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Trump wants to open up the nation by Easter because he clearly observes Christian holidays. For example, he gave up your grandparents for Lent.

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Jewhadi™ ()

President Donald Trump, on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, said he would like to see the country “back to work” by Easter – Sunday, April 12, as he considers easing stringent guidelines put in place to stem the spread of the new Coronavirus outbreak across the

Matt Viser ()

President Trump wants the country to begin getting back to normal by Easter. Joe Biden says, based on conversations with health experts he’s consulting, it will be at least after May 31 when the country is in that position. “But nobody knows for certain.

Sarah Mucha ()

Asked what he thinks about the Easter deadline Trump suggested on reopening the country, @JoeBiden said that he has gotten data from medical experts that suggests it could be sometime after May 31st or into June. He adds, but nobody knows for certain. #CNNTownHall

Overdale Junior Sch ()

KEY WORKERS ONLY: please respond to the survey re childcare next week and Easter if you haven’t already done so. Thank you for all you are doing. 🌟

𝖏𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖕𝖍✞ ()

mother is being abusive so my sister proposed we eat one of her easter chocolate because she isnt letting me eat

Michaela Kuefner ()

Merkel says “not the time to talk about easing of measures” to prevent the spread of #Corona. Must reach doubling of spread every 4-5 days, now nearer 2 days. Health minister @jensspahn earlier said easing possible after Easter “if disciplined”. 95% acceptance rate for bans

Washington Examiner ()

Fauci: Trump aspirational Easter projection was to give people some hope.

Suranjana Chatterjee ()

@SirCaustic_Soda He is still planning to re-open America in Easter to see full packed

Dr. Jimmy: “Every day, a new Trump shitshow” ()

@danpfeiffer @freddyatton And also to talk that Moronic SOB out of his idiotic and homicidal plan to back off the shutdown for Easter

Adriana 🦋 ()

Today we’ve been given free coffee, loaded up with Easter Eggs and everyone is stressed to the max. Glad to be where I am and thankful for the people I work with.

Frits resists 🍊 votebluenomatterwho 🌊 ()

Congratulations Donnie, your winning bigly The US with almost 14000 new cases has surpassed the highest number China ever had ... 82000 cases now and spiking by the minute. Happy Easter

B. ()

I been saying this every Easter all my life & finally, ppl agree.

Kamala Harris ()

Here’s the truth: this pandemic is likely to get worse before it gets better. Any talk by supposed leaders of life going back to normal by Easter is just plain wrong. The American people need us to speak truth.

Greg Scanlon ()

Has anyone asked Trump to explain what he thinks Easter commemorates? Guessing that would be quite a tangent

Ana Swanson ()

An epidemiological model suggests that opening the country up at Easter, as President Trump wants to, rather than two weeks later would kill an additional 450,000 Americans If you want to reopen the economy, you need widespread testing first

Lisa Lerer ()

A day after announcing his goal of reopening the country by Easter, President Trump experienced a resurrection of his own.

CBC P.E.I. ()

On Wednesday the federal government announced billions in emergency financial aid to Canadians. To break that down and to find out when the money is coming, Compass host Louise Martin spoke with Island MP Wayne Easter. Here is their conversation.

John Aravosis 🇺🇸 ()

Trump just went on a rant claiming the only reason medical experts and a bipartisan group of Members of Congress think it’s a bad idea to reopen the country by Easter is because they want to kill our economy to stop him from being reelected. It was disturbing, even for him.

Nathan Hale Williams ()

I wish someone would ask Donald Trump to explain the purpose of Easter celebration. I’d bet GOOD money that he could not answer it.

Kevin Johnson ()

Waiting for Wednesday’s #COVID19 briefing from the White House. Today’s #drinkinggame word is “Easter”.

Rick Preslar ()

@JuliansRum Would be biblical bringing someone back from dead on Easter weekend just saying

ToysRUs ()

These toys are so action-packed they just might jump out of their #Easter basket and get to play on their own! Check out these action figures for a hoppin’ good time!

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Jaron Hassaan ()

Trump humiliates himself when asked why he chose Easter to re-open the via @YouTube Oh my GOD! The emperor is butt booty NAKED. (Someone should tell him. )

William (Bill) Mitchell ()

@kylegriffin1 @realDonaldTrump proposed Easter Edict must be the 1 millionth indication that he is an idiot and out of touch with reality.

Dr Hollie Morgan ()

@lusignanmermaid Also, for the feminist version, in the Easter story it is the women who first found out Jesus had risen but the male disciples needed proof. Now then, children, can you think of any other examples of women not being listened to? 🧐

Full Frontal ()

Trump wants to open up the nation by Easter because he clearly observes Christian holidays. For example, he gave up your grandparents for Lent.

Glenn Kirschner ()

Gov. Cuomo’s daily pressers are clear-eyed, sober, fact-based briefings. Trump’s pressers? When asked by a reporter what data he is relying on to “reopen” the country by Easter, Trump replies, “I just think it’s a beautiful day to reopen government.” We’re in trouble, friends.

Kevin M. Kruse ()

Jesus Christ. Trump says he picked the Easter target not because any scientist told him that, but because he thought it would be a beautiful time to come back. Jesus Christ.

Kevin M. Kruse ()

Trump said there were only 15 cases in America and “soon” it would be down to zero. Less than a month later, there are nearly 50,000 cases in America (that we know of) and 600 deaths. But we’re going to open everything back up by Easter — in 19 days?

Benny ()

🚨 BREAKING 🚨 President Trump says that he would love to have the country opened up and running again by Easter. Bill Hemmer adds that it would be a “Great American Resurrection”

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