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Eakins said coaching Edmonton took a lot out of him? How does he think we felt? Good grief.

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@thupka1982 @stevezieskidoo Except I bet Eakins can’t grow a beard half as good.

Totally missed the Oilers game. Looks the beating Eakins went well. #LetsGoOilers.

Remember when the Oilers hired Eakins and it sucked and now Anaheim has him and they suck? Hahahaha good times, good times..

@nielsonTSN1260 could we get some “Eyes” with the goal songs tomorrow in honour of Dalls Eakins losing? Just like the old days? 🙏🏻.

@Trevor_Moeller He didn’t because he fired Krueger via Skype and then put all his eggs in the Eakins basket..

@nielsonTSN1260 I’m most excited to hear clips of Eakins praising Nuge’s eyes..

Remember when the #oilers had eakins and used to get trashed 6-2. Now its the #ducks turn.

@JohnZmhr And to think they fired Krueger for him. Oh can thank Eakins for McDavid..

Disappointed. The old Eakins would of pulled the goalie by now. #Ducks #LetsGoOilers.

My theory? The more the Ducks follow Eakins coaching, the worse they get @OilersnationHQ.

@mikedirsa Also, I never liked Eakins. He’s smug and ruined Yak. I won’t forgive him for it..

@SportsnetSpec You should have asked if Hall has ruled out the Ducks (Eakins). That would have gotten a more unguarded response!.

@WanyeGretz @OilersnationHQ Is that Eakins? I thought it was a dude in a Henry Dean Stanton mask..

@Beaglepapa71 @Christyrose760 Don’t forget his full press defence .. leaving 3 of their guys alone in front of of our Net all alone. Eakins was a Huge factor in the decade of darkness..

Do I think another coach could have taken the Eakins’ Oilers to the playoffs? No. Do I think Eakins’ “chop wood, carry water”, fittest team in the league, veteran-loving on a young team nonsense helped them? Also no..

Eakins said coaching Edmonton took a lot out of him? How does he think we felt? Good grief.

Good to see Eakins getting a third chance in Anaheim after his two horrible failures in Edmonton..

It’s weird to see Eakins behind the bench it reminds me of bad times..

@fletch22222 Swiss Army Man getting the recognition it deserves. Still think of u guys when I watch it. Miss u dude..

@Rob_Tychkowski Eakins problem seemed to be he felt he Was the smartest person in the room, all the time..

The Ducks are without their top pair and two of their top three defenseman against 2 of the best offensive players in the league. Gonna be a tough one, #LetsGoDucks! Win this one for Eakins!.

Completely agree that he writes extremely well. Completely disagree with the same old same old trading our future for anything now. I am willing to give Eakins a lot more rope than 17 games. But? Got me to think and comment on it, so kudos Ben. Great article. @PucksofaFeather.

@Kgill39 Calgary Eakins was tossed into a fire and left to burn by those idiots MacT and Lowe.

@JimFox19 I can answer that: - I expected Rob Blake to bring in better D men than Hutton and Ryan - I expected Kempe to be better - I expected the new coach to be as good (if not better) than coach Q, Tippet, Eakins, Krueger, etc - I certainly expected Quick not to suck as bad as he has.

William Rush Carving His Allegorical Figure of the Schuylkill River, 1908 #eakins #realism.

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