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@_Ben_in_space One Russian official (not sure who he is) commenting on Dragon launch: This is not Mars :) :) :) - Like he has anything on Mars!

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@dragon_fluffboi When we call out pedos during BLM and ACAB movements

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@megamori_live ベタですが、ドラクエⅢのエンディング曲「そして伝説へ…」ですね。 最後の「TO BE CONTINUED TO DRAGON QUEST Ⅰ」のメッセージで全身身震いしたのを覚えています。 いつまで経っても僕の中で神曲です。

Harlem Boy ()

I think I want to record tonight, I think I want to have my first threesome, lets find out on the next episode of dragon ball z.

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@MangaStoner420 If future Dragon Ball content is as high quality as Broly in the future then this franchise has a bright future.

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Ruimtecapsule van SpaceX aangekomen bij ISS -

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@_Ben_in_space One Russian official (not sure who he is) commenting on Dragon launch: This is not Mars :) :) :) - Like he has anything on Mars!

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@VirtualAstro We didn’t see the dragon but we did see the ISS and a shooting star! Thanks for all the updates! 👍🏻

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Objectif 2020 - 25/50 - Chroniques de Guerre, et des jours de honte et de tristesse qui suivirent, par René Dragon (1940 - 1944)

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Daily Deals: Dragon Ball Movies On Sale, New Amiibos Arrive at Amazon, PS+ Discounts and More! - IGN

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La #cápsula Crew Dragon, fabricada por la empresa privada @SpaceX, despegó con éxito desde Florida, #Estados

Свідок Пакращення ()

Екіпаж Crew Dragon покинув корабель. NASA повідомила нову дату старту #followback #новини

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@misora05 レントゲンだけでも撮ってもらっては。 気管支炎の可能性もありますし。

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Minecraft通常体力値第二位 エンダードラゴン(Ender Dragon) 200(❤️×100)

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@DeadCell777 >dragon ball,naruto,one piece speaking for most shounens

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@Hebaccio @BWShitpost Bring haxorus to any OU match with any poke that has good physical defense or literally ice shard lol rip Also because of Sheer Force, Darmanitan is literally stronger. Can do more without stat boost than Haxorus can with Dragon Dance

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Diam lebih baik daripada mengucapkan kata- kata omong kosong. (Piccolo - Dragon Ball Z Kai)

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Después de la cancelación del lanzamiento, los memes no se hicieron esperar

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@mahalo_dragon まはろちゃん  おはようございます😃 リプありがとうございます🥰 嬉しい〜〜😆💕 よろしくお願いします  ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

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@meGPZow .... t’es une cause perdue j’abandonne retourne te battre avec tes pioches je garde mon lyncheur de dragon

Amazinarts ()

@Tojoafterdark Anything thing with lizard or dragon tooshes and peets are pretty much the best bullshit my guy.

Metta_668 ()

@CircleToonsHD Greyleon, last dragon-camoleon of his species is on the hunt for the last pizza crystal that will make more powerful than Dark Bahamut so he can the people who made his people extinct.

L(au)kene~ 🌺 ()

@AloisEldenEpy De acuerdo Lo haremos ..~ -y suaves besitos empezaría a dejar en sus labios, acariciando sus mejillas y su cuello y su pecho, y todo lo que alcanzase, cuanto amaba a ese tonto dragó Pero era SU tonto dragó

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@Choi_hyung_top *ren comes to find you* you OK sweetie? Oh shit, your nose. Want baekho to take a look at it? :/

T Ξ S L A London HW3.0 ()

Hey @elonmusk did you give Dragon a toybox to give Bob and Doug something to play during the 19hour flight? @SpaceX #LaunchDay #launchamerica

Sarah @ ff7r ()

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT) live at

Marc Vg ()

Hay personas esperando que despegue el Crew Dragon y hay quienes están esperando que empiece el Pumas v Puebla en la e-liga.

24 Horas ()

Bob Behnken y Doug Hurley no son sólo experimentados pilotos, también son viejos amigos. El próximo miércoles, si el tiempo no lo impide, participarán en la misión espacial.

Dr Syafiq (maybe one day) ()

kau nak g mana ni? kerja bila balik? entah, tak beli tiket lagi macam ni la 2 astro kat dalam dragon tu.

Kevin Davis ()

Livestream the SpaceX Dragon launch, first manned mission to ISS launched from US soil since 2011. #nasa #SpaceXDragon

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