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NHL goal leaders since Jan. 1: Viktor Arvidsson: 14 Evander Kane: 13 Four players: 11.

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Before the Evander Kane breakaway was blown dead in OT. #SJSharks Ref: *Skates over to Rask* Hey Tuukka, your net is off, mind if I fix it here for yah while the play is down the other end? Tuukka: *gives ref $50, tells him to F-Off in Finnish*.

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An odd play in overtime took a potential goal away from Evander Kane 🙃.

That officiating tonight from the @NHL leaves me with a very bad taste in my Not sure how the Bruins 5th goal was not a high stick the net was off when Evander Kane had a breakaway should have been blown dead to begin with! #SJSharks.

People really think evander Kane got screwed out of that breakaway????? Y’all really don’t know hockey 🤫.

@Sportsnet Officials ruined a great game. Horrible call at the end of the 3rd and left the net off and erased an Evander Kane breakaway in OT. #worstofficiatinginprosports.

Bruins scored the tying goal with one minute left in the game on a HIGH STICK and then call it NON-REVIEWABLE. Evander Kane scores on OT and it’s called NO GOAL BECAUSE THE BET HAD BEEN OFF THE MOORINGS FOR 20 SECOND AND NO ONE PUT IT BACK. #BOSvsSJS.

@SanJoseSharks Leafs fan here you guys got robbed I have never seen the reffs so bad in my entire life from the Evander Kane breakaway to the high-sticking goal you guys got robbed and something should be done.

Of course it ends right after they steal that breakaway from Evander Kane. Fuck off @nhl.

Evander Kane takes a bad change and Chucky Mcavoy ends it in overtime. Bruins ML +125 ✅💰.

I’m going to beat up the entire bruins roster plus Evander Kane just because I hate him.

You have to love #NHLBruins Chris Wagner, Evander Kane says let’s go & Wagner Wagner jumps Justin runs around & fights who he sees another spot picker! #SJSharks.

so phones going away for the rest of the game. I’m in love with this roster, FUCK EVANDER KANE. That’s all..

Just as the power play expires, Evander Kane high sticks Matt Grzelcyk. #NHLBruins to the PP once again..

Willie O’Ree, Evander Kane, and JT Brown join me for a special Roundtable Discussion for the @TheAthleticNHL We discuss the obstacles black players face in hockey, being a role model and diversity in the NHL:.

For those who have disparaged Canuck past interest in Evander Kane, everything else aside, he puts the puck IN the net. 26 goals in early February, likely heading for a career high..

Joe Thornton got his 1,050th assist to pass Gordie Howe for ninth in NHL history, and Evander Kane scored twice for the Sharks in a 7-2 win at the Canucks, their sixth in a row. Michael DiPietro allowed seven goals on 24 shots in his NHL debut..

We all know how this goes in Vancouver though, right @BrodieNBCS? ⭐️ Evander Kane ⭐️⭐️ Mikey DiPietro ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Elias Pettersson Even if it stays 6-1, just wait and see. #sjsharks.

Evander Kane has more goals than Laine now (26-25) that ought to sting some Jets fans.

Must Be Said -SJ contends every year. -Other teams get good, fall in the 🚽& rebuild & get good again &...SJ stayed good the whole time. -SJ has brought out the best in Evander Kane, on & off the ice. “Culture” is an overused cliche. But man, SJ has built a winning culture..

GOAL: Tomas Hertl makes it a 5-1 game for the #SJSharks going high-glove on DiPietro off the rush, the same spot targeted by Evander Kane on the 4-1 goal. #Canucks trail by 4 in the second. Listen:.

I remember last year around this time people were kinda pissed at me for taking a chance on trading for Evander Kane. Are they still pissed? 🤔 #SJSharks.

Evander Kane faz seu segundo do jogo e o 4º do Sharks! Sharks 4-1 Canucks #BrasilTemNHL #SJSharks.

Evander Kane our there acting like someone just asked him to pay his tab at a restaurant.

The only place Evander Kane belongs is in handcuffs. #Canucks.

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NHL goal leaders since Jan. 1: Viktor Arvidsson: 14 Evander Kane: 13 Four players: 11.

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