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The worst people in the world* are tedious London-dwelling FBPE types who now yearn for Scottish independence as a means by which Brexit may be avenged & the Tories given a constitutional kicking. *Some hyperbole here, perhaps..

My last freelance story, about a forest-dwelling village that disappeared because of coal, is in the @NewYorker! V grateful to @ByDanielAGross for his editing and Sarah Chatta for fact-checking. It’s an issue I hope to write more about in the near future!.

Weighing just four to five grams each, eight precious Plains-wanderer chicks have hatched at Werribee Open Range Zoo! They don’t know it yet, but these golden, grass-dwelling youngsters will have a critical role to play in bringing the species back from the brink of extinction..

Fuck every last one of you liberals. You Biden supporting, pedo encouraging, pronoun using, septum ring wearing, purple hair having, rainbow color loving, pale skinned mayonnaise face, basement dwelling pussies. My first tweet… Now What?.

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So many struggle through life dwelling on their negatives, even though by simply focusing on the positive, they could begin achieving what they have longed for..

You have a mentally ill rapper running a POTUS campaign on nothing but song lyrics/Jew bashing. His advisors are a 24 year old basement dwelling Mexican nazi who’s biggest accomplishment is helping facilitate January 6th, and a European ex gay drag queen grifter who defends pedos.

Their state is probably what led the French journalist to equate the Tutsi disgrace with the (Mountain Gorillas). And now Sabyinyo is the ultimate dwelling of the last #Congolese Tutsi man with #M23 standing for their dignity! The irony of the fate of Victims/Nyiramukubitwa!.

City birds are changing their tune Several species of urban-dwelling birds have modified their songs in response to human-generated noise.

Hey! Why not join a club where anonymous moderators can accuse you of bigotry and nuke your account if you say anything that hurts the feelings of the tenderest, basement-dwelling melts on the planet..

A map of our planet - from the perspective of ocean-dwelling life forms #Astrobiology.

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You can’t change the past but, you can stop dwelling on it so, you can change the future.

You may watch #vanlife TikToks with envy, thinking “wish I could pack up and hit the road” This shows how bad it’s gotten. we now romanticize homelessness. Millions of young Americans dream of becoming a dirty van gypsy as the only path to having control of their own dwelling.

✳️ Vocabulary for IELTS คำที่มักปรากฎในข้อสอบได้จากในรูปคือ - period - primitive - human being(s) - inhabit (v.) / inhabitant (n.) - discover - ancestor - gatherer (n.) / gather (v.) - establish - permanent - village - supply - abandon - dwell / dwelling / dweller.

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Brooklyn *All Hands* Box 2841. 1718 78th St, . All Hands Under Control Fire 1st Floor 3 Story Multiple Dwelling.

Exactly. For the Boy Scout thing they were appointed as the World Scout Foundation’s first global ambassadors, released a song for them AND were flown to the US to perform it, but that’s “crumbs” and constitutes basement dwelling life according to Ncity..

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Brooklyn All Hands Box 2841, 1718 78 ST, MULTIPLE DWELLING A, 1 FLOOR , Under Control.

As the world falters, threatening native ecosystems and Indigenous lifeways, Australian Aboriginal author Alexis Wright turns inward to the dwelling place of ancestral story. Read “The Inward Migration in Apocalyptic Times.” Artwork by Azadeh Elmizadeh..

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a little. Our past, our experiences, good and bad, are only meaningful if we make use of them in the future. So instead of simply dwelling on the bad, learning from the dark parts of the past and having positive dreams and images of the future that are so intense and vivid that.

@bbcquestiontime Lowering the tone of political debate, dwelling on personality politics and prompting ridicule of the individual. Fiona Bruce, stop turning Question Time into a chat show..

Mercer - Lawrence - 2639 Princeton Pike - 1st Alarm - smoke showing from a 2 sty dwelling with alarms sounding. All hands/first alarm transmitted.

CFPA Detroit member Ted Roney (@313firepics) took in this private dwelling fire in St. Clair Shores, MI..

🚩कर्पूरगौरं करुणावतारं संसारसारम् भुजगेन्द्रहारम् । सदावसन्तं हृदयारविन्दे भवं भवानीसहितं नमामि ॥ Pure White like Camphor, Compassionate, Whose Garland is the King of Serpents,Dwelling inside the Heart, I Bow to Bhagwan Shiva & Ma Shakti 🚩 Sri Nanjangud Mahadev, #Karnataka.

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God in his holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows. Psalms 68:5 CSB.

everybody. Perhaps this was a play to keep the $APE ecosystem as compliant as possible despite dwelling in a grey area. Also, a reminder, Yuga doesn’t manage $APE; that’s why the DAO was created. The comms could have been better, yes; however, it seems like they were trying to.

Manhattan All Hands Box 1656, 75 ST NICHOLAS PL, MULTIPLE DWELLING A, BSMNT, Under Control.

Hitler is dead and his only followers today are socially inept basement dwelling subhumans who he would view as such an affront to his ideology it would make him kill himself again. Meanwhile gays stills exist. Hitler: 0 Gay mfs: 1.

Brooklyn *All Hands* Box 3248. 2730 Brown St off Shore Pkwy. Fire 2nd floor 3 story private dwelling.

On the day in which “instead of dwelling upon the opportunities we have a missed, we are encouraged to be grateful for all that is good in our lives [and] in ourselves,” Jean and Scott announce to their closest friends and family their decision to marry. 4/4.

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Luxurious modern dwelling showcases backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

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@OzartsHM dwelling doesn’t help anyone grow. we live and we learn and we continue on. despite everything, there is a lot of healing to be done in all aspects. pretend you don’t see her. it’s the best you got💛.

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