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Just the two of DiPietro & @zmacewen11 doing a few laps they’ll never forget..

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That said, Dipietro is one amazing kid with a hell of a head on his shoulders. With the right mind set, sometimes you learn more from an ass kicking than you do from being immediately successful. And I think that will be the case here..

I guess the major problem I have with it all is that Dipietro had been fighting the puck in the OHL since his trade to Ottawa. Not like they were calling him up when he was riding a high..

The Sharks shelled the Canucks as Michael DiPietro got roughed up in his NHL debut.

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So, what exactly were the Canucks trying to prove leaving Mikey DiPietro to eat that entire bag of shit they dropped in his crease? Travis Green, Jim Benning, fucking idiots..

Good morning, friends. If you live in Eastern Ontario, brace yourselves and stay safe today! Everything is updated: SJS is deadly. Just ask VAN and DiPietro..

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DiPietro gives up 7 goals on 24 shots, in his first NHL start. Get the kid back to Ottawa..

NHL Morning Skate: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019 ▪ Thornton, @ovi8, Crosby climb all-time NHL lists ▪ DiPietro jumps from junior to NHL at age 19 ▪ Crosby leads @penguins past Flyers in final battle before #StadiumSeries #NHLStats:.

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ICYMI | The only healthy @Canucks goalie left on an NHL contract is the #67s Michael DiPietro, who was forced into action in a 7-2 loss to San Jose last night:.

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I watched the highlights of the #Sharks and #Canucks game last night with 19 Year old rookie goalie Michael Dipietro just getting lit up. He shouldn’t have been put in that situation. 7 goals on a 19 year old rookie. Should’ve pulled him after the 3rd. smh.

This young man is all class, poised and professional - at 19! I have all the time in the world for Michael DiPietro. Hold your head high Mikey - your NHL wins are coming..

I Watched This Game: Michael DiPietro gets unnecessarily eaten alive by the Sharks.

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Might not be the result or performance he wanted, but Michael DiPietro won’t forget this night. #Canucks have a smart, classy kid with a bright future ahead of him. Sure didn’t sound like a 19 yr old when answering ?’s post game..

Welcome to the NHL, Mike DiPietro. Six goals on first 15 shots. Greg Maddux gave up a GW homer in the 18th inning to Billy Hatcher in his first inning of work in the majors. Went 6-14 his first year as a starter..

年始のU-20世界選手権で🇨🇦代表として戦ったMike DiPietroがNHLデビュー! これはBack upのDemkoが膝の怪我で4/Febに離脱し、さらに正GoalieのMarkstromも下半身の違和感で出場を回避したため。 19歳でのデビュー。しかも同シーズンにMajor Junior(OCL)とNHLに両方Starterで出場も珍しい。.

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I’m actually impressed, most people seem to be pretty level-headed about DiPietro tonight. #Canucks.

Gut-wrenching watching Dipietro face the media right now. Seems a little deflated but handling things well, with all things considered. Been incredibly impressed with how he has handled the media, with the WJC disappointment and now this debacle. Kudos to the kid..

@JSportsnet @Sid_Seixeiro Player safety should look at the Canucks defence and what they did to DiPietro.

y’all wanted Dipietro to play a game but now that he’s not getting a shut out it’s Benning’s fault for being ‘incompetent’ and letting this situation ok.

I gave up a goal on the first shot I faced, just like DiPietro, and lived to play many more games because in the end IT IS a game!!!.

Dipshits on Canucks Twitter: Play Dipietro!!! Dipshits on Canucks Twitter: ZOMG!!! Dipietro is getting lit up! Fire Benning & hire a TV colour guy like Ferraro!.

Mikey DiPietro is my adopted son welcome to the family see u at dinner on Sunday.

Both Mikey DiPietro and Zack MacEwen introduced in the #Canucks starting lineup in their NHL debuts. 🙌🙌🙌.

How pumped are #Canucks fans for this game? Mikey DiPietro and @zmacewen11 making their NHL debuts. Let’s go!.

Lots of things to like about DiPietro. This is one of my favourites. Rocky DiPietro is a distant cousin..

Just the two of DiPietro & @zmacewen11 doing a few laps they’ll never forget..

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