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Changing the rules while you are being investigated for breaking those same rules is the stuff of fascism I don’t say that lightly.

The most difficult task right now is convincing tens of millions of people how close to fascism we are—and that they should wake up and help pull us back from the abyss..

Read this and then read 2 speeches. 1. Mussolini 1932 Fascism Speech 2. Adolph Hitler 1932 Düsseldorf speech to German Industrialists. Replacement was the core of Nazi ideology. Impt to understand what this evil is and call it by its name. must read 👇.

1756 PTI workers were arrested by police in Punjab. This is how Punjab was turned into a police state. Besides this terrible brutality was unleashed everywhere. If this is not fascism then what is.

#Fascism Photo,#Fascism Photo by Shafqat Mahmood,Shafqat Mahmood on twitter tweets #Fascism Photo

Let’s be clear - it was mostly press in troom & the gop was pushing out the nra talking points - What Beto did / must become the NORM if we want to have a chance to beat back fascism Direct confrontation They use terror and violence We can stop the money from flowing -.

Since the Tankies keep coping, yes Stalin and Mao were fascists. Maybe read for once in y’all’s lives..

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someone in chat just said “miku fascism moments” when he started playing senbonzakura im crying.

Undermining Hindu fascism as a deviation from real problems only trivialize issues faced by minorities in India. Even at this juncture if economic determinists take it as a distraction, it only shows their lack in analyzing Hindutva as an existential threat to minorities..

Had Ukraine not resisted, this would have been a dark spring for democrats around the world. If Ukraine does not win, we can expect decades of darkness. @TimothyDSnyder keeps smashing it. We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist..

Fascists calling other people “fascists” is fascism taken to its illogical extreme as a cult of is the apogee of will over thought.

“I’ve been a Democrat for years, but now that Republicans are all in on fascism, white supremacy, and forcing 10 year old girls who are raped by their fathers to become parents, that seals the deal for me. I’m all in for the @GOP.” —Elon Musk.

@nickpelling If you think this is fascism, you are going to be dissapointed with Scotland..

Truly the last few years have been an absolute rush of political nihilism. But political nihilism leads. To. Fascism..

Temporary coalitions have fended off fascism before. Referenced in this excellent book:.

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@samuelmoyn In the debris the American cultural wars leaves behind, “fascism” seems to function as a silly caricature of the Republican (of course, not GOP - but on Twitter, GOP) virtues and mores. Probably why conservatives like Tucker Carlson can be introduced solely as Russian assets..

@Sasarasmaa Fascism is when culture war. The liberal definition of what fascism is expands every day an inch more..

Fascists calling other people “fascists” is fascism taken to its illogical extreme as a cult of unreason. It is a final point where hate speech inverts reality and propaganda is pure insistence. It is the apogee of will over thought..

She’s mostly correct. Mostly. It’s actually not really accurate that fascism doesn’t announce itself and creeps in slowly through the back door. Fascism speaks plainly about who the in groups and the out groups are. It has to do that so the in groups know they’re protected..

“…the myth about Ukrainian fascism […] is a great argument for doing nothing, watching Ukraine fight alone with the predominant enemy, and not feeling much sympathy for […] Azov, who have been dying in an unequal battle, defending Mariupol with all might..

This. Tory is tilling the economic fields, poisoning the cultural hedgerows to set up Fascism. The incomparable @MhairiBlack.

The way parliamentarians can defeat fascism is: firstly to recognise it as a real threat and then *work together to create a temporary coalition opposition*. Once the threat passes, return to party politics with PR..

What is (and is not) anti-fascism? | #Antifa #antifascism Renegade Cut.

@feuer_ameise you’re jumping through hoops here babe. when you saw that second sentence say [black communities] assume this conversation is not for you especially when anti black violence manifest in very specific ways for black communities living under fascism..

Stop calling it The big lie Call it what it is. Call it Fascism or anti- Democratic. People need to know that voting for any Republican candidate at this point, is voting against our Democracy. Use the words..

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@CrazyMomRunner As a Canadian this is what we fear the most. Is fascism takes charge in the US we KNOW it will bleed into our daily lives..

@jechristensen56 @BillyVacant Have you watched any of the brilliant vids that shows how Ukraine is run by fascists/nazis, it scares me how the US, UK etc just automatically defend that fascism, but I will always be against any kind of fascism/racism or any bigotry at all!! #Equality #Peace ☮️.

@Badabing000 @Bel_B30 Capitalist ?!? How was that capitalist when all my friends businesses were shut down and eventually closed thanks to the tyrant policies and lockdowns ? Lol that’s not capitalism. That’s fascism and totalitarian.

@Bamaviking84 @kristin__wilson Typical fascist talking points based on no factual information. Corporate greed & fascism is our enemy..

@RhonddaBryant Boris is setting himself up to be a dictator. The Uk is on a slippery slope towards fascism. Hitler started just like this and Putin put himself in an unassailable position . Boris is planning to do the same. We need to do something now he can’t be allowed to get away with this.

@Groot66 Sadly ‘good old Boris’ conned many, it was always a fake persona the ‘real’ person is known by those who worked with him, he was always self serving and a loner one who saw only self advancement fueled by his upbringing a massive fraud but dangerous, his is the door to fascism.

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