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Updated: September 10th, 2021 04:37 AM IST

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I’m asking Jen Psaki on behalf of the American people if the White House can ban Peter Doocy. We don’t need propagandists taking up air time trying to get Dr. Fauci fired.

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@PoliticusSarah @UROCKlive1 So when does Doocy get fired? The guy is insufferable. Hello, #FauxOpinion ?

Whenever I see Peter Doocy trending, the first thing I think of is what Jen Psaki did that day to own him.

@dougducey Isn’t this a doozy, the top two trending items on Twitter right now are Doocy and Ducey. A race to the bottom!

@atrupar You’d think Peter Doocy would have tired of looking like a Schmuck in every press briefing by now, but alas no.

@janky2020 Fox gives Doocy hazardous duty pay to be tongue-lashed by Psaki. I think he would do it for free if she used a riding crop.

@clockoutwars If she can’t answer any questions w/o being “Psnarki” she should resign ... her bias shows with Doocy ...

@bennyjohnson The one who should be embarrassed is Peter Doocy for having to once again get schooled on the facts.

@realTuckFrumper Every interaction with Peter Doocy and Jen psaki Peter: Is it true that Joe is a piece of crap that wants to ruin the country Jen: No

@davidmweissman doocy is the softball king and a comedic distraction. i love watching the daily #PsakiBomb


@atrupar Peter Doocy Asks ought to be the name of an entire volume of inane, convoluted, dishonest, weird, and snarky statements posing as questions that no ethical person would ever consider saying. Something used for training; the way you train a dog not to poop in the house.

@ApartmentBoss Doocy goes home everyday curls up in a ball sucks his thumb and asks himself why he asks the most moronic questions every time only to get schooled. Then he gets up in the morning and does it all over again. The definition of insanity

@DailyCaller “Peter Doocy is challenged.” I’m sure that’s what you meant. 😂

@davidmweissman Either that or get some other journalist to ask Psaki if she enjoys neutering Doocy every day and similar questions at each Press Conference.

Doocy is playing out of his league if he wants to spar with someone. Psaki especially. Doocy is too desperate to score a point against someone far smarter.

Doocy has got to be an undercover agent for President Biden! 😂

@Mediaite @pdoocy Trump and Pompeo released them all, 5,000 in total, and got nothing in return. Also arranged withdrawal. Why does douche doocy not ask those criminal idiots why? All Trmp/Pompo foreign policies were either corrupt, or failures like this one

Did you guys know that the right wing thinks that Peter Doocy is getting the better of these exchanges with Jen Psaki in the White House press briefings? It’s like being in a cult makes you lose all recognition of common sense AND English!

@davidmweissman It’s the @FoxNews way isn’t it, it’s not journalism, just a network sharing misinformation, daily. Doocy just wastes everyone’s time with silly questions. From former president Trump’s Big election Lie, to calling the pandemic a hoax, non-fact based stories for stupid people!

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@SharylAttkisson “Peter Doocy is a butthead” would actually be the correct statement.

@davidmweissman We need more Peter Doocy’s that call out what’s going on with demented Biden and this administration.

@johnforchione @ApartmentBoss Hmmm. I saw it the complete opposite. Doocy asked a legitimate, respectful question that Psaki danced around and never answered but spoke in a condescending tone that showed that she was either unprepared or unwilling to acknowledge the merit of Doocy’s question.

@PoliticusSarah It’s like she calls on Doocy just to make him squirm… and I’m all for it!

I’m asking Jen Psaki on behalf of the American people if the White House can ban Peter Doocy. We don’t need propagandists taking up air time trying to get Dr. Fauci fired.

Peter Doocy asks Jen Psaki if Biden is considering firing Dr Fauci

DOOCY: There are now more terrorists wanted by the FBI in the new Afghan government than there are women. Does the President think that is a foreign policy success?

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