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“He’ll be dressed.” - Martin St. Louis when asked if Jonathan Drouin will play tonight. There’s a difference between play and dressed..

Convo with Habs GM Kent Hughes on a number of topics including the draft approach, Caufield, Matheson, Drouin and more ⤵️ via @TheAthletic.


FUCK YOU SERGACHEV!!!! DIRTY ASS PLAYER!!! NOT THE FIRST TIME HE’S DONE SOMETHING DIRTY!! Literally every time I watch Tampa he does something honestly I’d much rather have drouin than him.

Yes BBC demain, comme je vous avais dis, le CH allait gagner et Drouin allait marquer! 20 repas au 20 premiers auditeurs au 200 Laurier ouest à 13:30! À demain!.

Drouin Photo,Drouin Photo by Georges Laraque,Georges Laraque on twitter tweets Drouin Photo

FYI: this is what coach Marty had to say about Jonathan Drouin after benching him on Saturday night. 👇👇👇.

Drouin Photo,Drouin Photo by /r/Habs,/r/Habs on twitter tweets Drouin Photo

What a look from Michael Pezzetta to find Jonathan Drouin there. He definitely would not have been able to do that at the beginning of the season..

Drouin is a better C than when they tried this 4 years ago. Reading the play very nicely many times..

An outstanding night tonight at the @TMHS_Athletics Winter Sports Awards! So many awards & recognitions from players to coaches! One more that wasn’t presented and should have been, MIAA District IV Athletic Director of the Year, Congratulations Coach Drouin! Starts at the top!.

Drouin Photo,Drouin Photo by James T. Sullivan Jr,James T. Sullivan Jr on twitter tweets Drouin Photo

Jonathan Drouin… Il vient tu du Sag / Lac … Calisse ont comprends pas ce qu’il dis 😉😉😉.

The Zebras should be sent to the farm upstate. Suzuki! 2a Gurianov! 1a Drouin! 1g Dach! 1g Matheson! 1g (GWG) Barron! 1a Savard! 1a Montembeault! 33-31 .939! Shots! 33-20 Bolts Score! 3-2 Habs! HABS WIN!!! #GoHabsGo.

Btw with everything that happened with Drouin, yes I agreed with the punishment BUT it absolutely don’t mean I hate him. In my opinion, some rules are meant to be respected and like everywhere, if you decide to make an exception, there will be exaggerations. Moving foward-.

@WeissHockeyTalk Bolts won by a landslide Drouin has a special skill set and could have been an elite player Sergy keeps getting better, made big improvements with his shooting this year.

Not down w St. Louis having Drouin sit all night on the bench. I’m not a big Jo fan but I’m also not a fan of humiliating people. Find another way to discipline him..

@DarioinDenver Can we just be done with the Drouin talk? It was ages ago these two played together. One is a bottom six guy and the other a top 5 player in the entire league. Take that money to help get a Schmaltz or something..

@TampaSportsGirl She had a better chance getting Drouin he was just sitting there doing nothing lol.

Jonathan Drouin played 0:00 for the #GoHabsGo against the #GoBolts last night..

Drouin Photo,Drouin Photo by Gio Palermo / Iegorocks99,Gio Palermo / Iegorocks99 on twitter tweets Drouin Photo

I prefer 10x Drouin than this dumbass dirty player…What an ass move to purposely injure a player….

«Je suis juste arrivé en retard de deux minutes» - Jonathan Drouin | JDM.

Jonathan Drouin n’a pas entendu son cadran sonner. «Je suis arrivé en retard de deux minutes.».

@MitchyGallo @Drew_Dekes You honestly believe being late is the ONLY reason MSL had to sit Drouin??.

Je ne sais pas encore ce qu’il y a de plus stupide entre: - Habiller Drouin et le garder sur le banc afin de l’humilier… - Ne pas habiller un jeune joueur qui méritait ce temps de glace! On n’est pas dans Lance et Compte… Reviens en 2023 Martin!!! 😡.

Une défaite du Canadien sans faire jouer Jonathan Drouin | JDM.

La punition a duré 60 minutes, et Jonathan Drouin affirme que le message a été entendu. Retour sur une soirée différente à Tampa..

Why does Drouin remind me of Alexandre Daigle. Always thought Daigle had a lot of natural talent but he wasted it away..

Congrats to the boys on their tourney win!! 5 games in three days!! Way to go Bulldogs! And parents! And coaches!! And congrats to Mason Drouin, named the tournament MVP!.

Drouin Photo,Drouin Photo by Hamburg MS,Hamburg MS on twitter tweets Drouin Photo

@Habitforming1 @ANDREXMEDIA Drouin owned it too, people are really trying to make this a bigger issue than it really is. He messed up, accepted it, and has likely moved on from it without any hard feelings..

I sincerely, hope Jonathan drouin finds strength and success somewhere else and scores on the Habs for the rest of eternity absolutely FUCK you guys.

@HabsOnReddit Jonathan Drouin had attitude problems in the Lightning organization too. That’s why Stevie Y shipped him out. This isn’t Drouin’s first rodeo…but probably a last straw for a player who will not be re-signed..

About Last Night: Drouin watches Canadiens lose 5-3 to Lightning from bench.

@MitchyGallo Marty seems like an extremely reasonable coach, clearly this incident is not isolated one. Could it be Drouin doing ?.

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