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Ezra Klein essentially admits Trump (and Pompeo) were right about TikTok. Opinion | TikTok May Be More Dangerous Than It Looks - The New York Times.

Look don’t take my word for it: check out “Why We’re Polarized” by Ezra Klein, “The Two-Party Doom Loop” by Lee Drutman, “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt, or “The Politics Industry” by Katherine Gehl and Michael Porter. Or anything by Lawrence Lessig..

@OnlyFansHero just posted a new vid 🤭.

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Asking WB to replace Ezra would have meant completely reshooting the entire movie, which is unfair to everyone else involved in the movie. WB should obviously replace him after this movie..

@lvrLizzie ezra miller is a shit guy and got arrested for assault AGAIN like a month ago so they might finally replace him for the flash movies 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭.

@Toasty_Takes I’d prefer Ezra but if he’s gonna be an awful person I’d be cool with Dylan O’Brien..

@Redburman Sim se a Warner quisesse tirar o Ezra poderia ter uma noticia já na hora. Porque não lhe tiraram quando ele inforcou uma mulher mais esses acontecimentos ja poderia sair a muito tempo mas deve ter algum executivo que lhe gosta muito e ele ama também o personagem tu sentes isso..

@RuthOyidu Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul. - Ezra Taft Benson.

@ezra_siren @OnlyFansHero Great promotion directly send me your pictures and onlyfans link 📷🎬.. We promote you on Twitter.

@milaaaa_borges @TheFlashBR Não posso opinar sobre o ator pq não conheço o trabalho dele, mas demorou pra tirarem o Ezra.

@RealScreenGeek Lol this one of those “float it out into the public to gauge the reaction” stories? Seems like this what the studio wants just looking for public approval, sure I guess who the hell cares about Ezra miller?.

seria perfeito mas tipo? como que seria? se o ezra já gravou o filme.

@f0zworth @RealScreenGeek Have you seen what Ezra has been doing lately? I’d do some research if I were you..

@SophiaNarwitz Ezra Miller randomly beating up people is a lot like my local college. Whether their current sports team wins or loses a game is irrelevant. There will still be someone burning the couch from their dorm in the street after..

@Anthony13Luis Y eso que no se ha topado con el taitan de hawaymas, el Noe para eu Ezra reciba buenos coconazos.

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@GraceRandolph Any thoughts on the Dylan O’Brien possibly replacing Ezra Miller as the flash news? Don’t know how much of it is true, but saw a few articles about it 🤷🏼‍♂️.

@Josecillo357 En Telegram. Puedes ubicarlo en el canal de Rafapal o el de Ezra Cohen..

@Class Sadly I think Grant’s time as the flash is up. This would’ve been perfect had it been setup back in 2014 but he’s been playing the flash for almost a decade on tv…if Ezra is out I think we let a new actor step in and allow Grant to pass the torch.

Neh 8:2-6 And Ezra the priest brought the law before the congregation both of men & And Ezra blessed the Lord, the great God. And all the people answered, Amen, Amen, w/ lifting up their hands: & they bowed their heads, & worshipped the Lord w/ their faces to the ground.


CONFIRMED! WB confirms via Variety reporter that they have NO plans to re-cast Ezra Miller in #TheFlash Source:.

MAS ISSO ERA ÓBVIO! plmdds todo rumor sobre esse filme vcs acreditam igual uns idiotas, apenas aceitem que o Ezra é o Flash e não vai mudar porra.

@SeriesBrasil Imaginem Shia Labeouf e Ezra Miller juntos, trancados em um quarto ?! O que aconteceria ? Sexo ou pancadaria ?? Ou os dois ?.

@bigscreenleaks Didn’t they say WB was considering replacing Ezra as The Flash with Dylan? Not necessarily in this film, but in the future? A post credit tag is more serviceable than reshooting the entire film.

He’ll probably be better than Ezra. >leans in, smiles, stays there for three minutes<.

i think an apartment with mabel antag ezra lily grayson and kiva would be so chaotic and fun.

flower delivery ⚘ to: @nvrgnnadnceagn from: ezra @winwinetc 💐: carnations from winwin! 💌: i hope you like these flowers! love you 💖🥰.

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@emauser_ Siiii hay rumores de que lo están contemplando para remplazar a Ezra Miller.

@JustinRiosLive Yeah my problem isn’t Ezra’s acting I think he’s been fine, he’s just kind of psychotic which probably isn’t sustainable.

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