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Leafs projected lineup in Game 3: Bunting — Matthews — Marner Nylander — Tavares — (Kase) Mikheyev — Kampf — Kerfoot Engvall — Blackwell — Spezza Rielly — Lyubushkin Muzzin — Brodie Giordano — Holl Campbell.

Shoutout to Pierre Engvall after three games of this series: - Three points in three games - Leads TOR in 5v5 ice time so far - Shots are 23-16 TOR w/ Engvall on ice at 5v5 - 2 OZ starts, 12 DZ starts.

Engvall? He’s an **188th** draft pick, developed fully under Keefe. David Kampf, offensive dynamo? Keefe, figuring out who complimented him best..

Naming my first three born children “Engvall”, “Mikheyev”, and “Kämpf”. Will not be taking any questions at this time..

Pierre Engvall in Game 3: 3 assists and 3 hits in 15 minutes..

Maple Leafs’ Pierre Engvall taking next step with offense, physical play.

Amazing how far Mikheyev and Engvall have come. Absolute key players for the #LeafsForever.

@CarloColaiacovo Cmon, Colaiach! 88+91 have had 15 PP’s so far and combined for 0 goals and 1 secondary assist… can’t rely on Engvall to keep getting 3 points a night at 10 minutes of TOI.

“Every player has a different journey.” The days of Pierre Engvall being called out by Sheldon Keefe are a distant memory. He’s now a key piece of the Leafs’ playoff hopes. And that happened by trusting the one person he long overlooked:.

Engvall took some heat for looking off Willie for the Hattie on the last game of the season..

Pierre Engvall 3 ass i natt. De två sista till Mikheyev och tom kasse. Snacka om gentleman 💯.

we should talk more about how absolutely precious it was that pierre engvall passed that puck to ilya mikheyev for the empty netter so ilya could score his first career playoff goal.

How lovely of Engvall to donate him that goal ! Beyond adorable to watch !!!.

@joshuakloke Jack, Engvall and Kampf with Jack as the first star. What an incredible game he played.

.@MapleLeafs left wingers to have a 3 assist playoff game: Pierre Engvall (Getting in on 3 of 5 goals vs TBL tonight) Gary Roberts (April 28, 2001 vs NJD) Frank Mahovlich (Apr 2, 1964 vs MTL and Apr 13/67 vs CHI) Nick Metz (March 25/41 vs BOS) Murph Chamberlain (Mar 28/39 vs DET).

Engvall Photo,Engvall Photo by StatsCentre,StatsCentre on twitter tweets Engvall Photo

@BudsAllDayCast My game 3 lines, which I feel gives us 2 dynamite lines and 2 hustle lines: Kerfoot-Matthews-Nylander Bunting-Tavares-Marner Mikheyev-Kämpf-Engvall Kaše-Spezza-Blackwell.

Engvall é o NPC mais pintudo desse jogo, maluco chad dms tanka os boss tudo.

Engvall Photo,Engvall Photo by Alonne,Alonne on twitter tweets Engvall Photo

Kampf, Blackwell with goals. Lyubushkin, Engvall, Mikheyev with huge plays. 34 shots a piece and Campbell makes 1 more save than Vasilevski. This is the kind of stuff it takes to win in the playoffs. These are the kinds of players you need to get you through a series..

This was Pierre Engvall when he gave Ilya the puck to score on the empty net..

Tre assist av Engvall när Toronto vann mot Tampa Bay.

Engvall Photo,Engvall Photo by Viaplay Hockey,Viaplay Hockey on twitter tweets Engvall Photo
SVT Sport
SVT Sport

Kopplar greppet mot regerande Stanley Cup-mästaren 👇 #nhl @MapleLeafs @TBLightning.

@KwnStorm @LeafStew the unsunk hero Kämpf watching Engvall from background, while captain of back to back champs is watching on the ice as leafs most improved player this season leaps his way for an insurance marker after years of losing leads and crumbling..

@NickDeSouza_ Everybody raves about Kampf but Engvall has been the key to that line most of the year. Kampf w/Engvall 57% possession and without Engvall 44%..


@Robs_hot_takes Such a great penalty killer too. He & Engvall have stepped up their games and have been so key to the Leafs success this year..

@tavmarnythews Everyone talked about Tampa’s Coleman Gourde Goodrow line for two years for their cup runs… little do they know that we got Engvall Kampf Mikheyev 😎.

Engvall Photo,Engvall Photo by x - saj,x - saj on twitter tweets Engvall Photo

@porcogrosso_ @jakebeleafs In all fairness, none of us were in good a good head space with this team last spring/summer. It was truly rock bottom for a skilled roster. I liked the Bunting signing but it looked much weaker than years past. Also, guys like Engvall stepped up. And, Dubas made key trades.

@taj_dosanjh @marnylandersen Engvall’s gonna be an RFA so if they sign on the same team it’ll be Toronto 😎.

I seriously can’t stop watching this. If Engvall isn’t on Legends’ Row by Game 6 we riot and burn down the ACC!.

@tooattachedfan @jonassiegel I actually think he should just play on the 4th line. Move Engvall up..

@LeafsEast Couldn’t agree more. The 3rd line should never change. Mikheyev - Kampf - Engvall.

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