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Doja Cat you’re phenomenal. And you’re amazing at writing and singing and creating. You are actually a blessing to music and life..

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doja cat has become so overrated on here, she doesn’t come close to beyoncé tf.

Bon il est 01h du mat donc je peux vous dire que Doja Cat c’est abusé comment je la fume.

@nahyochaeng its not juicy by doja cat but im really enjoying it! its cute and simple but the piano chords and the guitar licks make it really nice :0 and her vocals are really sweet we will be listening to the rest of her discography.

Hot Ones - First We Feast, spinoff of Complex, Conde Naste Doja Cat/Tyga - RCA subsidiary of SME (same as Normani) Lil Tecca - Republic (subsidiary of UMG) Miley Cyrus - RCA subsidiary of SME (noticing anything?).

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1. 22 2. 1,79m 3. nope 4. S 5. S 6. Kinda 7. Nunca recebi sequer 8. Nope 9. Doja Cat, aquela mulher que me esmague todo 10. Wtf is that 11. Já nem sei 12. Ninguém em particular 13. Idk 14. Ai não 😍 Fav que eu te mando.

Doja cat deleted her apology for homophobic language so I don’t think she meant it but you guys can keep gassing her up I guess..

Doja Cat and Tyga are here to deliver the “Juicy” remix: [@DojaCat] [@Tyga].

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The real doja cat fans know that the SoundCloud version is better than the official recording version aka this one.

stream doja cat to trigger the cancelling snowflakes who suddenly forgot abt her apology for saying the f word and clearly learned from it like most humans are meant to do lmfao..

I been saying Doja Cat bad for SO long but no one wanted to listen smh.

Kheb deal met @Twistifies gesloten dat als doja cat weer damsko komt een ghb’tje in dr cola te dumpen en dr mee te nemen naar hotelkamer.

basically what i’ve got from this Doja Cat debate is that black men are still not over her not liking black men therefore she is racist.

Saw so many Doja Cat posts yesterday so naturally I watched all her videos and now I cant get them out of my head 😅.

Video: Doja Cat – Juicy ft. Tyga.

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i’m gonna say it; doja cat really did what the other girls couldn’t with moo.

Wait a sec. Doja Cat and that Juicy video and now Normani givin us Motivation?? 💖.

We not gone forget Doja Cat using homophobic slurs just cuz she lightskin with a fat ass. NECKTS.

Doja Cat you’re phenomenal. And you’re amazing at writing and singing and creating. You are actually a blessing to music and life..

acabo de encontrar la música de doja cat que no está en spotify y qué pedo con su perfeccióóóóóón.

just accept that doja cat is a homophobe & move on if u like her music lmao djskskskskskd dont try to make excuses for her.

i love that ever since mooo, whenever doja cat drops, she gets hella we need the album now.

ok but i didn’t know miss doja cat was THICC like this.

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A Friendly Reminder That Doja Cat Is Thicker Than Cracker Barrel Gravy (Getty).

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Doja Cat & Tyga serve up a Juicy plate of remix today: 💦💦💦.

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Doja Cat Finally Releases Video For “Juicy”…And You Can See That THANG From The Front [Video] (Photo: Scott Dudelson / Getty).

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