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Utica Update: Micheal Ferland left tonight’s game due to concussion like symptoms. He will not return tonight as a precaution.

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Jesse ()

@taj1944 Ferland wanted to see if he could is an elite athlete and this is his livelihood of course he wants to see if he can continue to do it.

𝗜𝗮𝗻𝘄 🇨🇦 ()

@Canucks Feel so bad for Ferland. It might be time to shut down for the season at this point.

Ogilthorpe 🅙 ()

Man. Hearing @ferdaddy27 got taken out of the game tonight for concussion symptoms is a kick in the junk. I’ve always been a huge Ferland fan. Was super excited when he signed with the #Canucks. But there are bigger things than hockey. All the best in your career. Hockey or not.

Martin van den Hemel ()

Terrible news about Micheal Ferland. I hope he recovers from the concussion symptoms. Hockey is secondary at this point. But there appeared to be a sign early in the season that this might be coming.

Comets Cory ()

@Raymond_Hatt It sounded like Benning could very well go shopping if Ferland wasn’t going to be an option. I’m all for giving #TheBigFella more time rather than giving up assets for someone who won’t be around beyond this season, this isn’t the year for those kinds of moves, in my opinion.

David Amber ()

This is horrible news. The road to good health has been a tough one for Ferland. Wish him the best moving forward.

Clinton Herman ()

Sad we may never see what a 100% Ferland could bring to the #canucks this looks like a long road to recovery

Alan Kelly ()

@SatiarShah Agreed @SatiarShah - I hope all the fan base can recognize that a young man’s well-being is at stake here. Let’s just hope that Ferland will not suffer any long term effects

Ahmed Al-Mudaffer ()

I just feel so bad for #Canucks Ferland. He’s worked so hard to even get close to a return, and after 1 period gets concussion symptoms again. Definitely is time to look at quality of life and long term health over hockey. Get better @ferdaddy27.

Sean Warren ()

@Hockey_Robinson Totally agree. Quality of life with concussion symptoms are awful. Wishing the best for Ferland.

Tej Dhaliwal ()

Taj, I respect your notoriety on twitter but just stop with this nonsense. All the best to Ferland, I hope he can live out a normal life with family and moreso peaceful sanity.

Uncle Laleet ()

Uncle saying long time ago they should shutting Ferland down for season if not longer. This was idiotic move.

Matchsticks & Gasoline ()

Damn I feel really bad for Micheal Ferland who had to leave an AHL conditioning game tonight with more concussion symptoms.

/Cam Robinson/ ()

As someone who has had more concussions then I’d like to admit, Ferland needs to take an awful lot of time off and make sure he’s prioritizing quality of life after hockey.

Ray Hatt ()

I know he hasnt been able to make an impact on the Canucks but I have my well wishes for Ferland. I think Canucks fans could give him a positive boost by getting thank you Ferland Chants, sending him tweets & having signs for the next home game.

Uncle Laleet ()

@DhaliwalSports Reality is, his long term mental health is at a risk. One more hit can having long term serious ramification. This very much talking point with Ferland.

Clay Imoo ()

Feel awful for Micheal Ferland. The #Canucks will figure out what to do on the “hockey” side. But that’s not important tonight.

Cory ()

Feel so bad for ferland. At this point hockey is irrelevant just get healthy and be a great dad.

TSN ()

Ferland leaves with concussion like symptoms. MORE:

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BTF ()

@DhaliwalSports Been there. Post concussion symptoms are fricking brutal. Kudos to Ferland for even trying to come back.

Tyler Horsfall ()

Just heard about Ferland. Just incredibly sad; concussions SUCK. This is also why the entire league needs to be better at recognizing the connection of them in hockey, teaching about both preventative measures and the long-term effects of them, and be more proactive about them.

Patrick Johnston ()

I have friends, top level athletes, who’ve had to deal with similar scenarios to what Ferland is obviously dealing with, where even what seems like a metaphorical gust of wind is a problem for your brain health. It’s just so unfair.

Jeff Sargeant ()

Brutal news for Ferland. His career has to be in serious doubt.

W ()

Dhaliwal said it. Ferland gave his all to come back and play for us. I fully respect that and I just want him healthy in life. Take care of your family.

Jason ()

@DhaliwalSports My partner had a concussion, watched first hand how hard it was to get her life to the level she wanted it to be. Mad respect for Ferland for working so hard to get where he is. He’s a fighter and will always be one.

Alex ()

@DhaliwalSports A healthy Ferland would help this team so much he’s exactly what they need. Poor guy

Rick Dhaliwal ()

Now is not the time to talk about Ferland’s contract or his past concussion’s. This is a man with a young family who never gave up on this season. Worked so hard to get to Utica tonight. He deserves your positive thoughts - not negative.

Chris ()

@risingaction Prayers up for ferland. Wishing the best for him in this tough time. 🙏🙏

Vancouver #Canucks ()

Utica Update: Micheal Ferland left tonight’s game due to concussion like symptoms. He will not return tonight as a precaution.

Darren Dreger ()

Micheal Ferland expected to play in Utica tomorrow. He’s healthy and should be back up with the Canucks sooner than later.

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