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Also I love Casey Desmith. If Murrs can find his game again I think that tandem would kill..

@Thoff87 I think it’ll be good for Murray. I think the competition will make him better. I have gained a lot of faith in desmith, tracks the puck makes the big saves, good rebound control. No complaints right now.

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@penguins Jesus feels like an eternity since we won in the SO. Way to go boys! And Desmith was unreal tonight #LetsGoPens.

@Nicky_Boegges idk why but i feel like Crosby and Malkin rarely score on their attempts anymore. Letang had it too but fumbled it. I would’ve been mad for DeSmith if we lost that.

A sensational Casey DeSmith leads the Penguins to a 2-1 shootout victory over the Isles to grab a huge extra point vs. a Metro foe and tie them at 32 points in the division..

@Kessel_Mania When Murray is healthy I hope they recognize DeSmith and keep hin in net..

@Josh4Miller Extra emotion watching DeSmith’s dad. I always feel for my goalie’s parents. This is no different.

Yo, DeSmith was so 🔥🔥🔥 not even the ice could cool him off. Great game by Casey to keep the team in it til the end #PITvsNYI #LetsGoPens.

@penguins All these ppl shit talking DeSmith ... eating their words now. What an absolute beast tonight..

@BlackVeilBarry I know but how many more chances do we give him,christ he s giving up so many goals this year granted we won a few but he s just been aweful since last ,I m pumped we atleast have desmith .kids great.

A shootout win?! Everyone go play the lottery! A sensational Casey DeSmith leads the Penguins to a 2-1 SO victory over the Isles to grab a huge extra point vs. a Metro foe and tie them at 32 points in the division..

@Section_329 As soon as DeSmith lost his stick the play should have been to work the puck down low for a cross crease back door. Just the attempt of that alone sets up another option up top. Right now the PP is fucked and costing this team mucho.

@penguins win and DeSmith looks great. On to Chicago and need to keep the moment #letsgopens.

Thoughts? I actually expect him strong on the PK. Rust and ZAR were brave at the point, too. They kept the puck from DeSmith when he was sans paddle.

Personally a big fan of Casey DeSmith all around. Good goalie, great personality. I think we have a hidden gem, @penguins.

@Nicky_Boegges even in the shootout DeSmith was fantastic, but agreed the blocked shots were huge.

We would like to present to you the first ever POA 3 Stars. 1. Casey DeSmith 2. Casey DeSmith 3. Casey DeSmith Honorable mentions going to never having to play that shit team or in that shit arena again this season..

DeSmith finally gets his shootout win. Guentzel finally gets a chance on the shootout and absolutely buries it. That’s two shots of Jack for the folks playing at home.

@ToysxldieR Ya I agree. Gotta roll the dice and hope Murray can get his head back. But Desmith has looked like a legit starter these past few games..

@penguins DeSmith is in beast mode! Number one goalie going forward. His glove actually works ⛄⛄🎄.

@AndyGraz_WFAN @WFAN660 I have no doubt they are working on the pp but it is mind boggling how little has changed, there is no movement, when they get a shot it’s from the perimeter and it’s one and done, 4 on 3 was no different and Desmith didn’t even have a stick, brutal.

DeSmith was unbelievable tonight. Overall a pretty gutsy effort. #Pens.

One for the Dads! DeSmith with a stellar performance. Guentzel with a “sick” shoot out move to ice the OT win. The PK eating pucks like the old days of Stanley Cup past. Nice road win..

Great win, team battled hard DeSmith and PK were huge tonight!!! About time we win a game after regulation! #LetsGoPens.

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|   Somebody help DeSmith |_____________|                  (•◡•) /                         /                     ---                     |   |.

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