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Any party that scares you for your vote to hang on to power, deserves neither. #elxn43.

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⁦@JustinTrudeau⁩ fear mongering about provinces cutting healthcare, and as he reduced transfers, now cuts reimbursements for military health care, with hospitals (provinces) on the hook for millions. Canadians need fear Justin Trudeau #elxn43.

If Twitter sanctioned people who work at the HoC for spreading “misinformation,” then Trudeau would have his account closed and be under arrest. #cdnpoli #elxn43.

There is something off about this. It reminds me of when they changed his twitter profile pic. Everything Trudeau does is so contrived and disingenuous. #elxn43.

Scaring NDP voters into believing they are being scared for votes. This is where we are at. #elxn43 #cdnpoli.

physicians tell @LisaLaFlammeCTV they hope doctor shortage becomes federal campaign issue #elxn43.

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A public school teacher in Ontario, has their certificate on file w Ontario College of Teachers. Each year they had to prove they were a member of the College in good standing and undergo a Criminal Records check or they would never have been allowed in a classroom. #elxn43.

Pretty much all I need to know about how “progressive” that 35% really is. #elxn43.

Any party that scares you for your vote to hang on to power, deserves neither. #elxn43.

@GasPriceWizard If you where right you would not try and block the cutting of ALL Oil & Gas to rental province subsidy. A real economical no subsidised industry would not care at all about GVT cut to there sector as their profit would not be affected at all #polcan #elxn43.

We’ve joined leading BC businesses in signing a letter to all party leaders stating that a strong climate plan is key to Canada’s economic prosperity: @Pembina #elxn43 #cdnpoli.

After careful consideration following the debate, I have decided, neither Doug Ford or Stephen Harper are entitled to my vote #elxn43.

People are starting to get themselves situated for the event. #j2202 #elxn43.

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Have to say, it feels pretty darn great to vote for someone you know and really like. #elxn43.

& I still think the obvious thing to do is #VoteNDP #elxn43.

Just think about that for a do we want to go there. #NeverScheer #elxn43.

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