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4) Update on this Pandemic committee: It is a group of IGs across government, set up much as with oversight of Obama stimulus, with same powers. Designed to keep an eye on government handling of money, to guard against waste/fraud/abuse. Probably OK.

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Dan ⁰³²⁵ ()

stolen from juls lmao it was so hard to choose between on track, voices, 3rd eye and levanter lmao

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Elliot ()

11 year old sister wanted to put some shit on “the Disney channel” at 8. Was having none of it, left her with a black eye just as she made her move, met with standing ovation from neighbours. Good to know the whole worlds not gone PC mad with all this “can’t hit a woman” malarkey

Toon Vanagt: staying home & physical distancing ()

@maartenzam @sciensano Yes, take it as a promising sign that the release of the data is imminent. We now have a placeholder. Maybe also keep an eye on the freshly created ?

💟 ()

@gaga5foottwo @DUALIPA Yeah sounds about right lmao and I have hooded eyes too trust me I know the struggle. Watch some vids on it though once you really pay attention to where your eye folds, it gets easier!

Scottish Opera ()

We made it to Friday! So, heading in to the weekend we want to bring you some #FundayFriday. Keep an eye on our social media to see how you can get involved and keep entertained over the weekend.

Alison Atkin ()

@GoingMedieval My brother is a full foot taller than me. It is always unreal standing on a stool to be at the same eye height and realising what the world looks like to him. YOU CAN SEE ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE?!

Lisa McFarlane ()

@Designer_Ross @Altogether_ST I missed it too. He’s planning to do another next week, keep an eye on his Instagram!

Brianyheine ()

@M_McCormackMP It is a bit late for platitudes such as this. Run your eye over the last couple of weeks events. Think on the Ruby Princess. It should be an apology to the Australian community not a thank you

Heather Munro ()

@paulinescott222 @TIGERS_UK Raise your laptop to eye level putting it on top of something will help xx

Kate Fogarty ()

Wow. #BirdsEyeView podcast is touching, challenging and gorgeously put together. Don’t miss it (it’s a good one to listen to on a walk).

Anatoliy Oskoma ()

@JulianRoepcke I don’t understand one thing: why should Italy associate with Russia, which has such a bad reputation and besides disaster, nothing can be expected from it? The EU and NATO should keep an eye on their members, otherwise it all starts from the inside ...

Hannah Lee ()

@halvorson Will include you on the Twin Cities Good Thoughts/prayers list (some of us pray some don’t). Try and sleep, it’ll be ok, the rest of the world is awake. You can rest a while. We’ll keep an eye.

Fati ⁷ ()

top 5 on party mobile • Trauma • Believe it • Eye on it • Loyal • Showing you

Dragon Simmer 🌿 ()

My eye shadow today changed my whole perspective on my skills. I tell myself I suck and have no skill when it comes to SIKE. Sis, if I practice and take my who knows what I could do 🦚 (looks better in person I swear)

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Top 3 Favorite Songs On That New PARTY Right 1) SHOWING YOU 2) EYE ON IT 3) SAVAGE ANTHEM

Trixie Tang✨ ()

@PoshJay I like showing you , eye on it , another day , savage anthem and never again! No order but whew I’m digging these ode

Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) ()

The Delhi Police has been using drones for surveillance of crowds for quite some time now. The first reports emerged in December 2019 when it was reported that anti-CAA protests had been surveilled via drones to keep a close eye on the protesters. (2/13)

Kay ✨❤️. ()

I fw the whole pnd album, but eye on it and savage anthem is my favorites ❤️🔥.


@_Twinndiesel There’s even a saint in the catholic religion named St. Corona who is the patron saint of plagues. Niggas ain’t really open to it but truly open ya third eye and get in tune in what’s really going on.

Samana ()

I love one thing about life that when ever I feel like giving up on it, There is always something to stop me either a friend, a quote or nature it self. Just opened my eye and saw this quote.

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... ()

@ayejscott This shit was great honestly. I think eye on it is the only song I could skip at the moment

Heydeelilah ()

helo my mom entered my room and saw my pod on the bed. i dont know if she turn one eye close or she just didnt see it. lol.

Meeks. ()

ok so if im being real .. partys album was okay .. believe it ,eye on it, savage anthem & showing u (ish) were my top 4. thought he was gonna come 1942 , high hopes , thirsty , break from toronto type of hard .. his verse on Just might was better than half the songs on the album

Dina Launay ()

Gros album de pnd ça a valu la peine de veiller Même si j’ai besoin d’une réécoute je pense que des nouveaux sons c’est Trauma / eye on it qui sortent du lot

Jack Prasad ()

And comes again on its circuit. All the rivers run into the sea, Yet the sea is not full; To the place from which the rivers come, There they return again. All things are full of labor; Man cannot express it. The eye is not satisfied with seeing, Nor the ear filled with hearing.

✊🏽 ()

Eye on it makes me reminisce about the basement jam days when I’d slow wine a gyal in a corner for a good 3-4 songs straight

Solid Pecs (. | .) ()

In 2002 I was 15. I went blind from one eye color blind from the other. Color was fading away from my life. All summer long. It took something that lt my soul on fire to bring me back from the dead. MGS2 had me intrigued back to life. Death was no longer an option.

Julia Ling ()

It’s TRUE! I had an anti-Chinese sentiment recently. Guy said go back to “where you come from.” I replied, this is my country, born and raised and proudly served, have YOU?! He scurried away avoiding eye contact. What a coward. We are better than this. Come on America!

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BinoMakaveli ()

@Barack_Onana Touch me ,eye on it ,believe it ,Trauma ,pgt another day ,SAVAGE ANTHEM

Kimberley Strassel ()

4) Update on this Pandemic committee: It is a group of IGs across government, set up much as with oversight of Obama stimulus, with same powers. Designed to keep an eye on government handling of money, to guard against waste/fraud/abuse. Probably OK.

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