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Draymond Green on Warriors/Suns: “It’s just a regular season game. We need wins so for that reason we’re excited about this game…I feel like there’s been a lot of talk about some rivalry or something… it’s a regular season game that we need to win b/c we haven’t won on road.”.

Draymond Green opens up about the Warriors’ slow start. “I think the struggles are real. Like, I don’t think our struggles are just like something we can ignore.” Exclusive with @sam_amick:.

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The issue with the Warriors is too many individual agendas. Klay trying to prove he’s not washed. Draymond wants a 4 year deal. Poole wanna start. Kids wanna play. Ownership wants to prove it’s the reason for success. Steph wanna win to pad legacy. Fire might’ve gotten snuffed..


Essa sequência resume muito bem o que é o Golden State Warriors 2022. Vantagem do Phoenix Suns estava em 7 pontos, reparem na reação do Jordan Poole no primeiro arremesso e na reação do Draymond Green no segundo arremesso. Acabou com o momentum do time..

Steph Curry scored 50 points last night while leading the team in rebounds (9) which is more than Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole, and JaMychal Green combined (8) Steph needs better..

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Novamente, Klay Thompson força um arremesso com muito tempo no relógio tendo o Andrew Wiggins livre no corner. Reparem na linguagem corporal do Draymond Green, simplesmente desistiu da jogada e nem voltou pra defender..

Draymond punching Poole knocked out whatever talent there was left in Klay?.

📊 Los datos individuales: Stephen - 50p/9r/6a/1b Klay - 19p/5r/2a Andrew - 14p/2r/1a Kevon - 10p/8r/2a/1b Draymond - 9p/2r/8a/3s Anthony - 7p/7r/1a/2s #DubNation.

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kerr has no balls to ever bench/call out draymond and klay and that will be his downfall.

After the 2 Wiggins shot and the draymond dunk, warriors were down 83-90 and had all the momentum. Certain dude then took two crazy 3s and all the momentum was lost..

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green on the Shanghai Sharks next year.

@TheWarriorsTalk where’s draymond? where’s the defense? where’s steph’s help? they wanna blame the youngins when the whole starting 4 aren’t doing their job.

Draymond podcast after losing a game vs Iggy podcast after not even showing up for the game.

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@SCurry_FR En vrai faut que ce soit draymond qui reveille les gars Il gueule pas assez a mon gout.

@jrichardgoodman Draymond was saying MB was good at motivating them specifically on defense, that seems lacking imo.

@WarriorsPR @warriors Klay, Looney & Draymond are not producing enough offensively. That’s 60% of your offensive force being ineffective..

Having to play like the finals in November cuz Klay and Poole got Suns jerseys on and Draymond didn’t get out of bed this morning..


Make it happen @BrooklynNets @warriors Seth curry Ben Simmons Royce O’Neal For Draymond Green Klay Thompson.

@moicestyann_ Poole depuis son nouveau contrat il fait soit un match très bien soit il pue la merde. Klay j’ai vraiment plus beaucoup d’espoir malheureusement… Draymond depuis l’histoire avec Poole, il n’y arrive plus vraiment. Et le banc il est digne d’une équipe contenders.


-Klay is R3tarded -Paid $140 million for a microwave 6th man that can’t defend -Draymond been in the league for 11 years and still can’t lay the ball up -Jamychal green is getting real nba minutes - drafted wiseman and kuminga when we could’ve had Franz and Lamelo.

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People not driving, Draymond had 0 boards to end the half, shot-chucking, Poole don’t wanna shoot for 5 minutes straight, like what do they be talking about during halftime?.

@TheWarriorsTalk everytime i watch by halftime, the opposing team has 70+. what’s going on?? n while all the other teams in the nba hate draymond outspoken attitude, that’s what we love about him. what happened to him fr?.


@jrichardgoodman Draymond really punching Poole so Poole is used in the trade for KD instead of Green wow Green May also put us in Wemby stakes wtf.

@NickRajacic @therealfreddieK Du menar Bam som blev bänkad till förmån för Draymond Green senast Team USA spelade?.

@aryh21 I forgot add. It’s tough on Draymond. His best role is roving as a help defender but in a lot of lineups the perimeter defense is just too leaky for him to have his normal impact, and on offense he’s meant to facilitate but who’s there to facilitate to but Steph right now?.

Lmao KD is like ‘yo my teammates are trash, are you guys seeing this? I’m waking up every morning checking my phone hoping Draymond called”..

I’ve been saying since the “punch heard around the world” that GSW should’ve suspended Draymond Green afterwards. Now they’re in this state where no one respects him as a leader, and he may not have the ability to be a leader because of that lack of accountability. 🤷🏾‍♀️.

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lot of y’all were saying it wasn’t a big deal I’m not even talking about how it effected Poole. I mean the team as a whole chemistry seems fucking cooked man. There is no type of cohesion man. And Draymond is scared to yell or scream at people cause of something he did himself.

@Dukes3O5 @TheHoopCentral Klay Thompson and Draymond Green for the Shanghai Sharks next year.

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