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A bus rammed Pierre Trudeau’s campaign plane in 1980. The election he went on to win a majority government and defeated Joe Clark’s government. #elxn19.

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Dimples can order these for his female Con candidates who are anti-choice!🙄 If the coat fits, wear it handmaid.🤷‍♀️ 🇨🇦❤️Canada is PRO-CHOICE ❤️🇨🇦 Give the 🥾 to Scheer in #elxn19 #ChooseForward.

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Thank you @LangleyChamber for taking the time to record Candidate videos. I appreciate your advocacy for your members and allowing the Candidates to further connect with our community. #LangleyBC #elxn19.

“Abortion and the right to choose should no longer be up for debate” #elxn19 #cdnpoli.

RCMP Investigation of Trudeau/Officials/Government ◾️If Liberals are re-elected, do Canadians want the first year consumed by RCMP investigation, other important ignored? ◾️If Justin Trudeau/others are charged, what then? ◾️Do you want to take this chance? #elxn43 #elxn19.

Maybe #Forward wasn’t the correct choice here. #elxn19.

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I am very old and cannot deal with text speak in #elxn19 messaging..

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A bus rammed Pierre Trudeau’s campaign plane in 1980. The election he went on to win a majority government and defeated Joe Clark’s government. #elxn19.

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Jagmeet Singh is the only leader to stand up for No Fly Kids Canada must do better! With an NDP government led by Prime Minister Jagmeet Singh, it will! #InItForYou #elxn19.

The NDP tour team, Leader and war room seem to be performing well. Now if the party apparatus could just get out of their way. #elxn19 #elx43.

An excellent column by Don K Johnson on ways to stimulate more giving from Canadian SMEs. #elxn19.

The Trudeau trolls and apologists are up early today. I think I prefer the angry ones to the pompous, self righteous ones. #elxn19 #elx43.

Hi Canada - before you get immersed in the issues of #elxn19 - make sure you can vote. Every. vote. counts..

literally the first thing to pop into my head when I heard about the new Tory theme song. #cdnpoli #elxn19.

After spending 4 years making it hard for Canadian families to scrape by, Mr. Trudeau has moved on to motorized #cdnpoli #elxn19.

« No matter who you vote for, the government always wins » Bill Hicks #elx43 #elxn19.

@lisakinsella I think the bigger risk to our democracy at the moment is that our sitting government is obstructing an RCMP investigation into potential criminal activity by that government. #elx43 #elxn19.

Perhaps the number one reason I would prefer Trudeau didn’t win is that I’d like to know what the hell is so damaging that he must cover it up despite the negative blowback. And we may never know if the liberals are re-elected. #elx43 #elxn19.

@DrJacobsRad @Puglaas Touché...what comes around goes around. #cdnpoli #elxn19.

The NDP loses a second Candidate in 24 hours. The whole campaign thus far, from nominating candidates to screening them, has been amateur hour. #elx43 #elxn19.

#cdnmedia it’s against the law to lie about one’s political opponent or write lies about candidates once the writ has dropped. Perhaps « Conservative » leaning news should inform their right wing American handlers. This is Canada. Not America. TY @RobertFife @sunlorrie #elxn19.

#elx43 What are these Canadians thinking, rather, not thinking? ✔️Be informed. Know your government, its duty, obligations to you, Canada’s justice system, and your Charter rights. Know the issues Don’t allow further declines in Canada’s democracy with Trudeau Liberals #elxn19.

Liberal plane damaged by coach bus on first day of campaign in Victoria - The Globe and Mail #cdnpoli #elxn19.

Trudeau makes Vancouver first stop of election campaign, setting stage for race in - The Globe and Mail #elxn19 #cdnpoli.

Good morning from Union Station in downtown Toronto. Day 1 of being a roving reporter around the GTA for #elxn19 on @CBCMorningLive talking to voters about the issues that matter to them. Tweet us, email us [email protected] What issues do you care about? #cdnpoli.

Gooood morning! Off to @ctvnewschannel to provide analysis on tonight’s #elxn19 debate #cdnpoli.

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