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Goran Dragic has agreed to a deal with the Bulls, per @ShamsCharania.

Dragic Photo,Dragic Photo by Bleacher Report,Bleacher Report on twitter tweets Dragic Photo

Dragic is signing a one-year, $ deal with the Bulls, sources said..

Can confirm Goran Dragic has agreed to a one-year deal with the Chicago Bulls, per source, which @ShamsCharania had 1st. Nikola Vucevic, I’m told, played significant role in this situation..

Breaking: PG Goran Dragic is signing a one-year deal with the #Bulls, per source. The Dragon, a 2018 All-Star, will help bolster an already strong Chicago backcourt..

Mavericks roster note: Dallas essentially has one spot left and has weighed leaving it open, league sources say. While Dallas has shown interest in Goran Dragic, it still has a clear need for wing additions and could wait to see if an unexpected option to address that surfaces..

Nikola Vucevic reportedly played a key role in recruiting Goran Dragic to the #Bulls 👀.

The Bulls also should have signed him instead of Uber Washed Goran Dragic.

NBA free agency: Bulls to sign veteran point guard Goran Dragic @NBCSBulls.

Another free agent from the Nets gone: Dragic heads to Chi-Town..

Goran Dragic to the Bulls as the ultimate insurance policy for the point guard spot ... Read it:.

@KirkSeriousFace Report: Mutual interest between Dragic and Mavs Dragic: signs with another team Mavs fans:.

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Chicago Bulls, Guard Goran Dragic Agree On One-Year, $ Deal.

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The scenes when Coby actually isn’t traded and we kinda just run it back with Drummond and Dragic, elite rim protection and shooting.

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@Checo500 @monbr24 jajajaja cabrón no estamos pidiendo que traigan a Bradley Beal, solo a Dragic por el mínimo jajajaja.

@jamesho98227184 Je suis d’accord avec toi, c’est juste que tu as une vision trop noire ou blanc, il y a du bon et du mauvais. Mais resigner LaVine choper un back up comme Drummond et un vet comme Dragic ça reste pas mal. Même si ça comble pas tous nos manques. Je suis d’accord..

Goran Dragic acordo contrato de 1 año con Chicago. Veremos si alguien es movido muchos bases en el plantel..

@Betsycashmoney @mkhoops They filled their final roster spot with dragic. He and the new signings wouldn’t be traded rn no that’s not who I’m at least assuming would be gone. Everyone else tho 👀.

@BurnerDeng @ShamsCharania Yeah linking up with dragic again is definitely a priority for KD.

@JigBobo @mkhoops But Dragic (or any FA addition) cant be traded for 3 months or more, right? So what does Dragic have to do with a trade? Wouldnt they prefer to keep a roster open to give them flexibility in a trade? The fact they havent yet signed their draft pick is probably more telling.

@seankeane To be fair Dragic has been despised by us for years and years before the trade. That was just the biggest and latest reason we hate ..

Though to be fair he was probably out of rhythm after sitting out so long with the Raptors. This should increase the chance of a White trade. Dragic could provide the shooting/scoring, but still need another 3 and D wing. Trading Coby is the only option left. #BullsNation.

Adding a veteran G like Dragic makes sense in theory. However, Bulls are already very heavy at guard. Ball, LaVine, Ayo, Caruso and White already on the roster. Plus Dragic did not play well with the Nets worst year since his early Suns day. #BullsNation.

@Bullskickass How do you feel about Goran Dragic signing with the Point Guards #PointGuardNation?.

Sinceramente não entendi, 4 Guards? Lonzo, Caruso, Ayo e Dragic? Sendo que o maior problema na temporada foi o garrafão? Acho que vem troca por aí.

@KirkSeriousFace Dragic is more than capable being a second unit PG. But his true value IMO, is keeping Luka accountable, whenever he’s not 100% focused or jogging on D… Missed opportunity for Mavs..

I love the move for Dragic. He’s nails, loves a big shot, runs an offense. I can see him Caruso causing problems in that 2nd unit..

Officially sick of ppl tryna get Goran Dragic to Dallas… he don’t wanna put in no work.

Can Kyrie just get idc where but just happen cuz I wanna know what the Mavs have been cooking up that caused them to not sign a Dragic (who can actually help our team rn).

What happened to the Mavericks finally signing Goran Dragic? I heard he just signed with the bulls.

@MonoAkari Happy with lavine signing, drummond is cool for what we paid, same with djj and dragic. Still not a championship team tho lol.

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