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関東地方で震度4 先ほど午後0時53分ごろ、千葉県北東部で震度4を観測する地震がありました。この地震による津波の心配はありません。

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Dyls da Kiwi ()

9 years ago today the city changed forever A earthquake shook my city killing 185 people including my friend and her 5 week old baby This is not a day i will forget The city maybe rebuilding but it will never bevthe same Love you Otautahi, Love you Christchurch

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New Zealand Red Cross ()

💕 On the ninth anniversary of the devastating February 2011 earthquake, we think of all the lives we have lost on that day and of the entire Canterbury community. #eqnz #christchurch

It’s not Schrödinger’s Autism ()

“This February is clustered with anniversaries. Currently in Aotearoa New Zealand it’s the 9th anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake. I’ve said a lot about this every year. This time, I don’t have much to say. My city is recovering beautifully.”

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185 empty chairs - Each one represents a life that was lost in the Christchurch earthquake - 9 years ago today #Christchurch #NewZealand

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Earthquake Alerts ()

magnitude #earthquake. 5 km from #Tallaboa, Penuelas, Puerto Rico


This #earthquake was preceded by a 18hr 47min before and less than 30 km away

Deanna Marie Leggett ()

Aw I missed the earthquake cuz I’m in Miami lol 🥺 my aries is feeling FOMO from the adrenaline rush.

RoyalePros (Team CMC Bot) #⃝ ()

[email protected] has won grand challenge on 22/02/2020 03:01:43 SGT [The Log,Mini ,Earthquake,Royal Hogs,Magic Archer,Hunter,Skeletons,Ice Golem] #WHAMOP Deck: WinRate: GC Logs:

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Monica Zamora ()

I jumped up out of bed this morning because I was woken up by an earthquake shaking the massive bed I just built and I thought it was gonna crush me. 😭

Melissa Cecilia ()

After that earthquake dream I had, I can’t go back to and I need at least another hour of sleep since I got up when Mom went to work at 3-4 Any tips on how to fall asleep again after a nightmare that (apparently) leaves you shaken up?

Scott Reynhout ()

Hoy día #earthquake es un trending topic en Los ...para un Mw. No sentí ni una weá. Chile me ha arruinado

MGR ()

Yes, you are right. Your eyes do no deceive you. Twitter classifies #earthquake under “Weather”.

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全地震速報①🐾 ()

【微小地震速報 三重県1/35】 2020/02/22 2:29:32 JST, 三重県志摩市役所の南南東, , , 深さ, 974

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William ()

your boyfriend died in an earthquake ? damn thats crazyyy .. were your titties bouncing ?

Angie 🌙 ()

An earthquake may have woken me up but I still got sleep last night 😤

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EarthquakeBrace+Bolt ()

Need to earthquake retrofit your house? California reopens applications for $3,000 grants

Sandy ()

They are happening all over the world. It’s interesting to consider earthquakes and other phenomena in the light of Matthew 24:7-8 #earthquake


it is predicted that the greatest natural disaster that can happen is not a supervolcano or the great earthquake,... it will be increases in the sea level rising on our coasts rivers and in weather. The Biosphere is going to kick our collective ass. we have been poor stewards

The Artist Previously Known As Enix ()

damn now the virus is all over the middle east and italy and now an earthquake hit china this is unfortunate

George Nasr (ن) ()

@JawadBoulos Yes, not a first-order effect, but definitely second-order effect. They helped undermine/destroye Lebanese state institutions. This amplifies any outside shock; daesh, earthquake, ...and this one was reportedly send WITH other passengers, in a regular flight

Missouri State Emergency Management Agency ()

Glad to see strong turnout at the 2nd Annual Earthquake Summit! More than 450 professionals throughout the region are attending to learn more about the latest geological findings in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, preparedness strategies & recovery planning. #MOQUAKE2020

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EDM TOP100 DJ ()

Showtek & Justin Prime ft. Matthew Koma - Cannonball (Earthquake) Remix 2014

SignalSCV ()

A earthquake was reported approximately 1 mile north-northwest of Castaic and about 10 miles deep, the Survey reported Friday.

𝕵𝖚𝖑𝖎𝖊𝖓 ()

We just had a nice little earthquake in Los Angeles, a bit of adrenaline in the morning

GhostBird // Jennifer ()

nothing makes a earthquake feel like a earthquake quite like being on the toilet

Danielle Gersh ()

#BREAKINGNEWS Did you feel it?! A magnitude earthquake occured near Castaic at 5:42 am #CBSLA

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ABC7 Eyewitness News ()

#EARTHQUAKE: earthquake hits Castaic area, USGS says. Did you feel it?

NHK生活・防災 ()

関東地方で震度4 先ほど午後0時53分ごろ、千葉県北東部で震度4を観測する地震がありました。この地震による津波の心配はありません。

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Tenki.jp地震情報 ()

20日12時53分頃、千葉県で最大震度4を観測する地震がありました。震源地は千葉県北東部、。この地震による津波の心配はありません。 #jishin #地震

Tenki.jp地震情報 ()

20日12時53分頃、千葉県などで最大震度4を観測する地震がありました。今後の情報にご注意下さい。 #jishin

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