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Cons call CPP and EI contributions “taxes”. They are NOT. CPP deductions fund Canadians’ pensions, essential for dignified retirement, and EI deductions are insurance against job loss. Cutting these hurts seniors and workers. Cons clearly don’t really care about them..

That would be an incorrect takeaway. CPP an EI premiums are not taxes. They are deferred savings for pensions and essential insurance against unemployment. Real takeaway: Conservatives clearly do not care about seniors or workers..

CPP and EI are NOT taxes. They never have been and never will be. #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou.

EI premiums and CPP payments are NOT taxes. They are investments in job and retirement security. The Conservatives are the party that raised the retirement age to 67, a policy that would have cost workers two more years from a well-deserved retirement..

We can tweet about this all we want, but Poilievre would, without a doubt, cut CPP and EI. It’s nothing to be taken lightly because many people have contributed to both for many years and he’d just take all your contributions and leave you with absolutely nothing when you retire..

@dzoolander85 @CBCNews Did he say he was going to axe CPP and EI? I’ve seen tons of leftists screeching this nonsense but no one has provided me a link to him saying it..

You know how @PierrePoilievre alleges increases in contributions to CPP and EI are “tax” increases? They’re not. They’re adjustments to ensure both CPP and EI are properly funded. You know, fiscal responsibility? A Prime Minister Poilievre would cancel/cut CPP and EI altogether..

If conservatives were advocates for the poor, they’d stop calling EI and CPP a tax. #NeverVoteConservative.

@nationalpost Can we lower income taxes on workers by taxing wealth and giant corporation AND NOT go after EI and CPP. Thanks..

We feed, clothe and house PP and in return he wants to take away our CPP and EI. How stupid can we get? That was.

#cdnpoli CPP and EI The last person to take financial advice from Pierre Poilievre is living on a park bench in Ottawa, out of gas, and waiting for the Con-Voy to come back to get a way home, so he can fix it & Wexit. 😂😂.

Liberals keep falsely claiming that EI and CPP are not taxes. The government of Canada and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada call EI and CPP taxes. EI is a tax. CPP is a tax. #TrudeauMustGo #FreelandMustGo.

Hands off CPP, my retirement savings and and EI, my employment insurance! @PierrePoilievre #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou #NeverVoteConservative.

@gilmcgowan @PierrePoilievre So the same financial genius who claimed Bitcoin was the way to opt out of inflation (it’s still down over fifty percent lol), is now calling CPP and EI taxes? Ok..

@Swiftie01 And nowhere in this conversation has anyone mentioned that employers pay 1:1 ratio on employee CPP contributions, nd : 1 for EI.

CPP and EI are something you pay into so you have some income when you are senior or unemployed. It is not a tax..

#cdnpoli CPP and EI Pierre Poilievre is to finance and common sense what gravity is to flying and jumping of a cliff is to hang gliding.

No one is calling for EI and CPP to be scrapped, but it does make sense to freeze both for 2023. The feds did freeze EI for the past 2 years after all..

@PierrePoilievre @ThoughtsNations And tell everyone about your lies about CPP and EI. I LOVE that a journalist is calling you out on it. Too bad the rest of the journalists are useless cons..

@saints_gambit @canteach Show me where in any speech or anything that show the CONS while saying canceling the EI and CPP that our payroll deductions will also be canceled. Not ever has he or any con say that our contributions will stop as well. Not a peep! As for CPP? I want MY money ! CPP knows how 💰.

@pxlx02 They probably have never had a job to qualify for EI and don’t hope to get one. Secondly they don’t expect they will live long enough to collect any kind of or CPP because all the meth and coke is not good for their body and they expect an early grave..

It’s funny you think the income from cpp is dignified! And it was your government that made it so some our unemployed couldn’t even collect EI because of their med choices. You’re grasping at straws, while continuing to bankrupt Canadians #TrudeauMustGo #LiberalHypocrisy.

@rroliver360 @patgagnon_75 If you are self employed then you don’t pay ei premiums. You do pay both employer and employee portions of cpp and you are entitled to collect a pension upon retirement. Lots of mine workers (3 weeks on, 1 off) contribute to and can collect ei.

@tara_taylor Yes now is the time to have to pay more into CPP and EI whilst inflation is on 🔥. Is basics common sense 👌.

@tara_taylor I betting your after-tax pay is not hurting, right Tara? The issue is about the growth of CPP and EI when inflation has been over 4% for at least 1 1/2 years.

@RomanFisher__ CPP and EI are necessary yes but we have to ask WHY they are depleted. It was mismanagement. Now is not the time for an increase. Later. No new taxes. No increase to taxes. CPP and EI premiums can be increased later..

@meredithheron @tara_taylor I was laid off for 9 months in 1991-92. Otherwise, I’ve paid into it since 1986. Without the CPP, EI net, this country would be in shambles. It is there for hard working Canadians to get back on their feet to work again, and to care for those who worked hard contributing to it..

I have been contributing to EI and CPP for 22 years. I have never once collected a dime from it. It is an incredibly necessary social safety net I do not mind paying into whether I ever collect any or not..

@Patricia_Ann_E I know people who are close to getting CPP who are upset it’s a “tax” … I don’t get it. And workers who go on EI throughout the year rationalize they’re different..

@1MikeMorris @roulinski PeePee aka Skippy aka Poilievre is the poster-boy for suckling on the public taxpayer teat his entire adult life! Now he wants to prevent other Cdns who contributed their entire working life from collecting EI and CPP. Hypocrisy much?.

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