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In the four states with the most guns, the rate of accidental shootings was 700% HIGHER (!!!) than in the four states with the fewest guns. Today we reintroduce Ethan’s Law, a bill to promote the safe storage of firearms in homes with children. Let’s get it done..

written and directed by sam esmail. starring julia roberts, ethan hawke, mahershala ali, myha’la, and kevin bacon. on 12/8, we invite you to leave the world behind. ;) #NetflixSaveTheDates.

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—Por todo lo verdadero en este mundo y cualquier fantasía que yo te amo Ethan, te amo. —Es bonito amarte Grace, me gusta hacerlo..

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@SleuthieGoosie I’m reading that they found Xana and Ethan in Xana’s bedroom. The rest I agree on..

@ThatsMrTtoyou I guess Sherman really isn’t tired of picking 3rd in the draft… what a fucking joke.

Me encanta como hablan todos de bg5, pero Ethan hablando de ellos ❤️‍🩹.

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Please do not mind ethan he humbly requested that i turn him into a faceling for this photoshoot.

Helix Studios Models - Garrett Kinsley, Ethan Tate:.

@jamie47631 @Ethan_Shivere_ You stated spurs we lost the title yet you’re talking about another fixture in October, you’re lost in this argument. 🤣.

And if you liked Resident Evil 7, then you have to continue with the story. What will happen to Ethan?.

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With @MSUBikes, five MSU engineering seniors (Kyle Lawson, Tony Doyle, Ethan Gleason, Emma Stanavich, and Tyler Vo) set out to create a black box for bikes. The green box aimed to identify accident-prone locations on campus. Check it out!.

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eu fico imagiando o povo de fora do fandom vendo os maneskin se casando em uma quinta-feira aleatória com o ethan vestido de noiva com véu e tudo.

@DarkShellcode It’s probably Ethan, everybody knows your a fanny, and Izzy where’s the trousers, glad I could help 👍🏼.

@SamueILFC @Ethan_Shivere_ But the West Ham game was in October and the spurs was in April the West Ham game we could recover the result from where the spurs not really a time we could afford to draw as it was so close to the end either way we lost the title.

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