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I can’t wait to go on the Barstool podcast with Dixie Damelio. I think we are really going to hit it off

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alasdair quackintyre
Alasdair quackintyre ()

@poluphloisboios thinking about when I learned that Dixie is in “Rock the casbah”

Ario Bimo Utomo
Ario Bimo Utomo ()

Semasa mahasiswa, Dixie itu identik dengan panggon cah sugih karena memang makanannya cenderung mahal. Saya sendiri cuma 2 kali ke sana, itu pun traktiran semua. Namun, tetap, saya merasa kehilangan karena dulu sempat berjanji untuk ke sana lagi kalau sudah punya duit sendiri.

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Z ()

leon se re merece los follows de dixie y charli es muy buen stan lo amamos — te amo leonn

Amelia ()

@WHITEFL0WERS the fact dixie got more hate for not eating a snail than kio has got for sleeping with underaged girls and liking fat shaming, transphobic, slutshaming posts, etc. shows how unfair this world is.

A Lad Named Brad
A Lad Named Brad ()

@sportsgeek42 @senorblanxo I believe the Dixie Chicks wrote a song about this once. Something about a dude named Earl.

starryshi 🌸
Starryshi 🌸 ()

bye dixie , thx udh pernah menemani masa kuliah ku, tempat nongkiku, ngerjain skripsi dll , satu yang aku mw kasih tau LASAGNA NYAA ENAKKKK!!! syaang bgt kmren pas kejogja ga smpet ksini lg 😢😢

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Def Noodles
Def Noodles ()

BREAKING NEWS THAT WILL MOST DEFINITELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Megan Thee Stallion and D’Amelio sisters get SnapChat shows. In “Off Thee Leash With Megan Thee Stallion,” Megan will be joined by celebrity friends and their pets. “Charli vs. Dixie” will be a competition series.

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Dimitri Drekonja
Dimitri Drekonja ()

Listening to a great @yourewrongabout episode on cancel culture, and man some of today’s conservatives need to go back and learn about the (Dixie) Chicks, Freedom fries, and CNN’s policy of comparing civilian deaths in Iraq to the 9/11 death toll🤦🏻‍♂️

🤍 ()

My fav TikTok Dixie has ever done has still got to be the “I’m getting ripped tonight” dance thingy it’s sooo good!!

Puddle of Mudd Welcome to Galvania Out Now!
Puddle of Mudd Welcome to Galvania Out Now! ()

PUDDLE OF MUDD CONCERT Ticket Link: Acoustic, (Wes +1) w/s/g- Dixie Duncan. 21+. RAIN or SHINE, Outside. No Reserved VIP Seats, No Refunds, No Exchanges. About this Event PUDDLE OF MUDD is an Amer

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Benjamín López
Benjamín López ()

Pixie Dixie ha perdido los Carmen Calvo: Para un socialista es dificilísimo hablar de cañas, de ex y de berberechos - Vozpópuli

Catharsis ()

Oficjalnie rozpoczynam zbiórkę na flagę Dixie i czarnoprochowca. Mame mnie zabije

Nic Glenc 🦋
Nic Glenc 🦋 ()

@LillegsSmudge 🤣🤣🤣 totally normal having that level of conversation with myself eh 🤣🤣🤣🤣 xxx

Bryce Canyon NP
Bryce Canyon NP ()

🔥 Info: Dixie National Forest crews are currently conducting a prescribed burn in Blue Fly Creek northwest of the park. The burn unit is approximately 84 acres and smoke is visible from the park.

Recovering from Libertarianism
Recovering from Libertarianism ()

@BFFsPod @dixiedamelio Dixie and Nick Fuentes? I heard she has a crush on Nick I got the scoop.

WWII Memorial Friends
WWII Memorial Friends ()

Six female war correspondents who covered the Army in the European Theater appear together in this 1943 photograph: (L to R) Mary Welch, Dixie Tighe, Kathleen Harriman, Helen Kirkpatrick, Lee Miller, Tania Long ( Army Center of Military History) #WWII #WeRememberThem

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Sof ()

nossa usar fan account é tao superior do que conta pessoal, o melhor disso é que eu consegui o follow da charli e da dixie damelio lá 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Christopher Flemming
Christopher Flemming ()

@BFFsPod @dixiedamelio U said top like would get to go. It was Nick Fuentes y do u choose Dixie over him.

ash ♡
Ash ♡ ()

“go to hell” is basic. “i hope you’re sleeping when dixie drops the real thing and fuckboy” is smart. it’s possible. it’s terrifying.

—maya ()

the way nick angel noah and dixie spent a whole live stream laughing their asses off saying “it’s hurtin”

Chuck Callesto
Chuck Callesto ()

Asking for INTENSE PRAYERS for our children, the community and all those affected by this HORRIBLE PLEASE ALWAYS LOOK FOR WARNING SIGNS, MINUTES MATTER WHEN THINGS GO

Ames Grawert
Ames Grawert ()

Any attempt to paint the 2000s as some halcyon period of bipartisan unity is profoundly misguided, and those claiming otherwise are just trying to sell you something. Jane is (as always) right on-target here, as is the most recent episode of @yourewrongabout, on the Dixie Chicks.

john bryant
John bryant ()

@TrueBlueNancy Carlene Carter - My Dixie Darling via @YouTube

Nic Glenc 🦋
Nic Glenc 🦋 ()

@L1221e92 Hahahaha. Will let you off for that 😂😂😂 since it made me chuckle. You have the nicest hair. Would happily sit and do it for hours. Xxx

🌸Liz Lee🌸Bojo Hobo
🌸Liz Lee🌸Bojo Hobo ()

@dixie_nix Yes and I love it! I’m really bad at styling hair but I’m good at cutting and colouring lol 😂 xxx you do an amazing Job! Even the hairdressers struggle with mine lol 😂 guess I’m hair maintenance!! Yeah just kill me for that awful pun lol 😂 straight to the temple lol xxxxxxxxx

Nic Glenc 🦋
Nic Glenc 🦋 ()

@L1221e92 You’ve seen the muti-coloured hair I braid into my hair right? My fingers are supersonic at doing hair 🥰 xxx

loli :)
Loli :) ()

so you’re telling me dixie went to sway and bryce wasn’t there? yeah i fuckingg hate it johnny and rory met her like bye 😔

U.S. Naval History
U.S. Naval History ()

Join the Naval History and Heritage Command as we Spotlight interesting and unique artifacts from the collection of the Navy. The Dixie Cup is a iconic piece of the Navy uniform. But where did it come from? Learn about it here!

D Ramadhani
D Ramadhani ()

Ya dixie salah satu yg sering dijadikan ‘meeting point’ organisasi, kerjaan, dll karena lokasinya yg strategis & tempatnya kondusif. Skrg bakal tinggal kenangan? :(

Nicholas J. Fuentes
Nicholas J. Fuentes ()

I can’t wait to go on the Barstool podcast with Dixie Damelio. I think we are really going to hit it off

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