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Hockey Night in Canada is not near as good without ⁦@CoachsCornerDC⁩ — people miss hearing what Don Cherry has to say. So ⁦@ernestdoroszuk⁩ and I did our own Cherry’s Corner. A mending of fences between his sidekick who took cover to protect his own career not likely.

DON CHERRY ON LEAFS’ LOSS: Give the team’s brass one more year.

Don Cherry CONTINUES to trend on Twitter Why? Because Canadians want to see him back on @Sportsnet #TrudeauForTreason.

It’s going to take a looong time before the bigotry of Don Cherry and the tribal cruelty of conservatism is washed out of hockey culture. What happened to this man is just awful..

you all are treating boyfriends like cherry rn and don’t think i’ll forget it when you pretend to love her in six months.

Don Cherry continues to trend. Why? Because he saved hockey. #TrudeauForTreason.

ok which event are u guys watching i’m thinking cherry chat bc it’s just mia and erana so i don’t have to see any of the boys.

Raise your hand if you think Don Cherry would make a better Prime Minister than crooked Justin Trudeau 🖐️ #TrudeauForTreason.

Don Cherry Photo,Don Cherry Photo by Toronto 99 News + Opinion,Toronto 99 News + Opinion on twitter tweets Don Cherry Photo

The beauty of digital fashion is that it’s a rolling work-in-progress, where we can cherry-pick ideas that serve us and step away from those that don’t. 🍒 what ideas/values/representations do you want to see in the metaverse?▼.

Don Cherry SLAMS Ron Maclean for selling him down the river. #TrudeauForTreason.

@alienmagicman @MarvinMilton2 Rat MacLean is a piece of shit. Don Cherry said nothing racist and nothing wrong. He should be celebrated as a great Canadian and not vilified by a bunch of virtue signalling left wing kooks..

Rex conveniently leaves out what it is Don Cherry said to get himself banished from polite society, which is par the course for these anti-woke screeds.

Don Cherry Photo,Don Cherry Photo by The Big Shiny Takes Institute,The Big Shiny Takes Institute on twitter tweets Don Cherry Photo

Watched Hockey Night In Canada. I know it’s been a while since Don Cherry was on, but I still don’t miss him. At all..

This is simply inaccurate. Don Cherry deserves the Order of Canada more than anyone. Especially Trudeau. #TrudeauForTreason.

Rex Murphy needs to fuck off. Don Cherry should continue fucking off. Fucking bigots..

As goes @MilesTaylorUSA, so goes @HeathMayo? It’s time to face reality, folks. Optimism, good vibes & cherry-picking won’t change the now blindingly obvious fact that the GOP is beyond saving. I, too, wish that wasn’t so. But facts, as they say, don’t care about my feelings..

@spiritofanu @nedajolie No Rex Murphy has written an op-ed saying it is a travesty that Don Cherry HAS NOT gotten the Order of Canada.

Before current saxophone star Joshua Redman came to public attention, his father Dewey Redman (May 17, 1931 – September 2, 2006) was himself a prominent saxophonist, performing free jazz with Ornette Coleman, Keith Jarrett, Don Cherry, and Charlie Haden #deweyredman #saxophone.

Don Cherry Photo,Don Cherry Photo by Cleveland Time Records,Cleveland Time Records on twitter tweets Don Cherry Photo

every time i see someone talk about don cherry i think they mean the jazz musician even though he died like 3 decades ago.

The first YouTube ever was when you’d go to your friends house and their dad had Don Cherry’s Rock‘Em Sock ‘Em Hockey volumes 1-9.

Operation “Sweet cherry of mine”! 🍒 Watch it with sound on and until the end! What do #sweetcherry producers do to get the cherries to our homes! They give music to the birds, so that the birds don’t eat the cherries! But, do the birds like Ska or not! 😂🤣😂🤣.

Don Cherry needs to make a meme about it..

Don Cherry Photo,Don Cherry Photo by Dr. Mike P. Moffatt 🇨🇦🏅🏅,Dr. Mike P. Moffatt 🇨🇦🏅🏅 on twitter tweets Don Cherry Photo

@briancrd Don Cherry is the personification of this picture. Has been for years. Only way to deal with him is to ignore him.

Don Cherry Photo,Don Cherry Photo by Paul Saccone,Paul Saccone on twitter tweets Don Cherry Photo

On his worst day, #DonCherry is twice the man any of his critics will ever be - and about a million times on his best days. Don Cherry deserves the #OrderOfCanada. @UngraftedVines.

Don cherry is a racist and bigot he was the head coach for the Boston Burton’s and cut many players just because of the colour of their skin.

Cruel? Cruelty is forcing Canadians to watch Don Cherry, a racist, intolerant man.

@swtbabyneko Daisies, I don’t think cherry blossoms count as flowers but I love cherry blossoms.

@CecilyTynan Don’t worry about Eskin Cecily, he should stay in his lane and stick with sports. People need to “listen” to the forecast not cherry pick the information. You do a great job, you’re the best in Philly..

former Coach’s Corner co-host Don Cherry updates columnist Joe Warmington on the status of his friendship with ex-friend Ron MacLean. #Hockey.

@NickFerran Remember, I’m Scottish - you don’t sully a good single malt with anything other than a splash of (Scottish) tap water, and if I can see sky through the clouds I leave the house without a coat 😂.

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