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Joel Embiid says that Amir Johnson had his phone on the bench because he was checking on his daughter. “She’s extremely sick,” Embiid said..

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I was in favor of the process, I’ve always enjoyed Embiid and Simmons and the product of all those bad years, I’ve been rooting for the Sixers through all of I suddenly find myself thinking, holy shit these dudes are about to be hated more than the process itself..

Asked if he would duck when Embiid swings his elbows, Davis replied, “Nah I ain’t duckin’ for shit.”.

Embiid on the Allen play: “I got him pretty good and I’m sorry about it,” which prompted Simmons to laugh alongside him at the podium because Embiid says, “I’m not usually humble”.

@The_Jay_Bink That’s why I meant and he didn’t have Embiid taking 5 3s either.

@BrooklynNets Don’t matter we did our job and stole a game on the road. Plus these refs are insane not ejecting Embiid. Nets in 6.

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Embiid in foul trouble all game and were wiping the floor with these dudes. Sixers playing a much better game. Didn’t play up to our caliber game 1..

#NBAxESPN Joel Embiid habló en conferencia de prensa y aclaró como fue la situación del uso del celular en pleno juego: se debía a la situación de la saluda de la hija de Amir Johnson..

They’re actually just still mad that Embiid didn’t win ROY 3 years after he was drafted.

@alecpullen13 I took Nets in 7 before the series started. 76ers without a 100% Embiid and absolutely exploitable Simmons in the playoffs vs a gritty team whose small ball lineups are good both offensively and defensively is a recipe for disaster. 76ers can’t even go to their bench.

@lucasflteixeira @NBADraftBr Acho difícil ter esses 3 juntos ... Mas ia ser louco um vestiário com embiid Butler e KD.

@Dezmainor_12 @1onlytj Ben simmons was absolutely useless, Joel Embiid is always unhealthy & injured and Jimmy & Tobias get swallowed in that offense when they should get way more touches..

@marcosdelapenha Não, gato. O jogo de hoje não teve nada haver com a falta de arremesso. O apagão foi completo, e na real só Embiid e Buttler jogaram..

Joel Embiid habla de lo sucedido: asegura que la hermana de Amir Johnson estaba extremadamente enferma y estaba consultado el móvil para ver si había noticias de su estado.

Joel Embiid says that Amir Johnson had his phone on the bench because he was checking on his daughter. “She’s extremely sick,” Embiid said..

Embiid and Ben turns into African Al Jefferson and Dante Exum with Kendall’s number in the playoffs.

Okay, so #embiid is trending on Twitter, and I naturally.

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@DJ_1723 @ESPNNBA Because butler and embiid have shot 23 free throws. Only thing keeping them in it..

If the refs didn’t put Embiid on the line for someone remotely looking at him Brooklyn would be up #WeGoHard.

@CJLawrenceEsq wait when embiid comes back, we can only win this team if we shoot over 60% from the field and 90% from FT every game.

Embiid starts for Sixers in Game 1 vs. Nets.

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Boban contra o nosso time parece o Embiid, acerta tudo que tenta e pega rebote até não querer mais :).

@_hah_GAY You can see Dinwidde searching for him but he held it down while Embiid was out. Just need 10 minutes from him..

Philly slowed a bit on offense w/o Embiid and Simmons out of the game but this size advantage is a constant problem for Brooklyn..

Impressive early minutes for Boban Marjanović since coming in for Embiid. Nets lack of size only amplified with Marjanović in the game. Sixers keeping things simple and using their size / running a bunch of spread pick-and-rolls wth Butler since Simmons and Embiid left the game..

Joel Embiid still does not know if he’ll play Game 1 versus the Nets tomorrow. He says it depends on the pain in his knee. When asked how the pain felt today he said “I don’t know.” He will participate partially in practice today..

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