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Ok! Reached back out to the shelter and a family is fostering her for a 7 day trial run. If it works out she’s in good hands and if not we will take it from there!

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Perth County Roads ()

County roads this morning are reported as bare and dry. Perth road 135 is now open to traffic following last nights closure. Have a great, safe family day. #PerthCounty #Drivesafe

InspirationalDolan20🇦🇺💜 ()

Today is a big day for E, Gray, the team and all of us as a family. This documentary is going to leave a long lasting impact on so many. @EthanDolan @GraysonDolan I stand with you, love you, and like all of us, your Dad is proud of you everyday. Sean rest easy king #LoveFromSean

Anne Spratley ()

@Self__Kindness That is one of the things I love about living in France. Virtually no shops are open on Sunday so it forces you to slow down and treat it differently rather than just like any other day. The French are very good at treating it as a day to spend with family.

Connie Jack ()

@JulieRi39597096 Good morning to you SweetJulie! Our holiday here today is Family Day! Enjoy!🇨🇦🐞🐣

Singleforever ()

#DearNamjoon Ilysm you are the reason I stay strong aside from my family please be happy tq for making music tq for creating producing spring day I love mono whenever I happy or sad the playlist continue to accompany me please please know lots of people love you


I saw a woman with 2 boys and that reminded me of my brother and I. I told her she had a lovely family and she gave me the warmest smile ever, am happy. Good day

Buzz Patterson for Congress ()

You probably don’t want to dive in to presidents spending taxpayer monies. I was @billclinton’s Air Force aide and nuclear football carrier when he spent $74 million on Air Force airlift alone for a 12-day family vacay to Africa in 1998.

Pat Gregoire ()

It’s a family affair tonight on Family Day weekend as there’s 3 sets of brothers in tonight’s @HFXThunderbirds vs @SaskRushLAX game at The Nest (Matt & Graeme Hossack, Travis & Jeff Cornwall, Brandon & Justin Robinson)

Plague Dr. Jasparrows ⚧️ 🔭♿️ ()

I lost the Valentine’s Day tradition. I lost most of the family medicine. I lost our unique beadwork patterns. For a long time I even lost my true name. If an Indigenous person shows you their tradition that’s not permission to take it. Y’all, they can’t be trusted.

Ian ()

Goodnight then Twitterpeeps, hope you had a cracking day with family or friends, most importantly I sincerely hope you found some quality time with a that’s you by the way! Stay positive lovely you poisonous ones can F*** off 😘😂👍X

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Don ⚡ ()

Yesterday was a really good day. Kaam bhi ho gaya and I spent some good time with my family. I felt genuinely happy after a long time.

Riesberry Family ()

Family Day Weekend! Early morning ~ Off to Miami for some family time in the sun!

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👑 Queen’s World ()

😊 Happy day of rest family 💭 I was just laying here in the bed at 5:00am thinking about real friendship & loyalty counting my blessings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. If you have a few real authentic friends/family in your life, cherish and appreciate them. 💝 💯🙏🏽They held you down.

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👑 Duchess D 👑 ()

Woke up to family cancelling plans on visiting today 😕 So now I’ve the day to fill 💸 I’ve LOT of college work to keep me occupied but I definitely deserve and expect distractions in the form of #tributes 🐷💸 [email protected] - PayPal / Amazon gc’s 🐷💸 •Findom

George Omondi ()

@Jakodwar_1 @BenjiNdolo This guy is a graduate? Kwani aligraduate kwa shule ya family yao. Some of his tweets aki ni kama za mtoto wa day care.

Barbie Xanax 🐬💖Supportate #BirdsOfPrey ()

Solo ieri ho scoperto Live Freaky! Die Freaky! Stop motion sulla Manson family e con le voci dei Green Day, Tim Armstrong dei Rancid, uno dei good charlotte e il cantante dei Tiger army.

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Mariaaaa🌺💕 ()

Congratulations to myself for made it again this is not only for myself but also to my family and thank you so much Lolo Kay nitambong kas parents day Kay busy si papa. Im so happy Kay na proud na pd sila sa ako I will do my best para sa inyong tanan. Loveyou all and godbless☺️💖

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GaelscoilnaLochanna ()

We are welcoming our friends in pool for west wicklow, blessington bookstore and @poolforWestWic1 @blessingtonbook to our Lá Oscailte/ Lá Clainne open day/family day on 7th

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♡ LuBwunnie 🌸 ()

Happy Valentine’s Day kids I’m lonely ☺️ but I love my family and my friends! But a cute boi smiled at me hehe :3 only my close group knows the tea lol

Hard Guy ➐ ()

1. Friends or family will want you to loan or give them your whole salary on pay day 2. Kidnappers will know the amount to ask 3. High tendency to encounter armed robbers. 4. Some marketers will actually increase price of things for you 5. and many more reasons

George ()

Funny how I’m trippin, when you left me with stuff we got together!!! And you move on to another the day after we broke up? I cared for you so did my family! I will never talk down on you but you keep doing best believe you gonna be like. Tony Lopez

No More Vega ()

after that, my family showed up, I got another drink and we had an enjoyable day looking for balls. Way better.

मनप्रीत कौर🌹 ()

बाहर से जब काम करके पति घर आए और स्कूल से पढ़ कर बच्चे जब घर आये तो आगे बढ़कर उन्हें गले लगाती हूँ बस वही मेरा HUG DAY👨‍👧‍👦 छुट्टी के दिन परिवार के साथ हँसते-खेलते दिन बिताऊँ बस वही हमारा FAMILY VELANTINE DAY 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

ChipsNFishyAndNoConfidenceInGovmnt ()

@ChrisGr49000925 Helloooo There u r. Hope u and family are having a great day Blazey 🍻 🥂 🍻 🥂

Victoria Corbit ()

So this is where it all started for my Eddie and the Corbit family 8 years ago. This the post that I posted all those years ago! I am still beyond proud of this boy and what he has achieved. I remember this day like…

🐁 V 🐁 ()

all irony bullshit aside im feeling very blessed having a catch 22 valentines day 💕💕💕 i love my little family so much. i dont care that its awkward with our relatives. i dont care that our bed is way too god damn small. we are so happy and thats all i need

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“i need a nap” virgo ()

My Valentine’s Day was so good! Fuck a partner! I’m so surrounded by love from friends and family!

Daniel Robertson ()

Welcome to the Robertson family Lil man! On this Valentine’s Day we @SimoneReports and I welcomed this lil fella to his forever home from a shelter in Dallas!

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Vegas Golden Knights ()

At the end of the day, we’re all one big hockey family 💙💛

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Dave Rubin ()

Ok! Reached back out to the shelter and a family is fostering her for a 7 day trial run. If it works out she’s in good hands and if not we will take it from there!

☚ #CurlingDayinCanada #Caturday ☛
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