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Wide receivers with more total touchdowns than Christian Watson this season: Davante Adams Stefon Diggs End of list..


If Stefan Diggs scores 3+ touchdowns during Thursday Night Football we will give someone who LIKES this $1000! Must be following us to win..

Diggs Photo,Diggs Photo by NFL,NFL on twitter tweets Diggs Photo

Defensive holding on the DL, OPI on Diggs but they miss a blatant running into the punter? Hochuli is a mess.

it’s bills after dark, i can post this bills are 1-0 since they posted a pic of diggs where you can see the whole hog.

#NFL 👊🏽 Knox tout seul, mais Allen préfère l’envoyer à Diggs dé🥱🥱 1 Fiel Goal dans le premier QT, plus rien aprè🥹 Neeeext.

Diggs Photo,Diggs Photo by LanimNFL,LanimNFL on twitter tweets Diggs Photo

The Dolphins beat this Bills team 28-7 in a few weeks. I pray for Stefon Diggs who said “I want the Dolphins”..

Right now Jefferson, Tyreek, and Diggs have to be the top 3. Any order works..

@F1ELDSDAY @booksarecowards Mike rejected a trade including me sending him Diggs and I get swift..

Heck yeah! Big time congrats & welcome to the Diggers Rory ⚒! A great addition to the Digger Trenches from our home state! Roll Diggs ✔️.

y’all see one clip of Trevon Diggs getting beat on a play and all of the sudden he’s trash. AFTER ONE PLAY.

@ethanemilianoo @NFL People who don’t watch football gonna hate that Diggs is on here. Cuz diggs been locking up all season. Plus he has locked up multiple WR1s… example? JJ in back to back years. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨.

Man Diggs needs to make that play on 3rd down. Goes from probably 3 points to nothing.

@TheSportsBully1 I mean they were moving the ball and Diggs dropped it. Pats just getting some breaks.

Granted I know that’s a rare miss from diggs but Davis needs to know better than to get a flag.

Once in a while, Diggs will drop a pass. It happens. Gotta understand that he also makes some ridiculously big grabs too..

Pats can kick Diggs in the head, but leading a with the shoulder gets you kicked out. suck. #BUFvsNE #GoBills.

Josh Allen’s pass to Stefon Diggs during the Detroit game will be “that’s when it all changed” moment during the Bills Super Bowl victory 30 for 30.

Great day! 4-2 (+ units) Bills ML -180 (2u)💰 Diggs o yards (2u)💰 Avalanche tt o -125 (3u)💰 Capitals / Kraken o 6 (1u) ❌ Creighton / UT o 140 (1u)❌ Belmont -9 (1u)💰 And first leg of our Teaser: Bills + / Ravens (3u) #GamblingTwitter #SportsBets.


@shittycatDFS I’m a Dolphins fan. But yeah, there’s a crazy amount of talent there. I’ve often thrown my hands in the air and said “Fucking Allen to Diggs… figures.” Lol.

@2ndandlong1 This is the definition of a win-win trade. Diggs went to the Bills and Vikings drafted Justin Jefferson as a result of the trade..

Pese a que no fue su mejor partido una vez más declinó la balanza a favor de @BuffaloBills 24 contra @Patriots 10 y es que los #BillsMafia lo son en parte por él y Diggs.

Diggs Photo,Diggs Photo by SpanishNiners_Fans,SpanishNiners_Fans on twitter tweets Diggs Photo

Bills tomando ya velocidad de crucero. No hay libreto ni pizarra que pueda con un hombro sano de Allen y unas piernas frescas de Diggs. En cualquier caso, digna oposición de Patriots, ese qb será grande, estoy convencido..

La mejor noticia de anoche para Bills se llama James Cook. Con un promedio de yds por acarreo y con la sensación de que McDermott quiere que sea su RB1 si mantiene ese nivel. Diggs sigue siendo el mejor socio para Allen. Jordan Poyer estaba algo sobreexcitado anoche..

Bears starting defense comparison: Jaylon Johnson = Darrelle Revis Kyler Gordon = Kevin King Jack Sanborn = Brian Urlacher Eddie Jackson = Trevon Diggs Jaquan Brisker = Mean Joe Greene Joe Thomas = Joe Thomas Nicholas Morrow = Khalil Mack.

Trevon Diggs messes up one time and y’all ready to blow a fuckin gasket. Never seen football fans so ready to see someone mess up when he was doing great all season. Y’all are fuckin pathetic😭.

I think Jefferson, Tyreek, Davante & Diggs would love to have a word Hell…even Waddle, Lockett & Chase have a case (pun intended).

Diggs x Bland The Cowboys have a bright future at the CB position 😳.

Diggs Photo,Diggs Photo by DepressedCowboysFan,DepressedCowboysFan on twitter tweets Diggs Photo

@JourdanJD We miss you JLew!! You on the inside and Bland on the outside with Diggs🔥. Cuz AB is TOAST 🫢.

@deion601 @GehlkenNFL Yea definitely agree but what happens when/if bland or god forbid Diggs goes we getting thin out there😞.

DAMNIT! @JoshAllenQB and the @BuffaloBills really screwed me with that TD to Diggs in the 1st 4 seconds of the 2Q 😢.

Diggs Photo,Diggs Photo by FansOfFans.com 🏈🏀⚾,FansOfFans.com 🏈🏀⚾ on twitter tweets Diggs Photo
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