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Investigadores da polícia afirmam que Dr. Jairinho agredia o menino com chutes e golpes na cabeça #G1

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Polícia não tem dúvida de que Dr. Jairinho é o autor da morte de Henry

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Investigadores da polícia afirmam que Dr. Jairinho agredia o menino com chutes e golpes na cabeça #G1


Suspeito do assassinato do menino Henry, Dr Jairinho quer fim das investigações e se diz perseguido

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Dr. Jairinho e mãe de Henry criam perfil em rede social e site para falar sobre investigação do caso

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Brent McConnell
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British Columbia: Home of the largest outbreak in the world outside Brazil Also British Columbia today: Dr. Bonnie Henry said given the prevalence of the , is considering screening only that variant. Why @BCNDPCaucus? #CovidBC #bcpoli

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Note: He appears to like tea, despite normal scorpions being strictly carnivorous. Also, no giving him top hats. -Dr. Henry

Victoria Chung
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Zussman: You said the virus is adapting, so what is BC doing to adapt to the virus? Are there measures that will be taken by yourself [PHO Dr. Henry] and other health officials to adapt to the virus? Henry: ... We have the measures in place that we know will 1/2

Ed Jenner
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Adrian Dix: Replace Dr Bonnie Henry in BC - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange

Tannis Bell
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Take a look at this excellent thread if you want to know the facts of the pandemic in BC, as opposed to the increasingly bizarre fabrications of Dr. Henry who, at this juncture, can only be called delusional. ⏬

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Once you stan Lisa, there really is no exit 😂 I was checking out why Dr. Bonnie Henry is trending for covid updates 🇨🇦 but somehow Lisa still sneaks up on me

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Jess R
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Dr. Henry - liar liar, pants on 🔥 this evasion and outright lies don’t encourage public confidence. #NewDeathParty

Juanita Jackson
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Brandon Sutter’s father Brent instructed Sportsnet that his son was “fairly down and out,” affected by physique aches, complications, and chills. Dr. Henry says Canucks COVID-19 cases not linked to Brazil variant - are we sure about that ?

Dr Noor Bari
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@beansprouts_mom Dr Henry, long covid is not post ICU syndrome. It is occurring in people after mild covid too. Please read details from CDC regarding PACS. This is its provisional “name” and “diagnosis”. Enter this diagnosis as an option for coding by clinicians and data will arrive.

chrystia freeland is a neocon
Chrystia freeland is a neocon ()

Drove by Garry Point Park today and was jam packed with ppl, outdoor patios of restaurants jammed packed with the hell is Dr. Bonnie Henry doing? #bcpoli

lilian weiwei
Lilian weiwei ()

@LizaYuzda @NEWS1130 Dr b Henry always make wrong decision and slow action things getting worse and worse

lilian weiwei
Lilian weiwei ()

@NEWS1130 Sooooo disappointed with dr BH , because her wrong decision ,more young people in hospital .close the school right now .other wise BC will out of control . Henry Bonnie please wake up

Art Aronson
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told reporters we are a month behind Ontario today #COVID19BC

Erin Hvidston
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@realreporter I will be listening to the ER and ICU docs and watching ICU/hospitalization numbers because Dr. Henry and all her data/graphs/charts is proving too slow for to slow the spread of the variants.

Sherry Moller
Sherry Moller ()

@chrisgailus Did anyone listen to Dr Henry today? They did say you can register now and they will contact you when it is YOUR TURN to register for the shot.

Catherine ()

@RonaldNHughes @NZ_dc I think problem is whole BC government approach to pandemic. Dr Henry follow the orders she receives. It is very obvious. Basically she is a puppet.

Kirsten Hume Scrimshaw
Kirsten Hume Scrimshaw ()

@DrBirinderSingh Per capital we have about the same number of cases, plus Dr. Henry confirmed today that there’s a significant (unspecified) lag in identifying how many current cases are VOC. So there are no new measures to control spread and she plans to sail us right into full lockdown?

Catherine ()

@fr_aquilini Can you please call Dr Henry 😅 apparently she doesn’t know about variants.

Miss Marcia
Miss Marcia ()

take that Dr. what never heard of the #Canucks having covid variant. Someone is lying

lilian weiwei
Lilian weiwei ()

@CityNewsVAN Must close the school Right now ,why dr Henry always make wrong decision .

Moshe Appel משה
Moshe Appel משה ()

So, if Dr. Henry is saying BC is a month behind Ontario in terms of cases, does that mean a total shutdown in May? 🤨

Love To Paddle
Love To Paddle ()

@VancouverSun And by all means, keep letting everyone into the province, and clearly the quarantine rules are not being followed, nor are offenders being prosecuted! Bloody joke this government is!! I’m getting sick and tired of hearing Dr Henry spout her crap as well!!

Val ()

@LizaYuzda @NEWS1130 Waiting for us to catch up to Ontario while the PHO refuses to adapt is heartbreaking. Dr Henry and Minister Dix work for us and need to listen. People have been begging for a lockdown to control this virus.

Eric Feigl-Ding
Eric Feigl-Ding ()

3) So after utter lack of decisive requirement and “vague” language, BC health chief Dr Bonnie Henry then somehow finds the utter gall to then turn around to blame people for not listening to her own vague confusing language 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Justin McElroy
Justin McElroy ()

This was a question from @CBCtanya that the two of us put together, we told the government we would be asking about it, and it is disappointing for Dr. Henry to say things in response that are not true.

Jeet Heer
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Dr. Demento. Dr. Seuss. Dr. Pepper. Dr. Strangelove. Dr. Pangloss. Dr. van Hesling. Dr. Doom. Dr. Zhivago. Dr. Wellington Yueh. Dr. Fu Manchu. Dr. Frankenstein (ABD). Dr. Henry Jekyll. Dr. Caligari. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Dr. Who.

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