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After speaking with two people close to former #Eagles coach Doug Pederson, it sounds like this is what it boiled down: Pederson was sick of people telling him what to do.

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Tiffany ()

@fordnation Doug is making a huge mistake with this stupid order!!!! Close the airports!!!! That’s where it keeps coming from!!!!

TheEarlyStageInvestor ()

NEW PODCAST: Doug Ramshaw @dougcan, President of Minera Alamos stopped by to give his insights on the growth of Minera and gold market at large. Highly recommend everyone research the incredible growth story of Minera Alamos $MAI. Full interview below:

Doug Eiffel
Doug Eiffel ()

@spicyeiffel about that, I kinda had to leave Goddard. On account of the whole shot through the head thing

Daniel Jacobi
Daniel Jacobi ()

@eiffel_doug I mean, feel free to come nap in my lab. No one comes to talk or hang out anyways so it’s all good.

Doug Eiffel
Doug Eiffel ()

@spicyeiffel I know right? Pretty ‘Pryce’ of pryce to want to hunt me down for shootings her wife with a harpoon I guess? Jeez, I need a hell of a nap.


@dougducey Of course you do! To believe Biden is a bad man would be to indict yourself since you’re both puppets for China. Screw you Doug, you sell out!

NFL Draft Diamonds
NFL Draft Diamonds ()

Eagles owner wanted Carson Wentz, while Doug Pederson wanted Jalen Hurts? #NFL #NFLDraftNews

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ClevelandOhio4Trump ()

@dougducey Doug, you put your own agenda above the country and the president. You don’t fool anyone.

Vulture ()

Doug Liman’s COVID heist movie #LockedDown began with a dare: write a screenplay, land financing, and rush into production, all while in quarantine. @__ChrisLee reports

Nick Loman
Nick Loman ()

Introduction to Doug and Dougless aka D614G by @AineToole at #articclimbworkshop

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Doug Pederson might be looking to take a year off after a very long season.

Wayne Chen
Wayne Chen ()

Slick Rick, Legendary Hip Hop Artist b Richard Walters 56 yrs ago on 14 Jan 1965, to Jamaican parents in the UK. mid-80s Rose to prominence with Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew. Their La Di Da Di reputedly “most sampled song in history.” @therulernyc

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Jbink ()

Yes seems odd I mean from everybody that reports seems like it was simply a difference he wanted press to return Lurie said fuck that noise an off doug went. I also doubt he was married to either QB either way both were substandard

Marcus Phillips
Marcus Phillips ()

@SavageShae @Prez215 His plays point is a good one. Also how they used the RBs has been an issue that we can’t just put all on Doug. I like that Duce would be a great leader but do the positives end there? That’s my fear.

Bill Barnwell
Bill Barnwell ()

Reid tree: John Harbaugh (SB winner) Doug Pederson (SB winner) Ron Rivera (made it to SB) Sean McDermott (on his way to SB?)

Toronto Star
Toronto Star ()

Doug Ford’s lockdown granted police more power with no clarity. What’s more dangerous for racialized people than a confused cop? @yazminegray writes for #InTheirOwnVoices

22Minutes ()

Doug Ford introduces new stay-at-home orders to a province that thought they were under strict stay-at-home orders.

Daniel Messick
Daniel Messick ()

We, the independent and sovereign citizens of the State of Arizona, petition Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and all representatives, Republican and Democrat, to call for mr Trump to resign and be prosecuted.

Doug North
Doug North ()

I always say, you’ll get out of this what you put in. The shell is here: the plans, the facilities. Will you get out of your own way and GET BETTER, or complain and not grow? I want GRINDERS on my roster. Fight to win, fight for yourself, fight for your team. That’s what it takes

Benjamin Livingston
Benjamin Livingston ()

I have never been more disgusted with a Philadelphia team than I am today in the Eagles. My love is for Doug, Wentz, and Foles. Not these two suits that have now destroyed two legendary Eagles regimes because they think their geniuses. Get Howie & Lurie out of here. Enough.

Gin Jarrell
Gin Jarrell ()

@allday_ajking There is NO chance Andy and Doug tell buddy that it’s a good opportunity lol

Alyssa B
Alyssa B ()

@BrandenTalkJAB I mean I love Daboll. I’d say go get Riley too. That’s just a money game so seems more doable. I will have to think on it more because I really though Doug was staying lol

Ian Rapoport
Ian Rapoport ()

After speaking with two people close to former #Eagles coach Doug Pederson, it sounds like this is what it boiled down: Pederson was sick of people telling him what to do.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller ()

Dammit. I just remembered Alex Mack. Add that and Doug to honorable mentions.

Martha Hughes
Martha Hughes ()

@adamboxer1 @Doug_Lemov I’m listening on audible on the way to work - it’s definitely getting me in the zone!! 🙂

Doug Shaw
Doug Shaw ()

@andrew_lilico From outside, the Swedes seem to have a much more pleasant last 9 months and typical level of Covid deaths. That’s surely a success. If they judge, that now (with a vaccine and a tough winter) is the time for tougher restrictions, that doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

Igor Bobic
Igor Bobic ()

Doug Jensen, the Iowa man that led the charge into the Senate as seen in this video, has been arrested and put into jail

Deb Follow Our Better Angels.
Deb Follow Our Better Angels. ()

@MollyJongFast @TTuberville Well Alabama voted out a smart, compassionate man like Doug Jones for the football coach. Alabama deserves what it gets.

Angela Stanton King 🇺🇸
Angela Stanton King 🇺🇸 ()

This was all a plan and set up from the begging. Loeffler was put in place by Kemp to vote against Trump. They knew Doug Collins wouldn’t go against him. So they cheated Doug out of his seat. It’s all starting to make

Senator Tim Kearney
Senator Tim Kearney ()

Doug Mastriano is a sitting senator who actively organized a violent insurrection in an attempt to prevent a peaceful transfer of power. Sen. Corman & GOP leadership should call for his immediate resignation. If not, he should be removed from all committee or leadership positions

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