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Coach Drake gives everybody energy 🤗 (Via @kzoogrowlers).

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Nikola Tesla played a game. He wasn’t crazy at the end of his life. I know what he was doing. Drake may kill me (X) over this tweet..

@ferocious_G @Wale the he should be up there with Cole and drake. He doesn’t get his credit.

when i go to someones profile n their media page preview is 6 drake clapping gif ik im lookin at a high quality poster.

It’s funny how Ella Mai was trippin on Jacquees but Shot Clock is literally two Drake songs in one..

I don’t normally love drake, but money in the grave works good for me. RICKYYYY ROSSS.

I think the Drake curse is over with. Tigers Gonna Be Fine Football And Basketball..

Woooow, I paid $182 for two Millennium Tour tickets which is the exact same lineup minus Drake. The prices for the fest are wild..

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Esto cada vez es mejor y así hay personas que critican al presidente por esto? 🤔😳😅🤣 mejor que se vayan entonces si no les gusta lo que está haciendo para bien del pueblo porque todos sabes que es para beneficio de todos no de los grandes mafiosos.

@Tusslindo Drake literally biggest sponge/ jacker of all time he’s evolved from taking accents to flows to fuck it I’ll just take an entire Millennium tour.

some of y’all really defend drake/ovo like they are family members, Powerful obeah ah wuk.

Bugün Drake Bu iş hayatı bizi daha ne kadar düşürecek bakalım. Para kazanmak ile orospu çocuğu olmak arasındaki çizgi aşırı ince..

Now Playing on DNAradio - ft. Rihanna & Drake - Lemon - Drake Remix (Intro - Clean).

Get paid to listen to #Migos - Walk It Talk It (PO Clean Edit) on.

#M1uRadio - Trouble Feat. Drake - Bring It Back - #NowPlaying on.

@SoSenior_Joel I wish so I could cuss Drake on why I had to pay some ridiculous price just to see him perform song from.

That’s a song I listen to til this day and one of my most favorite in Drake’s catalogue.

Like it or not,Drake will go down as one of the goats,and there’s nothing y’all can do about it.

@BrendanLLM Exactly I’ve seen drake enough times. Idk why I’m shocked every year hoping things would change lol.

@PlayBoiMartiii if you’re talking just on a track together then I kind of agree. Wayne and drake are undefeated together. but just in general I’d have to disagree..

acho que o Jay Z ficou puto com o Toronto ter ganhado e o deboche do Drake e mandou comprar todo mundo pros Nets KKKKKKKKKKKKK.

I can see an argument for but Drake just a pop star bro.

Absolutely devastated. I waited in queue before the OVO Fest tickets were released and still didn’t get them! Now scalpers are selling it for 10x the price. I guess I won’t be watching @Drake perform this 😞.

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Wtf @Drake charging 800 for us to sit on natural resources ?? This man don’t love his city 😭.

New testimonial added today! Multi-time state champion and former Drake Relays MVP, Omet Kak, details his experience working with Coach Tilus. Kak became the 1st in his family to attend college when he received a running scholarship to Drake..

Coach Drake gives everybody energy 🤗 (Via @kzoogrowlers).

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