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Updated: November 26th, 2021 06:37 PM IST

Ru: Are you a failed actor who turned to drag? #DragRaceUK

#DragRaceUK Twitter

Sooooo fucking happy with that #DragRaceUK winner!!! My AS6 first choice and now my UK3 first choice right after. I am being fed!

✌🏿 Great final ep of Gay Olympics last night. Please can we have more Black & Brown queens on the next season, por favor? #DragRaceUK ✌🏿

if only Ella had worn a better eleganza extravaganza look and performed better in the lipsync i think she had this in the bag #DragRaceUK but kudos to her run this season. SHE SLAYED! NO ONE IS GONNA TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HER

Really not gagging over any of these girls but #TeamElla #DragRaceUK

And now the queens talk to their childhood photos. Ella was blond as a child. I swear to god, I will never understand white people hair color. It makes no sense. Anyway, Ella finally slightly cries during this segment, and Ru lights up. #DragRaceUK S3:E10

I like to believe that if @EllaVaday had worn gold shoes she might’ve won 😭😭😭😭 #DragRaceUK

Ru asks Ella, Throughout the history of this competition, there have been queens who have been accused of being failed actors who turned to drag as an outlet. Is that your story? WHAT THE HELL KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?! AND ACCUSED BY WHOMST? -My guess: Ru #DragRaceUK S3:E10


Y pues tenemos ganadora de drag race uk season 3!!!! Dios mío krystal Versace! Amamos #DragRaceUK

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Sa edit pa lang si <redacted> na talaga papapanalunin nila dito eh. #DragRaceUK

not Crave having the wrong subtitles when announcing the winner of #DragRaceUK ☠️

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

We knew she was gonna win since the first episode and how many times they blatantly gaslit us trying to make us think she did a good job when she didn’t… I’m disappointed but not surprised… #DragRaceUK

Ru: Are you a failed actor who turned to drag? #DragRaceUK

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

È l’una del mattino, mi sono vista un film con degli altri ragazzi della residenza, vista la finale di #DragRaceUK e ora vado di #DragRaceItalia


Como que a Ella teve coragem de usar isso numa runway de finale??? #DragRaceUK

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

first baga chipz was robbed, then bimini (very much) ROBbed, now fucking ella vaday!!! ive had enough #DragRaceUK

No me importa quien haya ganado #DragRaceUK S3, para mi Lawrence Chaney sigue reinando.

I felt like Ru had chosen the winner incredibly early on tbh but well done on a lovely series, girls!!! #DragRaceUK


this decision really solidified this season as the worst season of the uk franchise 😭 #DragRaceUK

So I heard no one won Drag Race UK this year, that’s weird 💄 #DragRaceUK #DragRaceUK3

Just because the person you wanted to win didn’t there’s no need to hate. You can of course be disappointed but you can still respect the winner. Don’t ruin someone’s moment #DragRaceUK

@marcgress One of the poorest lip syncs ever. Literally terrible song choice and they all struggled with it. #DragRaceUK

The only take I have worth posting is that #DragRaceUK has been much harder to keep up with when we’re not all sat at home dodging a respiratory disease, and Ella Vaday is the hottest out of drag queen that’s been on the show obviously


I actually shouted at the TV oh FUCK off!! When the winner was announced. #DragRaceUK3 #dragraceuk What a fun series. Love the other finalists!

Definitely the correct top 3….but sorry my @EllaVaday was robbed 😖😖😖 #DragRaceUK

Me and mom scrub up well for a #DragRaceUK finale party don’t we? @sistersisterhun you blue orbed babe 💙

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

ru: are your parents still together? kitty: yes! ru: do they like each other? kitty: LOVE ru: #DragRaceUK3 #dragraceuk

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Maybe blame it on the edit song was predicting RPDRUK season 3 and the winner! Yes blame it on the edit #DragRaceUK

Watching the #DragRaceUK judges deliberations and I’m so fucking happy this nightmare is about to end

What was going on with kitty’s breast plate in hey sis it’s Christmas 😭 #DragRaceUK

@kittyscottclaus being iconic all the way up to the last lip sync… what a star #DragRaceUK

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