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If this @Drake and @JColeNC album happens, it will break the internet 🤯.

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Kenan & Kel, Rugrats & Hey Arnold. Drake & Josh is close though..

Drake really gave us a reggae album son. Then said fuck that lemme give em a bounce album. He gave us an R&B album before. He gave us a rap album. This nigga bouta do techno next.

So Drake, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz all have babies ? ... this is so heartbreaking.

idk why i lie to myself i miss fandom so much i just hate the specific person i was back when i was in fandom. all of me wants to go back to saying dumb shit like “tim drake is the cuntiest robin” and “jason todd said women’s rights” but i hold.

“But drake said he gon pull some strings, so let me check my calendar.”.

me pressing play on reaching for the moon for the 152626 time, fully well knowing I’m going to be a mess at the end.

O Drake nos jogos do Raptors é uma figuraça kkkk falando um montão pro Antetokounmpo.

Boy that man Drake was in the beach for a long asssss time. I ain’t know who that was.

First Trey Songz drop a surprise baby like a mixtape, now Drake with a wedding band.

Drake doesn’t want smoke with giannis at all sit the fuck down humble yourself..

@Drake you’re a bitch Giannis is more of a legend than you’ll ever be #BucksvsRaptors.

Kyle Lowry fouled out with 6 minutes left and the broadcasters decided to talk about Drake instead..

i can’t believe drake is the best rapper in the game man. the game is wildly different.

@tilakhan_xo Whenever they show Drake on TV Milwaukee will drain a 3. You see a pattern???.

@NBACanada WTF is with the jacket indoors 🤔@Drake it’s pretty warm today bruh.

@AwfulBiza Like i already know the tape finished hw literally just had to press upload then boom he’s richer than drake.

SWA @ Northern Plains final results. Freestyle- Liam Jennett - 1st Brett Johnson - 1st Nolan Fellers - 1st Dreshaun Ross - 1st Carter Freeman - 1st Nathanael Jesuroga - 1st Mason Gehloff - 1st Brandon O’Brien - 1st Blake West - 1st Drake Ayala - 1st Cruz Gannon - 2nd.

PLがGMに従うのは、アンタのことを信じてるからだ。楽しませてくれるってね。 給料払わない船長に、船員が従う筈がないだろう? 船が一人じゃ動かせないように、TRPGも一人じゃ遊べない。 信用は何にも代え難い財産だ。それを努々忘れんじゃないよ。.

@Vitricate Nothing was the Same and Take Care are definitely modern classics. Drake has been delivering great albums until the last 3 years. Dude is no doubt one of the greatest artist of the last decade.

Drake and French Montana every time they drop their yearly song.

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Drake fans overreact when they judge his albums but, other than Views, all of his albums have been at least “Ok”.

I’m really losing a Drake vs Thug argument and I can’t believe it!! I asking everybody I see tnight.

@thefunnycne Le chifla la idea de encontrar lugares perdidos y saquearlos, luego lo que consigue lo vende en el mercado negro, le escuché hablar sobre ese Shambala y un tal Nathan Drake..

Oh my immediate thought of why #Drake was trending is because of Drake Bell #90sbaby.

If this @Drake and @JColeNC album happens, it will break the internet 🤯.

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