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Figgy saved the UFC by taking that title shot on 3 weeks notice late last year. Here’s hoping the favor is returned and he doesn’t fall too far down the ladder. Something tells me he won’t. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that trilogy sometime soon?

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Hayden Doumergumedov
Hayden Doumergumedov ()

I hate that MMA fans cant accept that multiple statements can be true at the same time Yes, Leon clearly won 4 rounds. He also underperformed & then nearly got finished by a supposed layup Yes, Moreno improved & looked amazing. At the same time, Figgy looked badly off his game

Beur y
Beur y ()

Le respect entre Figgy et Moreno est magnifique. Vive le MMA, vive l’UFC, vive les Hommes.

Cosmic Danny 🏝
Cosmic Danny 🏝 ()

Fights to make at FLW following #UFC263: - Moreno/ Askarov 2 - Figgy vs Royval/ Pantoja winner

simple eric
Simple eric ()

On the real, let me take nates balls out my mouth, Brandon freakin Moreno yall!Yo, moreno did to figgy what leon should have done to Now, if moreno figgy went 5 the way that was going & then figgy rocked him the way diaz did everyone would have grabbed figgys bal

Consensus Score 💚
Consensus Score 💚 ()

Moreno on how Figgy felt this time around: To be honest, he cut too much weight. #UFC263

Hayden Doumergumedov
Hayden Doumergumedov ()

Figgy vs Moreno 3 would 100% be justified if Fig stays at 125, but I really hope he makes the jump up to Bantamweight Moreno to fight Askarov

Fight Squad
Fight Squad ()

While doubters try and rest your heads tonight remember: ✅Moreno is better than figgy everywhere ✅Leon Edwards takes an L for not finishing nate ✅Leon Edwards ate a Stockston slap & astral traveled ✅Late rds Nate is real #UFC263 goodnight

🦍tarren dill🦍🇵🇷🇺🇸
🦍tarren dill🦍🇵🇷🇺🇸 ()

A real champion can accept defeat. We saw that with Figgy. Marvin can’t seem to accept it and until he can, he will never be a champion.

Mma striker
Mma striker ()

Takeaways from ufc 263 Izzy is on another level and rob is the only one who can challenge that Leon impressed me a lot , Nate winning 50 seconds of a 25 minute fight doesn’t impress me like everyone’s making it Figgy should go up Maia should retire

Tap or Nap 🥸
Tap or Nap 🥸 ()

He said he knew it was over when Figgy pushed him right here, his face says it all

Figgy Photo,Figgy Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@leanmma Nothing was wrong with Figgy, Man. This guy gets excuses no matter what he does and it’s annoying

Tap or Nap 🥸
Tap or Nap 🥸 ()

@myopinionisseen A few months before Moreno vs Figgy 1 you recommended i watch all of Moreno’s career and I thank you for that, he has become probably my favorite my fighter on the roster inside and outside of the octagon

Jon Voltaire ⍟
Jon Voltaire ⍟ ()

Obviously nothing taken away from Moreno but Figgy was off tonight I think anyone who’s watched him fight before knows but even more respect to Figgy for not revealing or making excuses

Cosmic Danny 🏝
Cosmic Danny 🏝 ()

@elmismisimodon2 Oh definitely, my page won’t be a safe place for Figgy fans over the next couple weeks

RagnarokEternal ()

@espnmma @theassassinbaby This was incredible performance. Stole the show. Congrats Brandon. Incredible. He stole the show from Adesanya again last time it was Weili vs joana, this time Moreno/figgy. He is 0-2 in US in earning headline props.

🇲🇽Moreno Stan 4 Life 🇲🇽
🇲🇽Moreno Stan 4 Life 🇲🇽 ()

Me, listening to ranchero music believing anything is possible after what Moreno did to Figgy: #UFC

Figgy Photo,Figgy Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Cyprien ()

Fights to make now : Izzy vs Rob Moreno vs Askarov Figgy vs Garbrandt Vettori vs Costa Edwards vs Masvidal Nate vs Tony Muhammad vs Jingliang Craig vs Spann

Hayden Doumergumedov
Hayden Doumergumedov ()

Hear me out Figgy only didnt win against Moreno because of an accidental eyepoke and low kick. So do Izzy the same ref #UFC263

Jose ()

@HDoumergue Not an L at all, Figueiredo was definitely not 100% but he was frozen for majority of the time because Moreno was jabbing and feinting which works well against explosive counterstrikers like Figgy, he was also doing a good job of grappling him.

Figgy Stan
Figgy Stan ()

@uuhvaimorree figgy fought so weird i’m not even mad lol. He straight up did not fight well and did not deserve to win

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani ()

Figgy saved the UFC by taking that title shot on 3 weeks notice late last year. Here’s hoping the favor is returned and he doesn’t fall too far down the ladder. Something tells me he won’t. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that trilogy sometime soon?

Brett Okamoto
Brett Okamoto ()

Masterful first round for Brandon Moreno. Dude is LOCKED in. Seeing everything out there. Figgy still as dangerous as they come but what a round for the challenger.

X’íll ()

@MrJetFanToYou @arielhelwani Stop acting like every fighter doesn’t have a rough weight cut and goes into a fight compromised lmao Making excuses like Figgy

The MMA Dude™
The MMA Dude™ ()

Figgy made weight with 40 SECONDS LEFT. He really is gigantic for a flyweight.

KillaGuerilla MMA
KillaGuerilla MMA ()

Already starting to see people come out of the woodworks to bet Moreno cause Figgy looked bad on the y’all ever see this man on the scales before? lol #UFC #UFC263

James 🇦🇺🐿
James 🇦🇺🐿 ()

@Chieffjulio He just wanted to have an exciting weigh in show for Ariel as it is his last one for ESPN. Good guy figgy

🗣🥶 ()

@DieHardMMAPod i swear i was just gna tweet im betting on brandon i really believe brandon gets better everytime i see him so he should be little better then figgy now. hes fuckin amazing. but stillllll a hard bet to make. god of war is a crazy MF

Mayowa Balogun
Mayowa Balogun ()

Figgy is the biggest of the bunch but the truth is that most flyweights now are bantamweights at the least. That’s why guys like Joe B are always gonna be in trouble.

THE Fro ()

Are we not gonna talk about how figgy was the only person who used the box who didnt lift their hands above it?

𝑳𝒆𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒄
𝑳𝒆𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒄 ()

Mind games or genuinely a very difficult cut? I guess his performance tomorrow night may give us the answer 🤷 #UFC263 #figgy

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