ai ai été plus aimé que je n’ai moi-même aimé» #Cannes.

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