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Pure adrenaline on two wheels. This is what happens when the passion of city streets meets the exciting yet manageable performance of Italian motard-inspired craftsmanship. #Hypermotard 👨🏽‍🎨 Edler Graphics Ducati Deutschland.

Edler Photo,Edler Photo by Ducati,Ducati on twitter tweets Edler Photo

A lateral pass for Alex Edler to score against his former team. 😳.

Vancouver if the Canucks had just kept Alex Edler and never traded for OEL:.

Edler Photo,Edler Photo by Justin Morissette 👊🏻,Justin Morissette 👊🏻 on twitter tweets Edler Photo

1-1 after 20 minutes in DTLA LA 🚨 Edler P1 action via @Stopani_Photos.

Edler Photo,Edler Photo by The Mayor | Team MM,The Mayor | Team MM on twitter tweets Edler Photo

Edler and Grundstrom scoring in the same game is not something i would have ever expected.

Alex Edler is a consummate professional. Anyone that trashed him his last couple years in Vancouver is a piece of shit..

Edler shares his thoughts during postgame🔊 @LAKings | #LAKingsLive.


[ignore how late this tweet is i had no reception] so there i am sitting, minding my own business, when i look up to see across the bar, alex edler score against the canucks.

Okay it’s time for full lineup AND special teams when Fiala and Durzi are back Byfield Kopitar Kempe Fiala Danault Arvidsson Iafallo Lizotte Vilardi Grundstrom Kupari Moore Anderson Doughty Gavrikov Roy Edler Durzi Korpisalo Copley.

Alex Edler on pace for a Natural Hat Trick. Something I never could have ever seen myself saying. #Canucks.

Alexander Edler hänger med upp i anfallet och sätter pucken 😍👑 @LAKings | #Edler | #GoKingsGo.

@Canucks I forgot it’s the home team commentators who do the 3 stars because Demko isn’t even on the list it’s 2 kings in the first 2 starts oh and the first star is Edler who scored one goal. Seems a bit homer ish to me but should I be surprised no.

PP1: Net front: Vilardi Bumper: Kopitar Left circle: Fiala Right circle: Kempe Point: Doughty PP2: Net front: Byfield Bumper: Danault Left circle: Arvy Right circle: Iafallo Point: Durzi PK1: Kopitar-Iafallo-Mikey-Drew PK2: Danault-Kupari-Gav-Roy PK3: Lizotte-Moore-Edler-Durzi.

I salute former #canucks legend Alex Edler for his contribution to the cause of #TeamTank..

@pete_gas I was tidying so didn’t see the goal and got excited for a brief second when Shorty said “Edler scores”. Then went “oh wait…”.

@stark_and_kinky Apple ist leider auch nicht mehr das, was es mal war 🙄 Tut mir wirklich leid für EUCH. Wenn ich die Möglichkeit hätte, würde ich es anstandslos auf meine Rechnung reparieren lassen. Aber vielleicht findet sich ja noch ein edler MacBook Retter oder eine Retterin 🙏.

The Canucks beat the Kings 3-2. Goals by Vancouver were by Pettersson & Boeser. Goals by Los Angeles were by Edler & Grundström. Vancouver improves to a 30-33-5 record. Los Angeles goes down to a 40-20-10 record..

@JustinLai01 Edler had 1 (unless your counting the one that deflected off his stick 🤔) but yeah no reason Demko shouldn’t be on here but a player with 0 points is.

@zacman43347397 @patersonjeff Ya, but he usually would pass to them or have it being it was Edler could make sense, otherwise, he would be flopping around trying to get in the way.

@biobio Como poner a Edler y no a Marlene Ahrens!!!! Debiera de base además ser sólo mujeres ya fallecidas, para en verdad conmemorar su aporte..

can’t believe i missed an alex edler goal against the canucks.

5v5 #LAKings On-Ice Shot Share and Quality -No player had a CF% below 55% -Spence & Edler led the way in attempts -Lizotte line led the way in Quality #GoKingsGo.

Edler Photo,Edler Photo by Joe W. Patarino,Joe W. Patarino on twitter tweets Edler Photo

St. Lucia Flaggendesign edler herzförmiger Metallschlüsselring Geschenk für Freunde - Preis : € jetzt kaufen ArtikelmerkmaleArtikelzustand:Neu: Neuer, unbenutzter und unbeschädigter Artikel in der ungeöffneten Verpackung (soweit eine ....

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Kings 2-3 Canucks SO Edler (Vilardi) Grundstrom (Kupari Kaliyev) Korpisalo 15/17 => Shoots 40 (11-12-17) PP 2/2 PK 0/1 Faceoffs Kings 40-20-10 #Gokingsgo.

@hockeystatcards @NHLRussell I like this lineup. Spence and edler are a good complement… that’s 3 very strong pairs Got some power on the 4th line… Vowels slots 4th when fiala back?.

@RichterHedwig Demokratie ist, wenn jemand die Rechnung bezahlt, für das Wohlergehen edler Lebensstil. 👍.

@SA110567 @tonline Wieder alles falsch gemacht :-( Haben vor zwei Wochen eine Wärmepumpe in Auftrag gegeben bzw. den Förderantrag gestellt, obwohl unsere Brennwerttherme erst 8 Jahre alt ist..

1T: 🚨 Boeser 🍎 Miller 🍎 Hughes 🆚 Edler 2T: 🆚 Grundstrom 3T: 🚨 Pettersson 🍎 Hughes 🍎 Miller SO: ✅ Kuzmenko ✅ Miller.

Next one Monday. Recap ➡️.

Edler Photo,Edler Photo by Califor.us,Califor.us on twitter tweets Edler Photo

Hear from Todd McLellan, Jordan Spence & Alex Edler postgame @LAKhockeynow.

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