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*Leafs game cuts to Kings game* *Trevor Moore, Carl Grundstrom, and Sean Durzi line the blue line in the starting lineup*.

3: We stayed out of the box. There was only one penalty all game and it was the one on Durzi before the McDavid goal. 4: I loved the way Mikey Anderson played this series And obviously Quick was outstanding today.

also my first full season supporting @seandurzi… such a special player & person :) durzi jersey coming 🔜.

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I watched the McDavid goal four times and I’ve laughed at Durzi being incensed four times. There have been like 700 penalties called in the first round. They might have called that one in the third period of a Game 7 in like … 1995..

sean durzi completely stopping and dropping all his responsibilities to argue with the ref is relatable.

Watching Durzi give up on the play to argue with the ref is just wonderful.

I held back so many disparaging tweets for fear of unsettling the hockey gods. Highlight it the game was Durzi complaining about the penalty that the refs (of course) didn’t call while McDavid went supernova and finished that play. #letsgooilers.

Did Jim Fox just say Durzi didn’t get exposed defensively this series? Buddy come on read the room.

@spittinchiclets What I don’t understand is why Durzi just gave up and didn’t stay with him. It’s game 7 and Browns last game. You should be leaving everything out there including your bag for this game!.

Kings over achieved, good for them. Fire the coach Trade Durzi Trade for Chychrun and sign a scorer Let Lemeuix and AA walk Play Kaliyev and Byfield 15 minutes a game Future is bright.

@Steve90262 @seandurzi You tell him Steve. All those years of playing experience on your end will really help Sean durzi.


@HarrisBarnes24 Durzi impressed me the most out of all of them. Byfield shoulda played, most interested in Chromiak next year..

@DimFilipovic Durzi quitting on the play cause he wants a penalty allows McDavid to keep the play alive.

@Hockey_Robinson McDavid is better than Matthews but also…Sean Durzi a little different than Victor Hedman.

Sean Durzi completely started arguing with the ref while the play was still alive and all his teammates stopped paying attention to #97 lol.

@timandfriends Durzi completely gave up on that play when he saw the ref call a penalty on him. Totally selfish move that allowed McDavid room to score. I’ll take it though.

@MissFit_ I couldn’t believe Durzi quit on the play. I was so happy he did! Always play to the whistle!.

Byfield & Spence full season next year, Durzi getting better, Kaliyev in the top six, Clarke on the way, Faber likely coming soon, Chromiak turning pro, and further development of others. Kings are in great shape. #GoKingsGo.

Sometimes you gotta a approach things from the angle of “you’re just mad now. Sleep it off and wake up with a clear mind and forget about it” However, that Durzi play is something I will never forget. What a dumbass..


@SelectiveLarry @Rich_Hammond This is absurd. Grundstrom is a very solid bottom six guy. Vilardi has shown great flashes and is way too young to give up on. Athanasiou is the type of finisher they need. Durzi has been awesome and was a damn rookie! There will be changes but forget about losing any of them!!!.

I hope Durzi doesn’t play another game as a king. I’m so pissed that he chose to quit in that play to argue a penalty..

The defense core needs help. I like Durzi but after that? Not too much of a fan of anyone else besides Doughty, obviously. Edler has been a great addition, however, we need players that can come in a set a tone with Doughty..

Sean Durzi may not be allowed on the team flight home. The officiating was woefully one-sided for the Oilers but that was not the time for a chat..

Not sure what Durzi was complaining about or what pretty much any of the Kings were doing in general.

@FriedgeHNIC It helped that Durzi stopped playing to argue with the ref 🤦‍♂️.

@mickey_canuck 34 going up hedman and cernak. 97 gets durzi and Roy… little different.

@hockeynight 🏒 Bantam-level blooper of a defensive breakdown. Durzi gave up on the play prematurely. #PlayToTheWhistle #SchoolboyError.

Durzi Committed a penalty then decided to argue the call instead of covering his man. WTF..

@AniRayne33 @NaitosMullet He was going after Sean durzi. Like. Dude you have nothing better to do than run a kid?.

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