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San Jose’s Evander Kane has been suspended for three games for Elbowing Winnipeg’s Neal Pionk.

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Johnny Ireland ()

Evander Kane’s history isn’t sparkling. But this is so true it’s not even funny

Alex Lyman ()

Dan Carcillo and Evander Kane are two of the biggest villains and cheap shots we’ve ever seen yet they piss and moan about the platform that made them rich. Bullies that deserve to get stuffed in a locker.

Let’Er Rypien ()

Evander Kane challenging the #nhl ‘game management’ mandate that is clearly corrupt with its constant greying over of the rules. The subjectivity of the enforcement of the rules in this league is not something new, it’s just finally being adressed, now, will they listen.

Clay ()

Claude Julien has every reason to be mad at the refs. Evander Kane is a dummy who deserved to be suspended.

CBC Sports ()

Kane tweeted a lengthy statement addressing the suspension saying there is a major lack of consistency with NHL Department of Player Safety.

Jd burke is a victim of society (and wrong always) ()

@AshonIce damn 3/4 of his last retweets were evander kane, paul bissonnette and teemu selanne, gotta be some kind of prize for putting so many shitheads on your tl so efficiently

Curtis Pashelka ()

#SJSharks top Minnesota Wild without Erik Karlsson, Evander Kane via @mercnews

McNasty 🐝 ()

Maybe Evander Kane should stop being a repeat offender and he won’t have to worry about suspensions 🙂

SJ Sharks FR ()

Et en plus de la blessure de Karlsson, Evander Kane a le droit à 3 matchs de suspension pour ce

Right Wing, Shoots Left 🍷🐓🏒🥅🌈 ()

Evander Kane may have a point re: suspensions and favouritism, but I definitely think that was a dirty hit and worthy of a suspension. I agree with him that the NHL is very inconsistent in its rulings, however.

Joe Rose ()

Wanna say that Evander Kane is making a good point about DoPS inconsistency thru civil discourse? Too bad, VGK fans can’t acknowledge that he’s got a great point 🙃

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Shane Sander 🏒 ()

You’ll find it hard to side with Evander Kane on most anything. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. He’s got a point. As a fan, I’m not saying we need more suspensions, but we definitely need some more clarity and consistency from the NHL Department of Player Safety.

NHL Not Trump ()

@HabsChronicle It’s Evander Kane whining and stating the obvious in spite of the fact he’s a filthy hockey player and a terrible teammate. He’s right and he’s also still a complete MORON. Very simple!

ZEKE and MO ()

@NHLPlayerSafety Last season Zdeno Chara hit Kane hard in the head. No discipline whatsoever, no fine, no suspension. But Kane gets 3 games for the hit on Pionk? Does the NHL DoPS have a racism problem?

Kimberly ♌️ ()

Sharks forward Evander Kane suspended three games for elbowing

J Schilling ()

@SportsnetSpec I’m my opinion he’s dead on with his interpretation of what’s happening with Player Safety. And I’m no fan of Evander Kane at well said!!

Kevin Cawthra ()

I said this years ago what Evander Kane is saying now. They need to bring in a third party. Its a joke.


Evander Kane shreds NHL’s Department of Player Safety after getting suspended three games

Greg Wyshynski ()

Evander Kane calls for an independent 3rd party to run NHL Player Safety after suspension.

NHL Player Safety ()

San Jose’s Evander Kane has been suspended for three games for Elbowing Winnipeg’s Neal Pionk.

NHL Player Safety ()

San Jose’s Evander Kane will have a hearing today for Elbowing Winnipeg’s Neal Pionk.

JetsNation ()

Evander Kane after his game tonight against the # #GoJetsGo

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#SoonToBeTraded Jesper ()

Identical hit tonight from Evander Kane on Neal Pionk. Lets see what the verdict is. I find it amazing this wasn’t reviewed. Clear head contact and someone correct me if I’m wrong but McAvoy has a history with concussions. Ugly

Robert Hawken ()

@2MinsForHockey @BradyTrett Your blaming the player who got hit? For turning the wrong way? I’d give you 2 minutes for an awful comment. This is 100% on Evander Kane. He knew exactly what he was doing. Not to mention at the end of the video they say “he’s been targeting him all game” !!

Murat Ates ()

Andrew Copp taking the left side draw in place of Mark Scheifele. Evander Kane won it anyway but it was an interesting gambit.

Dawn G ()

If watching Evander Kane go after Pionk doesn’t make Buff wanna come back, nothing will. #NHLJets

NHL Player Safety Watch ()

Back to back games with an elbow to the head for Evander Kane

Jeanine ()

@NHLJets That Evander Kane is a dirty, dirty player and should have some game suspensions.

Sean Reynolds ()

For the second time this game Evander Kane takes a run at Pionk, leaving him in a crumpled heap on the ice. For the second time he’s penalized for it. First incident lead to a Jets goal. Will the second?

Mike McIntyre ()

Evander Kane is doing everything possible tonight to help the #NHLJets win this game.

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