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As for comments from Puljujarvi’s agent. #Oilers should do what Yzerman did with Drouin. Waited for deal that helped the team. It is business not personal. Don’t let young player dictate time for trade..

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Scotty Bowman i believe said « I would rather have someone play at 90% of his potential every game than one who plays 2 games at a 100% and 3 at 60% ». This is the issue with Drouin..

@BWildeGlobal He should lend some to Drouin. Dude is trying to set a record for consecutive games with a cross-ice giveaway leading to a top notch scoring chance..

Players that have been absolutely invisible include Weber, Lehkonen, Danault, Drouin..

If Arturri Lehkonen wasn’t engaged, or Andrew Shaw was dogging it, or Jeff Petry had a horrible stretch Habs nation would be ripping them to shreds. Jonathan Drouin cannot disappear 3 out of every 5 games. Team desperately needs him. Calling it as I see it. Be better..

@TheEagleDares Drouin is an amazing player. Domi makes mistakes too. Petry stinks. But let’s all hate on Drouin! 🙄 he played a great game yesterday almost getting a few goals. Then the turn over and everyone hates him. Fly by fans..

De retour en désavantage numérique. Drouin est puni pour un coup de bâton. Jonathan Drouin is called for slashing. Habs PK. #GoHabsGo.

Congrats to client Jonathan Drouin who will be playing in his 300th NHL game today. #TimeFlies.

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Also, my GOD the pressure on Jonathan Drouin from this fan base. Probably carries a ton of weight around on his shoulders. Do not @ me..

Anyway the last time the coach was publicly cross with him, it worked on Jonathan Drouin.

@HabsHappy Drouin fait constamment les mêmes erreurs .... Il n’y aurait plus de place pour lui à décevant ..

🥇 CONFERENCE CHAMPION 🥇 Congratulations to Emily Drouin on winning the @ConferenceUSA 5,000 meter run! #WinAsOne.

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Canadiens acquire a bag of pucks and 2 wooden hockey sticks in return for forward Jonathan Drouin. DETAILS ➡️ #GoHabsGo.

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Jonathan Drouin 9 points à ses six derniers «Ne produit pas assez!» - Michel Bergeron lol.

“They’re the top team in the league Everyone knows they’re running the show.” - Jonathan Drouin’s pre-game words on #TBLightning coming to fruition tonight..

I’m sure Claude Julien is trying to figure out what buttons to push with Drouin. If he’s maddening for the fans, imagine what it’s like to coach the guy..

Year 2 of the Jonathan Drouin-Mikhail Sergachev trade: An evaluation from both sides. “The trade will be talked about for 15 years,” Drouin said. A collaboration with @MAGodin #tblightning #habs.

As for comments from Puljujarvi’s agent. #Oilers should do what Yzerman did with Drouin. Waited for deal that helped the team. It is business not personal. Don’t let young player dictate time for trade..

Call it an error. Call it a mistake. Sure. The reality is Habs have full momentum of the game at 0-0 and Drouin turns it over to shift the momentum to the Preds. He’s done it too many times this season. He doesn’t learn. Love him at his best, but hate him at his worst. On him tn.

Incapacité du jeu de puissance. Mete qui fait tout sauf marquer. Revirements couteux de Drouin et Benn. Un match qui résume les thèmes de la saison..

An absolute piss poor performance from a number of (Drouin, Benn, Danault wasn’t great).. after a 5 day break. Huge points on the line. Hope they come out flying Saturday. Win seems unlikely then.

After Drouin’s recent I was really hoping we were done seeing the old Drouin..

Drouin, who is normally a perimeter player, is extra perimeter tonight. His last shift he twice had a direct lane to the net if he cut inside from the boards, but instead he tried for a low percentage pass and gave it away. This crap drives me nuts.

@CanadiensMTL Comment Drouin peut être aussi mauvais après des matchs aucune constance.

Frk had great success with Drouin in Halifax and he has a bomb of a one-timer. Wonder if the Habs would consider nabbing him. Not doing well this year, but he had 11 goals and 14 assist in 68 games with Detroit last season..

On pourrait dire que Drouin décollé. 🛫😎 We guess you could say Jonathan Drouin just turned on Jets. #GoHabsGo.

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