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Biden still positive two weeks later. Maybe he should call Djokovic for some health advice?.

If American tennis players truly wanted to make a statement, they would all bow out of the US Open until Djokovic can play. Tyranny against one person is a threat to all people..

New ATP Top 10 on Monday: 1. Medvedev 2. Zverev 3. Nadal 4. Alcaraz 5. Tsitsipas 6. Djokovic 7. Ruud 8. Rublev 9. Auger-Aliassime 10. Hurkacz (+1).

📊 Tenistas con más 🏆 de ATP 500 (2009-2022/Men’s Singles): 🇨🇭 Federer, 16 🇪🇸 Nadal, 15 🇷🇸 Djokovic, 13 🇬🇧 Murray, 9 🇪🇸 Ferrer, 8 🇦🇷 Del Potro, 8 🇯🇵 Nishikori, 6 🇦🇹 Thiem, 5 🇷🇺 Rublev , 5 🇩🇪 Zverev, 4 🇦🇺 Kyrgios, 4.

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🏆 Tenistas en activo más jóvenes en ganar su primer título Challenger: 🇫🇷 Gasquet (16y 18d) 🇦🇺 Tomic (16y 4m) 🇪🇸 Nadal (16y 9m) 🇨🇦 Auger-Aliassime (16y 10m) 🇷🇸 Djokovic (17y 1d) 🇩🇪 Zverev (17y 2m) 🇩🇪 Kuhn (17y 3m 22d) 🇪🇸 Alcaraz (17y 3m 25d) 🇨🇳 JERRY SHANG (17y 6m).

Djokovic Photo,Djokovic Photo by Ariel Fernández,Ariel Fernández on twitter tweets Djokovic Photo

Hypocrisy and double standards . Djokovic wasn’t allowed to play in Australian open for not being vaccinated. #INDvsAUS.

Lično, ako govorimo samo iz ugla tenisa, ne razmišljajući o različitim stavovima, želim da Novak igra na US Openu - rekao je Medvedev.

@Belalzfr I knew he was a coward when he removed the Russia flag from his Instagram bio because everyone was attacking Russian citizens Djokovic needs to pick friends who have balls.

@cricketcomau Tahila McGrath represents a country that ensured Novak Djokovic was deported and not allowed to play in Aus Open for being unvaccinated and was called a threat. When it came to one of their own - it was okay to let her play with covid? - @karishmasingh22.

@ReillyOpelka Federer has to pay taxes in Switzerland but Djokovic doesn’t. Every country has rules that apply to citizens/residents only..

@YCCC33 @BobbyDugnutt111 In what era? Never totally dominated world cups. Australia went off at to win the World Cup final last time, only time I’ve seen a shorter price for a final was Djokovic against kyrgios.


Ganska fin skara han går med i. Både lyckade och misslyckade karriärer där Novak Djokovic står i ena hörnen och Bernard Tomic tillsammans med Donald Young i den andra..

Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray | Canada Masters 2008 Quarterfinal | See Other Highlights: Condensed Match: 2nd Set Tiebreak:.

@Big3Tennis FWIW, Nadal also won two 6-0 sets, 2008 RG F vs Federer and 2020 RG F vs Djokovic.

@18prajakta Maybe, the relation is that Djokovic was considered a threat to spread covid and was banned. But Talia McGrath tested positive so she should be a bigger threat of spreading it to others but was allowed to play..

Aussie gives all advice in planet to Djokovic for his vaccination status and now sends their covid affected player at risk of others ! #CWG2022.


@cricketcomau How can even the authorities in UK allow this ? Instead of getting her quarantine she is openly playing a game risking life of the ground staff, opponents and her team mates. Pathetic. With this logic even Novak Djokovic should have been allowed to play with number of precautions.

@FarziCricketer She is from a country that did not allow Djokovic to play the Australian open coz he was not vaccinated.

@Dream00nn @Big3Tennis Least amount of games lost in a grand slam final victory: Nadal - 4: 2008 French Open over Federer Nadal - 6: 2017 french open over Wawrinka Federer - 6: 2004 US Open over Hewitt Nadal - 7: 2020 French Open over Djokovic Djokovic - 8: 2019 Australian Open over Nadal.

@vikramchandra Is India agreeing to play against a Covid +ve Aussie player in the Finals? Remember Djokovic issue. So, the white skin Covid is OK..

@CricketopiaCom And the very Aussies deported a COVID negative Djokovic over vaccine stance. Such a shame. This is the zenith of double standards. NOW it is time for @usta to act wiser #LetNovakPlay.

These A*hole Aussies were giving duniya bhar ka Gyan to Djokovic. Treated him like a criminal and now their covid positive player is playing. Wish she was kept in detention and deported after a week of humiliation..

A sick Joe Biden will decide if a healthy Novak Djokovic should enter the USA or not. Big joke 😂 🤣..

Quizás una de las mayores hazañas del tenis moderno. 14 meses sin jugar, fuera del top 100. Como bien tituló El País “fue a perder y volvió como un héroe” eliminando a Djokovic y a Nadal en esa semifinal inolvidable. Sólo el cansancio y un Murray en su prime le quitaron el oro..

@vikrantgupta73 @karishmasingh22 Two wrongs? What wrong did djokovic do? Its his decision if he doesnt want to be vaxxed. He got the exception of health from the aussie govt n was cleared to play. But australian govt had to play politics&letting a +ve covid person play is dumb n so irresponsible!.

@NadalInjured Djokovic did not ask anyone on Twitter to do anything for him regarding gaining entry. You have to be fair..

Novak Djokovic withdraws from Canadian Open over vaccine mandate, just weeks ahead US Open | Fox News.

Republican Party requests visa for Novak Djokovic: but his entry is hard.

Republican Party requests visa for Novak Djokovic: but his entry is hard #republican #party.

Novak Djokovic withdraws from Canadian Open over vaccine mandate, just weeks ahead US Open - 1010 WCSI.

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